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A Few Surprises

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Up until recently, if a player was double carrying with a weapon in hand and on his back, and both weapons were placed on the hotbar, using the hotbar to switch weapons would cause one of the weapons to be knocked off the hotbar. You could get one successful weapon switch without it knocking one off the hotbar, but after the second switch the original weapon that was in the players hands would be knocked off. What does this mean? When you are double carrying primary weapons you can put both in your hotbars now and switch between them without any fear you will drop one. If I'm not mistaken, this change came with .62. I only realized this recently in attempting to show my friend how you can accidentally drop your weapon without noticing and my demonstration didn't work. I just sat there switching my weapons looking like an idiot. 

Something else I've noticed is that magnums now properly show how many rounds they have chambered on the weapon model. You can tell if a magnum is loaded or not by looking at it's revolving chambers. This was a feature once before but they dumped it along the lines somewhere. I'm not entirely sure if this came with .62, but anyway, it's back now. 

They also seem to have delayed the death black screen a bit. Recently it seems as if I always see at least a little bit of my death animation before I get the black screen.

Thrown items seem to bounce around in a more predictable and expected way now as well. It's still choppy, but I've seen thrown objects collide and bounce in surprisingly realistic ways this patch that I haven't seen before.  


Anyone else notice any minor changes? 

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