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  1. Tarps and Poncho liners

    :-) now if only they could also be used without pitching them.
  2. Tarps and Poncho liners

    Tarps like the USMC tarps, to just drape over yourself to protect from rain, maybe it limits you from using any weapons or your hands while using, or set it up at a shelter if used with 550 cord And their blankets for warmth. lightweight, but take up a lot of room in your pack. will provide warmth even when wet due to synthetic insulation. or some wool prison blankets Adding blankets of varying types might be cool. synthetic - light weight, still warm when wet down - light weight, but not warm when wet wool - heavy, still warm when wet etc, etc just a thought, there are beds and military bases all over. id think finding and using blankets would be an option. if i cant find warm clothes, id be looking or alternate sources for warmth if fire wasnt an option. clearly there could be some downsides to carrying these.
  3. preview program

    Im looking forward to this, and checking out all the progress they have made on the game. 2018 I think will be a good year for DayZ, where players will start seeing the fruits of all the Devs labor.
  4. PSVR - Is there even a sliver of a chance?

    Would be totally awesome. I think once the game is completed, with all the content and sounds, VR would add an awesome level of immersion that would provide some serious experiences to remember. Hell, I've still got memories from encounters back from the early MOD days, but with VR on this newer updated version? Holy hell, it would be intense. PC, PS4 and Xbox, lets get this VR thing added to the "To Do" list. Plus, using the night vision goggles in game with VR? Or thermals? I can only imagine :-)
  5. PSVR - Is there even a sliver of a chance?

    IMHO, dayZ would be a seriously great experience in VR. Using the NVG's once back in game, the visual effects from being sick, tired, low health would all be really cool and add level of depth that would really make for some fun memories. I hope some day it becomes a reality with DayZ.
  6. Been on DayZ since the mod days, and looking forward to a PS4 release (hopefully) and was just curious of any of the Devs have ever mentioned anything about VR. I just think running around in DayZ with VR would be incredible.
  7. DayZ on consoles

    Well said. I have read from developers that they can in fact optimize games better when the hardware is all the same. So just cause you spent the same price as a concole, for your new PC, its likely to run smoother on the console since they didnt have to worry about all the various brands and models of gfx cards, sound cards etc. just one set of hardware to max out its potential. Ive got a nice PC myself i have been playing DayZ on since the mod started way back. I also have a PS4. To be honest, im very much looking forward to the PS4 version since thats what is connected to my home theater and big screen. DayZ is awesome and unique. Id love it if everyone got the chance to play it no matter if it was on PC, PS4 or Xbox. I still use "Lol" yea. The newer misspelled terms (misspelled on purpose) just seem stupid. When did being uneducated and retarded become cool?
  8. DayZ PS4 Discussion

    Is there going to be a way to alpha/beta test the PS4 version? Id like to get in on that if possible. Will the PS4 version offer a way to get in early like the PC did? (Im already on PC, but want the PS4 version)
  9. Mosquitos, Signaling & Blankets, oh my.

