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Twig Snapping Sound + Bear Cubs + Deer in Heat

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Suggest the player (based on terrain class) generate random twig snapping sounds other players can hear when slow walking. (we've all seen this in movies). Could be a really low value on the random function just as long as there is a chance of it happening. The value could become lower based on the strength of a related soft skill (fox walking). 

Secondly. When bears are implemented it would be nice if their behavior was based on the presence of cubs. Meaning they would be far more agressive and likley to attack they were accompanied by cubs. This same logic could be applied to deer as well (i.e the buck attacks if he's protecting his fawn).  Additionally the buck or bear could be in heat and display a rutting animation to warn players of its agitated state. (have had a close friend hospitalized by a moose in heat). 

A wonderful film that really illustrates how the bears might behave is "Grizzly Man" 


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      I've been thinking about this for a while, and finally decided to make a post... consider this as feedback/suggestion.
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      Unrealistic zig-zag runs are just irritating, making sniping and single-shot guns nearly useless (it depends on your luck rather than skill). The only effective counteraction for this is "spray and pray" with 90% chance to ruin everything on your target. I know that stamina in upcoming 0.63 update should particularly fix this on long distances, but still every noob with IZH43 who choses to bum-rush into building will have relatively good chances (should have ~0%) against even well-equipped player in protective position.
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