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How To Fix DayZ Standalone Crashes

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Hello everyone, I'm going to help people out who have had problems with their DayZ Standalone games crashing on them. I have has 49 hours logged so far in Standalone, and have seen the crashing problem twice. I've even downloaded the game again when it happened the 2nd time, yet it still happened. BTW, I kept both my characters, though I just deleted it from steam.


OK, so the problem that I had was when I logged onto a server, I would be OK for a while, but then I would either disconnect from the game or the game would crash entirely. 

The first time it happened, I have two hard cases and an ammo box. These items are known to crash your game. So if you have them, you need to log in, remove them from your innovatory immediately, and likely log back in if the game crashes again. I have not had this problem with med kits, but it may happen with the med kits, as well as the pots, but I haven't used them yet.. You'll lose what items you had, but you should be able to play once again.


The second time this happened to me, I didn't have a hard case or an ammo box, but again, I'd log on, my friend said I lost connection, and I had to try again. After downloading the game yet again, and getting the same thing, I logged in, removed all of my clothes and items, and ran away from them. This seemed to work and I continued to play. I went over to my items to slowly pick up what I needed, and noticed that a lot of my items were ruined. They were fine before, but when I dropped them, the game said they were ruined and when I picked them up, I no longer had the crashes, but of course discarded all of them.


So to the people who are having game crashes when you log into a DayZ server and get a little while before either the game crashes or the server kicks you, removed any hard cases or ammo boxes from your innovatory. If it still happens, removed all of your clothes and see if that fixes the problem.


Hope this helps your game from crashing.


Dr. Remag,

The BLH Crew's Medic.

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If this doesn't work, then it is likely a problem you cannot fix. Try logging into a hardcore or regular server, which ever one you don't usually play on, and see if that helps.

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Literally just made an account to +1 this, after reading this i noticed my backpack was ruined, so I dropped it, crashed again, but when I spawned in (with all other gear still on me) hey presto! I haven't crashed since, thanks for the fix man ^^

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I'll have to test this tomorrow at some, I do remember having a ruined backpack so maybe that is causing my crashes.  :thumbsup:

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Or you can submit a report to the Feedback Tracker (link in signature). Include a brief description of what you were doing around the time you crashed and upload a .zip/.rar file containing your users\*name*\appdata\local\DayZ folder.


That way we can actually fix the problem without you having to come up with workarounds.

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I can't open the game ! I downloaded it through Steam, then when I click play it says DayZ has stopped working. I have googled the issue and tried everything that was suggested, my computer meets all the requirements and still nothing is working. I don't have much money and I have paid to have this game and it won't even open. What should I do ?

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