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Armband Dyeing

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It's a mysterious art. There are no definitive how-to's on the web. I've seen the pretty colour wheel but its not easy to understand. 
The easiest colour chart to follow is this


BUT It's doesn't mention about bleaching first, which isn't mentioned in most posts I've found about the subject.


Things I've tried:

-Water level 55 litres (quarter full).

Starting to colour with 6RB/6BB and 10 unbleached arm bands plus other items inside. No result.

Bleaching 10 arm bands with one full bottle then starting to colour with 6RB/6BB and 10 bleached arm bands plus other items inside. No result.

With one armband from the bleaching above and starting to colour with 6RB/6BB plus other items inside. No result.

With same arm band starting to colour with 5RB/5RB and no items in barrel. No result.


I need to know:


1) Is there a limit to the number of armbands that can be dyed with one full disinfectant bottle? Maybe only some of them were bleached?

2) Do you have to colour one arm band at a time?

3) Does the amount of water in the barrel affect the process like it does with tanning leather? If so how much is needed?

4) If the amount of ingredients shown is 6 red berries, 6 blue berries is this only for one arm band? Do you multiply ingredients by 2 if you colour two arm bands?

5) Do you need to remove all other non-related items from the barrel before bleaching and colouring?

7) When colour clothes option is selected the barrel lid cannot be opened. After 1 minute it can. Is this the completion of the process?


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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9 hours ago, TrojanWarriorFTQ said:


dyeing hasn't been fully working right for some time now,  because it's a work in progress, you will have to wait for it to be in some time after beta.

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