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Game restarts when joining any server.

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Hey... So I've been playing Dayz for a number of years, never really had an issue. Yesterday however, it started to restart itself when trying to join a server. 

I'm up to date with all files, I have..

checked integrity of all files, still did the restart.

Uninstalled game files, and reinstalled, still did the restart.

BattleEye is running and up to date also.

All system drivers are up to date.

I'm sure there's a way to get around this. Some have reported that simply reinstalling the game sorts it, but for me it does not.

Can anyone of you nice chaps help please?

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Update to this, I thought I'd double check that all files were correct again after reinstalling on a different ssd drive. 1 file was lacking and was downloaded. I checked game integrity again and there was another one? That cant be right. Now each time I check integrity, there's another file that needs fixing? 

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