    The mosquitos idea was basically just a way of transfering the diseases other than direct contact, thats all. Id love a few different ways to catch something so it adds to the seriousness of the situation, mosquitos or not :-) V-17 panel, orange tarp, or anything that can open up and lay someplace like the ground. Smoke is a good way to signal in game, and Im just thinking of other ways as well. I figure if the game has multiple ways to do the same stuff, it will help to flesh things out. So players have multiple ways to use the resources around them. create tarps, civilian or military (not literally of course because it doesnt fit the local, but the USMC tarp/ground cloth) would be cool because you could use it for shelter, maybe wrap around your pack for waterproofing your pack, wrap yourself up in one for waterproofing yourself or because it has a camo pattern on one side, could be used for camo. find some rope, trees or sticks and you can set it up for multiple purposes. that might be kind of cool. would not offer the warmth of indoors like a tent might, but would keep you or your gear dry. anything exist like the USMC tarp in that region which would fit?
  10. Mosquitos Was thinking about this possible mechanic in the game. Mosquitos are known for transfering diseases. Im not suggesting creating actual 3D imaged bugs, but how about once in while (rare) a player will get a message or can audibly hear them (different sound than flies, a small detail players would have to learn and notice) when outdoors and that they have felt a bug bite, or that you notice bugs or whatever. and for every message you get, there is a possibility you get bit by an infected one (very rare) but it would add more to the survival aspect now that they can get sick yet another way even though its very very rare for it to happen, it would be a possibility. You could also create a bug net to be found and used by players in some way, takes up one slot in inventory, is very light and maybe is setup like a tent. but offers no insulation, weather protection or anything else to help the player except to protect from "bugs" like mosquitos. which would roam the entire map, but be more prevelant in certain areas. As far as fitting the game, im sure mosquitos would still be around, and feeding off the infected, and if players are out and running around, they are meals also. places like the swamp could be havens for them, and other locations that would throw in a bit of risk for players if they wanted to take a shortcut through someplace. fresh player kills could also bring a small group to possibly infect looting players around that body. obviously there might be a 10 min period after the kill before they show up. I believe in real life, depending on what it was carrying, a person getting bit by a mosquito could die, just from a little bug bite. Would add some more feelings of being vulnerable outside, and be another reason why players want to seek shelter regularly besides rain or cold. even a camp fire can repell the bugs for maybe 5-10 feet around itself so players sitting right next to it are safe. Maybe the risk slightly rises in warmer temps. Signaling How about things like small battery operated strobe lights like the ones used by deep woods hikers. Things like the VS-17 signal panel that could be attatched to things to mark or signal with. Im thinking back in the days of the MOD when you had a helocopter or plane and wanted to locate a certain area from the sky. or pick up friends who you had dropped off to loot. these could be used by players to aid in their location when needing help from friendlies, team mates or if they are just plain desperate (assuming food and clean water will be as scarce as I hope it is) Just thinking of something that could work during the day that lasts longer than a road flare. like an orange piece of material or such, or the shiny space blanket or something that could be native to that area. Blankets For warmth, players could find these and use them when stationary to warm up. (possibly drape overthem selves when moving?) could have various levels of warmth between blankets, some thin and light with minimal warmth, and some bulky and heavier but with great warmth. these could be used stealthlily so players didnt have to make a fire and didnt have hand warmers. a wool blanket, since wool will still warm players up even in the rain, this one could be rarer and worth more. Thoughts? good ideas or bad ideas?
  11. im just tossing things right out of my ass, but... what if groups formed and were dedicated to protecting one town, or one section of a city. they could be a known presence in one area, that over time built a reputation, where noobs could find their way in, and bandits might stay away from. its like real life, gangs are going to form simply out of a need for protection. now, if those gangs are good guys, or bad guys, well, thats up to the leaders decisions. their actions and reputations will follow them. you could have one of the deadliest towns, or one of the safest. if the servers are going to have 40-150 players on them, its going to be busy. i would think larger groups would be formed. if say, a group took control of cherno, they can simply make that their home. assign existing houses since we can go in them, see if rocket can program in a way to put storage boxes in places where they dont disappear and are locked (we can make picking locks a skill to be worked on over time and improved) then people can just have a house, put in storage, gather some lights and what not and breath some life back into an existing town. all player driven. we just need rocket to give us the tools to make it happen. you can own one of the deadliest towns, or one of the safest. all up to you. but so long as you stay on the same server, you can own that area. get rocket to give us tools to paint over walls, and paint signs. warning or welcoming. imagine running up to a town where a whole bunch of houses are lit up inside from lamps, they have a cache of food, water and supplies? imagine sneaking into that town, picking locks on chests and taking items? or getting a group to ambush and over run them? any thoughts?
  12. i agree. i think the KOS can be handled by the players, in a similar way to how they would handle it in real life. the group would def need structure, leaders, chain of command.
  13. i know for a fact you arnt alone, i think the like minded people just need to know someone is really trying to get something together. maybe we could start a thread and people who play in the same regions can join up. im sure a lot of people who KOS are doing it because there is no alternative to stay safe.
  14. thx for links and info, will read through them
  15. just thinking quickly, the KOS is being created by players, so has anyone thought about creating a group of friendly players who work together and roll together to fight off the KOS players? kinda like the guardian angles do? i just think that the game mechanics should stay the same, and that players themselves should develop a way to stay safe. in numbers. if possible. maybe it wont work, i dunno. but was thinking of a way to get the good guys organized, so they dont feel the need to go over to the dark side. maybe you cant cure KOS entirely, but for the server you play on regularly, you could make an impact. when good men do nothing, evil prevails. and all that. any ideas?