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In the Standalone, there should be times when weather changes.

It could be a very windy and rainy night.

It could be a snowy day (Maybe you need a heat pack every now and then.)

Lakes and ponds could be frozen into ice. (Water bottles are useless in snow)

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On 30/03/2013 at 3:05 AM, MysticBros said:

In the Standalone, there should be times when weather changes.

It could be a very windy and rainy night.


For the last 2 weeks (09/2017 Standalone) it has ALWAYS been a very rainy and windy night. = "soaked" - "cold" - "shaking" ..
So you build a fire NOW and get dry/warm or you die. Then when you are sorted out - it is STILL a very RAINY windy night.
Last night I had 3 hours on/off of what looked totally like (effing) SLEET.  You move even 200 yards under FOREST COVER  and you are already wet, cold, soaked, really cold, shaking .. wearing all pristine Gorka stuff, ushanka, new boots, raincoat - wow even the stuff in my pockets & the pistol in my backpack is wet (and stays wet for a day unless I deal with it)
- then  ...same  again ..
..& etc ..
So I don't know if you survivor folk (eg @harley001) are ready for bad WINTER conditions, & snow and negative temperatures.

I may look like Hell but I made it  it back  to tell yo' NEVER forget folks, - " WINTER will freeze your Pumpkins "
And digging up worms in ground below zero temperature? .. break your spade, bend your knife.. go ahead try it.. ground frozen, if any worms are around they will be about 3-5 feet down..
Never mind, you can always eat apples (oh, nope you cant, there ain't any) - and drink ice from the bottle that froze in your pack..

Keep a cover on your gun muzzle. Don't fog your scope. Always wear dry gloves. Look out for frostbite. Don't ever let your clothes get damp when you warm up  (.. the usual)

have fun

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