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  1. Hello there! I'm trying to get as many contents as possible, but in these two weeks it was hard to get any, I usually try to wander and explore the North, North-West areas, but I barely get any interactions or encounters. Loot economy is still not very well balanced, unfortunately, keeping people away from the far West areas! Strangely enough, when I got back in Pavlovo base, shots were fired on the North area, and at that moment, I got approached by a guy, which concluded to be three guys in total! Whereas the second clip is mostly about the coldness and rain (loud rain!), which both give hard times at aiming! Love it!
  2. Hello there! New stress test versions keep being released, with so many features in each one of them! Such a blast seeing and hearing new sounds, animation, new gear and base building as well! What was weird though, is the fact that I've spawned on the coast, taking a long journey to get to my friend, and to get to the north-west airfield... whereas people kept spawning there! But still, I really enjoyed trying so many new features!
  3. Hello there! We had an interesting encounter while we were scouting and looting the North side of the airfield. In the beginning, someone was already there, scouting the area, but he didn't see me coming from his side. After that, two guys were making their way up to us. We had visual on them, but after rotating elsewhere, we lost visual of one of them, which eventually started the hunt through the airfield's forests. Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  4. Hello there! Two of us were getting in VMC, right as a group of players were getting in the same way we came from, but we had the advantage to see them before the saw us! From what it seems, i got affected by the hit registration bug, which could be raised from various bugs, but having the same final output: Not registering bullets in your mag. That's why i kept unloading and reloading mags, using only boxes of ammo as a resource. Fortunately, i had a pistol as a secondary gun, which made its job!
  5. Hello there! As I and a friend were leaving the base, we did our overwatch to see if anyone was lurking the area or looting the base. I usually close every door that I've looted, just to get an advantage from it. So I did, and that happened to help me finding someone, which probably was together with the second guy!
  6. Hello there! As I was heading south to Guglovo to meet up with a friend, which was located in Staroye, I stopped by the town of Novo, but as I was leaving, he died from somewhere outside the military camp. He had a Mosin, and he died from an M4. Right as I was running towards Guglovo, I heard voices in the forest. Funny enough, two guys had an M4 and a Mosin. That's when I started hunting. Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  7. Hello there! After scavenging around the North West airfield, we stopped by a bridge to get some water. Right after, we spotted two players, which ended up to be more than that!
  8. Hello there! I was heading my way to meet up with a friend, while he met a nice guy on the way here. Unfortunately, the meeting didn't happen. I did my best, but I've undervalued the enemy. And that's something you should never do! Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  9. Hello there! Showing you an encounter between what I believe to be 2 different parties, the first one with 3 players, the second one two players on the hill, sniping each other.
  10. Hello there! Coming back from a Tisy scavenge, to meet up with one of our group, one of us spotted two players getting in from the West side of the town. As we always do, we try to over watch the area before interacting or starting a gun fire between us and the spotted party. But sometimes, we don't success at our 100%. But still, it's really enjoyable to have these kinds of encounters in the far West side of the map! Nice to see that people still tend to get more in land! Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  11. Hello there! I'm getting more and more used to the PSO-1 scope and the recoil on the AKM. Proving me that it can do so much even while trying to snipe.
  12. Hello there! These days have been offering me so many encounters lately, trying to get as many contents as I can while enjoying every bit of them! Gunfights are smooth and hardly see any desync anymore. Really good work progressing with the game.
  13. Hello there! Really good feeling about the new EXP version update, the possibility to have 0.63 EXP on community servers is attracting more and more people, including me! These are new PvP encounters I got in a single day, and it feels so damn good! PvP is much smoother from the stable patch (0.62). Hope to get more and more content to upload in the next days, I'm really enjoying this new patch!
  14. Hello there! I started recording right after my teammate spotted two guys, as I was joining in and taking a position, he got shot by one of them with a shotgun. It was hard taking a relative distance between them and me, and I decided to start from the North East forest. Honestly, the shotgun guy was the one i was more afraid of. He was flanking me, being paranoid was a good thing in that encounter!
  15. Hello there! Two different PvP scenarios in Severograd and Kamensk base! Really enjoyed both, but the most satisfying i'd say would be the second one, we were counting bullets and had a pretty lucky find on the way there, me with an AKM with a drum mag, and my team player had an SKS. The first encounter, was a bit different, but i really enjoyed it!