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The ability to wear more than one armband

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I apologize for the poor knowledge of English, this language is not my native language

Have you ever thought that one shoulder bandage for a player is too small? The developers planned that the bandage would greatly facilitate the task, to the players who play together, so that they do not confuse each other, but remember your kneading, do you often notice this bandage during a fight? "THIS are YOU?". Frequently asked questions and answers.

What the developers would have to add:
- Ability to wear more than one bandage
- Ability to wear bandages on my feet (wrapped thigh)
- The ability to use two bandages, assorted colors
- Looks nice))

an example from life: https: //imgur.com/a/hxdBq

What do you think about this idea ?

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    • By Amoaz
      PIckup bandana (camouflaged) -> untie -> tie face mask -> client crashes (memory out of bounds)
    • By me th3 n00b
      I'm liking the armbands as a way to identify your friends and I keep thinking something similar with the chem lights would be awesome. I realize this makes you vulnerable to bandits, but I would love the option to attach a chem light to your backpack zipper so it just hangs there on the side/bottom/whatever. That way you could run as a pack of friends in the night and see each other easily. Again, yes, you would be super exposed. But that happens regardless. Just being able to distinguish who's on your side AND be able to see in the dark a tad more would be fun.
    • By maxxe22
      I do think the armband would be ok but all we been given is the armband will just be yet another article of clothing. I'm already guessing we may get something other than just more cloths cause even with customization its still easy to copy or confuse. I'm having a hard time recognizing people in game yet real immersion would have a way for me to know if I know the person I'm looking at since in real life it is rare you find two people to looking the exact same and you may know the difference but in game you can't tell as well. They pick up a new backpack so I'm gonna shoot I guess.
      I'm wanting to be able to recognize one of the armbands in my group if I can't recognize a friend so well. By this I mean I don't care about different colors if it can be copied. It's still not realistic enough.
      My suggestion is my teams armband looks the same but anyone else would always be different in my eyes and in a 3rd party it would all look the same since to them they don't know any of us. Also a drawback is if my enemy kills my friend and takes his armband I will recognize that armband as my friends so it still looks like my colors. That way I can be tricked as well and the armband can work like a mask on my friends face and someone just wears the mask (meaning I've never seen my friends face but the same mask and his voice is muffled). Example: I make 5 armbands and pass them to my friends. One dies and it gets taken and they fall into the group. Im now walking with the enemy and we all are wearing green. Well his friends walk up with red bands and he shoots me in the back. It is either that or some kind of icon on their head but that breaks immersion.
      Another idea being able to wear it in certain places but having to remove the cloths that may be obscuring it such as neck, forehead, wrist, belt, ect.
      I'm just wanting this to make some sense. Yeah if I die I may be a new person and my friends don't look like my friends anymore but if I do know them for some time I should recognize their face which is rather near impossible in a game compared to real life.