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  1. Status Report - 5 June 2018

    A little higher svetlojarck
  2. Schinese/Tchinese Localization

    This game absolutely does not need Chinese. First, let them finish the localization for the Russian audience.
  3. It would be interesting if in Chernorus there appeared such an abandoned mahina, to which it would be necessary to swim in search of top loot. After all, the expeditionary corps of the US Marine was in Chernorus. What do you think of it?
  4. I apologize for the poor knowledge of English, this language is not my native language Have you ever thought that one shoulder bandage for a player is too small? The developers planned that the bandage would greatly facilitate the task, to the players who play together, so that they do not confuse each other, but remember your kneading, do you often notice this bandage during a fight? "THIS are YOU?". Frequently asked questions and answers. What the developers would have to add: - Ability to wear more than one bandage - Ability to wear bandages on my feet (wrapped thigh) - The ability to use two bandages, assorted colors - Looks nice)) an example from life: https: //imgur.com/a/hxdBq What do you think about this idea ?