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Random Vehicle Spawns + Self-Despawn

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Random vehicle spawns would be good idea imo, it would be more dynamic so noboy would know where they are and would have to explore the map bit more to find one, some people would find it easier and some not, currently the spawns are fixed and thats the reason all cars getting picked so fast and also destroyed due to glitches and noob drivers.

For the despawn it should get gone asap after all parts are ruined and spawn somewhere else, its because nobody probably will use or have the matchbox to destroy the vehicles also players should drive more carefully knowing that it could be ruined forever after an impact.

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    • By MorphineBP
      Hey guys,
      As you know the collision system related to vehicle is currently very frustrating. Your vehicle can be easily blocked on some stone wall, trees, rocks... or worse. Not necessarily damaged ! Just stucked on something.
      You've added a debug feature to destroy vecs. What would be good is adding also a similar feature allowing player to push any vehicle. By that I mean moving the vec just a few meters away, in order to unblock/unbug it. 
      I don't think this is something difficult to add. And it's something already existing on similar games. A way to help player going around stupid collision situation.
      Nothing more frustrating than abandoning a pristine vec just because of some random collision bug.
      What do you think about that ?
      It would make all the vehicle gameplay a little less broken.
    • By Asmondian

      There is no reason why weapons with mags have random bullets inside and weapons without mags don´t  Players would loot more often this kind of weapons looking for ammo It´s a simple add to enrich game experience No more useless weapons that nobody moves over and over avoiding the loot to respawn More chance to survive in the spawn locations and middle of the map and have something to fight when you want to hit the middle military bases. Simple add to enrich something to do in the coast and prevent server hopping players that walk the hole map on an empty public server and then jump to a full near the northern military bases.  
      I don´t know the impact that could have in the CLE (Central Loot Economy) or in game performance Some of you said this could lead to a more KOS situations on the coast.