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DayZ SA Map

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Hey there!


I made a map design of Chernarus to be printed and hung above my computer desk, decided to share it with you guys:




This is a smaller version which i could upload tho these forums, the full one can be found on my devart page (for free obviously):


Full version's dimensions:

3945x3584 pixels ( ~104cm x 95cm)

96 pixels/ inch resolution



Hope you like it!

anathol gave beans to this

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Pretty cool, but why the "Demo" on the map? It's pretty confusing...

check the link mate, told you i couldn't upload the full thing on here so i linked my DevArt profile, put the demo sing there so ppl won't confuse this for the "full image" :)

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      Hey guys and gals,
      a Minute ago I finished "snipp tooling" the Map of Dayz. In current State the Map from / is the most current Map Version out there.
      My Reasons for doing this is to have an offline option and on the other hand having not to use the Firefox Explorer. Firefox is the only Internet Explorer that can currently open the Map from dayztv´s Website correctly (at least for me).
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      Stay save out there
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