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  1. you buildown was of cheat.... i think.....dean hall has build dayz to build cheats to can cheat? are this correckt? lol lol lol..... for me nice idear..but..my idear was now... you simulate 6 builder of cheater cheat tools to get money......and have proof angainst cheater if you wants to ban xD if this top secret idear realized...you can give cheats for moeny...to destroy morket.. xD and can give cheats that work to peoples to hunt him xd and destroy or minimize cheater humans on servers... and? if you build own cheats..you cna make own servers ..you can cheat in this server..to learn how cheat work..and every body on this server cheats... xD nowall are informattet how it works......and if the dont know...you make the cheats...the will download...and you will know wich person cheats and wich person dont cheat xD for me this idear will dont fix the problem..but you can become more mony..because youc an ban him and he buy it again the noob xd and after a while..or if he cheat to strong...you can ban him again..and ...dayz are the best game in the world...if my grand dad play this..he become 100 % heart attack and die...lol lol lol..oonly batteflied 2 and counter strike have this moments of die xD and if you mix dayz standalone and counter strike or battelfied..you earn alot of money...my 10% you can spend to my scool...or send it to me...and i will spend it after taxes .. xD please help me to realize all my idears? xD
  2. wild watter raftig and bears?

    bears are fishing at watter...on the hills... and you can take a ship to drive down the watter...but watch out xD bears are not amused if you come if the sun goes up and you drive down the hill watters xDthe wil,l attack xD^^ or bears in the woods...on the hills can spawn bears? xD me eat bear in dazy mod..i had pistolbut bear was to fast i die xD that why i mean bears are good boys to play in dayz...i can take bear to? or infecetet? ????
  3. Counter Strike DayZ Standalone Mod

    After i build this i build War Craft 3 Plugin for the mod...after this i wants to build battlefield 2000.....1000 humans against 1000,.,,,battlefield 2 style but dayz standalone engine...i will buy it...and buil xd or i spend it to bohemia and help to build..i can make only the map and the spanwpouints or loot econonmy..but not prgramming..sry i am a stupid boy..but i find bugs and know alot about cheats..and have alot tactics given to alot of software builders.... i can help in real time and my words are clear and i soeek child english i mean...help me to realize my idears? i dont wants money i wants to soend all to scool ..to give him 25 esl ready gaming pc and internet....1 pc 1000 € spend from viewers..first my homy scool and citie..anfert this all other scools all over the world...to play esl leage dayz standalone counter strike with wc3 plugin and with save the smurfs mode....and a lot of innovative construtions of new gaming shit...in my brain i play in this moment but i dont can build this alone xD you wants to help me? you are interrestet xD? xD^^ next idears will follo fast.. thanks for helping to make dayz standalone and the counter strike mod for itgreat again.... i buildelectro as first small map....will make electro greater and playable for 75 humans...and 200 infectet xD do you capy that?
  4. Zobmie drive by and mechanik idear

    you drive with car...than100 zombies are on the rouad..if you drive slowley you can drive...buthe will attack and stop the car...if you drife fast every infectet you will overdrive will slow the car....after 5 infectet the car are broke...or after 20....than the infectet will hunt you in the car....they destroy the car.....take the dors and attacking players...the players can shoot only pistol...and can hit with slap xD but infectet put the humans out of can to eat xD and if you and your team drive into this art of masterpeace...you will be eat by infectet 70%...and die 60%...if you have no weapon you die..........thats my vision.... but if dayz not work...i make smaller maps..like electro nicer and only electro first...after this cherno... berezino...and after this the old east side airfield.... and other locations i mean xD for my counter strike mod xD
  5. Climb on trees?

    to climb on trees you use a rope with the tree..combine it... xD than you can climb up and chill...or eat...or sneak...or shootxD shoot? xD lol you can shoot with one arm pistols...or long horn...but with other chest...he hold his body on top of the tree xD my best friend ask to me....the question are? can you climb on the trees to shoot? xd make thisplease he say xD i say...if i can i will use this xD lol lol lol..my best friend are geniuos i mean..what you think you mean? are this a good idear?
  6. A helmet you can build or combine with full gillie head xD combine with rope i mean...hemlet combine with rope..and after this combine with gillie head xD
  7. No Combatlog and no behind spawn idear

    As server admin you can make this feature on and off xD
  8. Crafting: Decoy head on a stick

    Me and ym Team Say.... If you take a helmet... a jacket ... than you go to the window and hold this into your hand xD^^ than outside the man think he can shoot xD^^ after the shoot we know his position..... this was a very n1 idear
  9. I will make this Mod.... electro cut out and then it is still rebuilt. Cut out a lot of citys and make smaller maps out of this.. and still rebuild to xD A server should have 50 people... 25 against 25.....and 10 hostages aka AI....and 50 or more infected.. You can buy all stuff wich is in dayz standalone. you have starting money every round. if you alive one round your char will alife with all in the next round xD and you have more money to buy full gillie or sniper rifle or what you think what you need to win xD Roundtime 20 min like CS and than map vote xD^^ I think i will build in later versions save exp to bring more skills and aktion into this mod xD I will make Counter Strike DayZ Standalone Mod xD I build It alone for you all.. Now i hope your comments was n1 for this project xD See you all in Dayz...I have the same nick
  10. Shoot , Kick and Slap out of the Car

    OK... The Scenario... You and your team mates are drive with car by the city... there are many zombies with every zombie the man is overrun the car is slower If you drive into a horde of zombies the car will stop and the infected will attack.. they hit one and try to pull it out The man into the car can shoot with pistols or slap with hand or kick with leg the zombie outside... If you shoot more infected will come xD Thats my idear for my DayZ Mod or he will bring this in DayZ Standalone. I send this to you as a present xD Now i hope your comments are n1 xD
  11. Angela Merkel im Team Speek Channel? Lachflash xD Only on my YouTube Channel xD Give me thimbs up if you like it. I think its my funnyest Video on YouTube
  12. To drop Items from inventory...we need a short key. Than we go over the Item with mouse and klick short key.....now the Item drop on the ground. I think this is an good idear. Thank you to help
  13. Remove paint from guns with alcohol tincture

    its an good idear xD
  14. Server Hopping Fix

    EDIT.... sry for my english
  15. Rainbow Event

    es bedeutet....mann findet da am regenbogenende eine kiste...und in der kiste ist alles was es an supply und gegenständen giebt.. mann kann nur sein invetar voll machen und nix fallen lassen. und nach 15 bis 20 sec sollten trolle oder leprechauns spawnen und einen angreifen xD Auch gut währen events in denen mann nicht entkommt weil es viele sind und sie sind schnell. dann kann mann es nur schaffen wenn mann mit mehreren mann ist oder viel glueck hat. ich stelle es mir so wie dieses hunting game vor. mann ist in afrika auf der jagt...aufeinmal kommt ein löwe und der killt einen. mann muss 4 oder mehr mals auf ihn schiessen aber meistens frisst er einen dann. der löwe war heftig und neu........ aber das herzrasen was dayZ auslöst ist viel heftiger. Herzras Events würde ich sowas nennen. EIn Regenbogen Event xD In 10 jahren wird alles besser xD Da sind die Pcs schneller und das internet auch und dann bekomme ich mein 10000 mann gegen 10000 mann battlefield 2 spiel xD Warum baut mann eigentlich nciht Fabriken die von 10000 mann ausm internet gesteuert werden? mann kann die software so gestalten das selbst der dümmste mensch es hinbekommen könnte. hmmmm