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Baty Alquawen

Unscheduled maintenance

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    • By ImpulZ
      Hello Survivors,
      today we have another Stress Test coming for you, focusing on the Central Economy. In order to collect the necessary data we'd like you to keep these servers populated at all times: - UK 0-1 - US Southcentral 0-5
      Servers are up and will be running all weekend!
    • By Baty Alquawen
      Tonight you guys are in for a treat! As we are approaching our Stress Test #10 we are going to have the servers up and running the entire night! 

      Join the servers and report all the bugs to our feedback tracker at feedback.dayz.com
    • By ImpulZ
      We are preparing our Stress Test #7! The servers will go online around 3 PM CEST. In the meantime, please have a read through our information on how to join the Stress Tests and what to look out for: https://dayz.com/blog/0-63-stress-tests Stay safe in Chernarus!
      We're getting back to the same Stress Test setup that was introduced yesterday in the Stress test #6 = infected on, coastal spawns, more of a typical DayZ experience. We mainly need to profile the behavior of servers with BattllEye fully activated - that means that you may (again) experience severe server kicking. Please let us know if you do experience such behavior.
      If we arrive at the conclusion that the kicking remains in an unacceptable state, we will restart all the servers and let everyone test without limiting the experience because of the BattlEye related kicks.