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    • By WingSpandTV
      Need help looting help check the video out!!! 
    • By RobCoxxy
      After a PUBG-induced Squadmate Drought on DayZ, I've finally decided to jump back in on Barely Infected's The Village server, on Andy's recommendation.
      No sooner had I spawned in and started walking, I heard gunshots in Elektro, and got a bit curious.
      I met my first faction, the neutral Land Pirates - a rag-tag band of absolutely great personalities to tag along with. Here's how things went when worlds collided.
      As always, if you enjoyed the content, don't forget to leave a like and a comment, and click subscribe if you want to see more videos like this! There'll be plenty more DayZ 0.62 PVP and Funny Moments in DayZ to come, so stick around 
      Constructive criticism is always appreciated.
    • By WingSpandTV
      I just released a trailer to my new series called "The Unforgiving World of DayZ" I put a little bit of time into it and hope you guys enjoy it!