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how many characters can I have?

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I'm relatively new to the game and dont wont to delete my experimental 0.63 char by accident, so can I still play on the stress test 'branch' and just swap back and forth in steam for stress<->experimental?

If you know or think you know please state how sure you are about this and if the info is valid for 0.63, I saw some 'ancient' articles claiming you could have 4 chars: 1 for 3. person + 1 for 1. person on each hive.



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yes your exp. char will be preserved after playing the stress test. But, be prepared that you exp character will probably be wiped soon anyway so for character preservation you can only rely on the stable branch, but even those can have wipes. Of course, the devs intent to push 0.63 as soon as possible to the stable branch and then your character will be wiped too. Don't get hung up (yet) on your characters too much, that will come when the game officially hits 1.0. and you'll have a proper chance to grow a beard ;)

Also on stable branch you can have a character on the public branch (official servers) for 1st and 3rd person servers, same for experimental branch. On all private servers you will have separate characters, admins however may decide to do a character wipe for whatever reason. So in theory an unlimited amount of characters.

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