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Counter Strike DayZ Standalone Mod

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After i build this i build War Craft 3 Plugin for the mod...after this i wants to build battlefield 2000.....1000 humans against 1000,.,,,battlefield 2 style but dayz standalone engine...i will buy it...and buil xd or i spend it to bohemia and help to build..i can make only the map and the spanwpouints or loot econonmy..but not prgramming..sry i am a stupid boy..but i find bugs and know alot about cheats..and have alot tactics given to alot of software builders.... i can help in real time and my words are clear and i soeek child english i mean...help me to realize my idears? i dont wants money i wants to soend all to scool ..to give him 25 esl ready gaming pc and internet....1 pc 1000 € spend from viewers..first my homy scool and citie..anfert this all other scools all over the world...to play esl leage dayz standalone counter strike with wc3 plugin and with save the smurfs mode....and a lot of innovative construtions of new gaming shit...in my brain i play in this moment but i dont can build this alone xD you wants to help me? you are interrestet xD? xD^^


next idears will follo fast..


thanks for helping to make dayz standalone and the counter strike mod for itgreat again.... i buildelectro as first small map....will make electro greater and playable for 75 humans...and 200 infectet xD do you capy that?

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