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  1. Hello there! I'm getting more and more used to the PSO-1 scope and the recoil on the AKM. Proving me that it can do so much even while trying to snipe.
  2. Hello there! These days have been offering me so many encounters lately, trying to get as many contents as I can while enjoying every bit of them! Gunfights are smooth and hardly see any desync anymore. Really good work progressing with the game.
  3. Hello there! Really good feeling about the new EXP version update, the possibility to have 0.63 EXP on community servers is attracting more and more people, including me! These are new PvP encounters I got in a single day, and it feels so damn good! PvP is much smoother from the stable patch (0.62). Hope to get more and more content to upload in the next days, I'm really enjoying this new patch!
  4. Hello there! I started recording right after my teammate spotted two guys, as I was joining in and taking a position, he got shot by one of them with a shotgun. It was hard taking a relative distance between them and me, and I decided to start from the North East forest. Honestly, the shotgun guy was the one i was more afraid of. He was flanking me, being paranoid was a good thing in that encounter!
  5. Hello there! Two different PvP scenarios in Severograd and Kamensk base! Really enjoyed both, but the most satisfying i'd say would be the second one, we were counting bullets and had a pretty lucky find on the way there, me with an AKM with a drum mag, and my team player had an SKS. The first encounter, was a bit different, but i really enjoyed it!
  6. Hello there! PvP encounters in Severograd with different teams! It's been a few days since Severograd has been one of the major PvP areas with people gathering in different zones in the town. It's still nice to have PvP in first person perspective servers on 0.62!
  7. 2 different PvP encounters happened in a few hours, one in the Tisy military base, and the other one was mainly focused on the ATC! In the first encounter, unfortunately, server performance wasn't on my side! But enjoyed it anyway! In the second encounter, it all started with one player spotted at the tents, completely lost him after taking shots, so we decided to head south. That's where we had most of the PvP from. It was intense!
  8. *delete*

  9. Intense PvP fight from what it seemed like to be a 2 vs 2, it ended up being us 2 against 5 players! And it could've even be more than that from what we know! Unfortunately, it didn't end up well for me, i probably missed miserably at the end, but really enjoyed the encounter! I just started streaming on Twitch as well! Follow me if you want to see more! https://www.twitch.tv/8lue_scarlett
  10. Shots will always attract people, especially in Tisy! Really enjoy this kind of PvP, having the advantage of knowing everyone's position will most likely save your life. I just started streaming on Twitch as well! Follow me if you want to see more! https://www.twitch.tv/8lue_scarlett
  11. PvP encounter in Tisy military area on an FPP 0.62 server. We started the hunt as soon as we saw signs of recent player activity. It ended up being a squad of 3 players!
  12. A "little" jump on top of the school in Severograd! This happened on the Stress test branch of DayZ, and it seems that if you jump right before an item, its edge will help your jump, giving you a boost.
  13. PvP encounters in the area of Severograd and Zaprudnoe! Getting shot by a VSS is always frightening, we played it well, and ended up surviving it! Unfortunately, on 0.62 there is just 1 or 2 full/high pop most of the time, but there will always be someone craving for some 0.62!
  14. 6th Platoon gathered up for a journey to Rise's base, located in Stary Sobor. We were five, coming from up North after a scavenge run around the northern areas. After getting into the North-West forest, we immediately got shot from the town by a sniper overwatching the hills. It all started to get serious from there. I didn't have many encounters, but the whole PvP was really fun, be kept being shot from every side, but from what we know, it wasn't a battle between two factions, there were more.