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SICK - DayZ Standalone

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    • By NachoNinjaGnome
      Now, I've only played this experimental a little so far but, so far, there's a HUGE change that should have gone the other way.  Why has the melee been slowed down SO much?  The melee from stable is already slower than a normal person.  It should not take a full second to swing an axe.  Realistically, we should be able to swing an axe, at least, twice per second, if not thrice.  These characters are survivors of a zombie apocalypse... not the incapable masses that succumbed to the initial chaos.  We shouldn't be dealing with inability when most of us could swing an axe better from the sitting position we take behind our computers.  We're swinging at zombie heads, not chopping wood.  I could understand if we were trying to break down a door or something.  In such instances, you would wind up and give it everything you've got.  It doesn't take swings like that to kill a person, much less a rotting, animated corpse.
      Just some food for thought...
       - NNG
    • By Patient-Xbox-owner
      Hi all 
      just wondering how I can test Dayz on my Xbox as I see a few people on my friends list are playing it
      thank you ? 
    • By shoto200
      I just started playing DayZ but whenever I try to join a server, I always get stuck at the loading screen. I always wait more than 20 minutes before I do alt+f4 but when I restart the game, my settings and my character gets to default. I haven't found a solution on this yet so please do help me.