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Ruling Krasnostav's Streets!

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Me and SGT Luke in our journey heading West, we decided to stop by Krasnostav with the hope to get a hunting scope for his Winchester.

By the time we got there, we started to see signs of people in the town. Our curiosity led us to find the person we were looking for. But it wasn't just one.



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3 hours ago, blackberrygoo said:

Ewww you’re still playing .62 ... nice ambush ! 

Thank you!
I still play on 0.62, mainly because of the lack of content on the EXP branch. I do play on 0.63 as well, but not as much as I do on 0.62, just not yet!

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    • By 8lue
      Me and 1Lt Mike on our journey in the North West airfield, right when we finished looting the north area, we saw two guys.
      We decided to flank around and have visual from the north area. From there, we started to hear suppress shots close to us.
      Safe to say, the AKM at the moment is the most used primary in the Experimental branch, mostly because of the lack of guns.
      Recoil is much easier to control, making it one (if not the best) best gun in this branch.
    • By 8lue
      In the first clip, the guy could've possibly spawn with the same gear I had, duplicating my character progression and randomly assign it to a player.
      The second clip is about how progressions are lost after leaving and joining the same server. Progression's data could exist in the database, but it's not being reassigned to the right profile.
      All this happened on the same server.
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      Me and 1Lt Mike were looting up in the North West airfield, but I decided to take the overwatching position, as I wanted to make sure that our scavenging went right.
      After a few minutes, looting from North to South, I had visual on two contacts. Hard to recognize whether they had armbands or part of any groups.
      Unfortunately, no names nor groups have been identified.