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watch out when using Intel Compiler Patcher (ICP) - Battleye doesn't approve it

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just a short fyi. As an AMD user I was rather curious when i heard about ICP at first and went on to use it on my computer not fully aware of all the implications it would come with. You can basically define a folder-structure where this tool will search for intel compiled code and then offer a fix (and backup) to remove the "code obstacles" which intel deliberately integrated to impede non-intel cpus.


Well, in principle, I had no issues until i fired DayZ up again:


0029526: game does not start: "blocked loading of file C:\Windows\SysWOW64\aticfx32.dll" (Intel Compiler Patcher interfers with game)




The interesting thing is, it had no trouble with altered files in my steam folder, however, what happens here is that Battleye seems to scan dll files within your windows directories as well resulting in errors as the one above.

For example, my SysWOW64 folder had about 18-22 altered files from which I had roughly 8-11 to revert to their original state.


The game simply won't start at all. So just in case to you AMD users out there, if you use ICP, use it wisely. Me, I have no idea why i really used it in the first place.


So just a quick heads-up



I also mailed BE questioning what it would mean for me as a user and if that issue could potentially produce false-positives on their side; still waiting for an answer here.

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aticfx32.dll should be in part of your ATI video card driver (as far as I can see) - you got an ATI on your AMD ?

if so - reinstall the driver. to get back to the original


ICP should make backups of the exec before it shortcuts an Intel C++ code element (CPU Dispatcher) the "Dispatcher" is included in exec files compiled on an Intel C++ Compiler


or probably (usually)  MS Visual C++ ..  [groan]  etc etc.. 

It is an Intel thing, but lots of folk using MS visual C++ don't bother to switch on the "make compatible with AMD"  box, due to brainwashing (right lads?)..  a wonderful and historical ever-changing situation


Some software does not like being interfered with, counts it as reverse engineering (or hacking, I guess) and will complain.

But you cannot be the only person to have run into this problem. Battleye should be aware of it.


At the worst - just reinstall the whole game? As it runs already on your AMD, using ICP on it wont make any big difference there IMO.


xx pilgrim


[edit: all those years AMD was in front they gave us s**** and now they pretend we don't exist.. heh ...no change]


[edit edit] jeez - it's like training a dog, you have to decide who is boss - computers can really ruin your day if you let them, right ?

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