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Hey there!


I made a map design of Chernarus to be printed and hung above my computer desk, decided to share it with you guys:




This is a smaller version which i could upload tho these forums, the full one can be found on my devart page (for free obviously): http://fav.me/d70megg


Full version's dimensions:

3945x3584 pixels ( ~104cm x 95cm)

96 pixels/ inch resolution



Hope you like it!

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Pretty cool, but why the "Demo" on the map? It's pretty confusing...

check the link mate, told you i couldn't upload the full thing on here so i linked my DevArt profile, put the demo sing there so ppl won't confuse this for the "full image" :)

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    • By Henk Grunn
      Original Chernarus from arma, that was featured in the dayz mod, was imo very well balanced for 40/50 players. New chernarus isn't. All the content that was added was all very good quality on it's own. Some stuff is just beautiful. But IMO it's too much. The intention to spread out players over the map has succeeded. I hardly see anyone in new Chernarus. There are too many "key" locations and too many cities.
      Original chernarus with all buildings enterable would improve gameplay on 40/50 player servers. Like in the dayzmod, players could chose to go into action or live the hermit style. Basicly in original chernarus you had 3/4 key locations. NWAF, NEAF, Stary Sobor, and perhaps Devils Castle. Less key locations, thus more player contact. I suspect that performance would increase as well with less loot spots. Plus we tree lovers would have our pristine Northern Forrest back.
      Probably Original Chernarus with enterable buildings should be made first. But all  the content is already ready.
      The suggestion:
      What if server owners would have the option to start a dayz server with either NEW or OLD (with all enterable buildings) Chernarus? We would soon find out which servers are more populair.
    • By DannyBoyy
      Hope you like the vid
      enjoy :)