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  1. Stable Update 0.62.139835

    I'm still getting the memory crashes frequently. 30-70mins in. Or that the game is not responding. I'm running Win10. Anyone else have this problem? A buddy of mine never had those issues, he is using Win7. I also have new ram, cpu and mobo. But I had the same problems before the upgrade of the parts.
  2. Let's talk about new animations

    I'd like everything that everyone already said AND animations for: - getting shot in the leg (you should trip and fall down to the ground if walking or running etc, then limb) - getting shot anywhere else (get shots in arm, you probably drop everything you got in your hands and cover the wound with your other hand). - being able to jump in spot, while not running. - movement in hills / steep grounds, you should not just walk in a straight line, but lean your body towards the ground and probably help supporting your weight with your hands and knees. Also implement a limitation for how long you are able to sprint. - for looking in you backpack, or other pockets in your clothes/gear. You should not be able to check your backpack while running for your life while holding a gun in your hand, shooting, while looking behind you....
  3. Post Your Gear So Far

    I'm pretty happy with this loadout! first few hours of 0.61 stable. I like that they have fixed the hyperthermia bug. Survivalist Loadout: Combat Loadout:
  4. Someone whispered in my ear, it will be late april / early may. But don't take my words for it.
  5. Its probably the boulder pack which was announced in June last year.
  6. Why I Kill on Sight

    Great video, good narration.
  7. Funny moments & snipe action (CZ)(EN)

    Whats the songname in the beginning. Great video. Found it! =)
  8. Fresh Spawn on every server

    Stable is not down. I have the same problem as OP.
  9. Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    And it broke. This STABLE is bugged?! Every server i logon to resets the character, even if I connect to the same server multiple times. Friends got same problem.
  10. Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    This STABLE is bugged? Every server i logon to resets the character, even if I connect to the same server multiple times. Anyone got the same problem?
  11. RPG Comeing To DayZ

    I highly doubt many people will run around with an RPG even if they are pretty easy to come by. First of all, the RPG itself will replace your weapon on the back. Secondly the ammo, will probably (should) take up a whole lot of your inventory slots leaving you to sacrifice almost all of your space. In other words, you have to be pretty stationary or have a friend with you at all times, carrying loot for both of you.
  12. DAYZ SA HUD concept

    "Shiver and shake could happen for other reasons." Yes just like in real life, it could be the first stage of something worse. OR it could be that you only are cold. I don't get the quote, everything you pointed out are just bugs or things that need fixing. The current system for all of this is great, when they actually complete it and finalize it, whether it's audio problems like to load or quite or something else. The last thing this game needs is the developers making it easier. Notifiers = Bad @ Arcade @ CoD. :)
  13. DAYZ SA HUD concept

    I would think I'm able to read. But since you apparently is much better at it than me, and smarter. Go ahead and tell me, what did i miss?
  14. netting?

    I honestly don't understand why they removed the function to add grass. It makes more sense than just using netting and burlap strips.