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  1. 0.63 Experimental Release

    Thanks for the reply. I think i read in their last official bi-weekly progress report that they were going to be implementing new things like disease, or temperature, and some other things in the coming weeks. (i could be wrong, might be other features instead of disease, etc) but im looking forward to it. Having a great time with .63 and know that now the game has finally been revamped (the right decision IMHO) we should be getting updates regularly with all the content that makes DayZ, DayZ. Going to be fun through 2018 finally getting to see the game come together.
  2. 0.63 Experimental Release

    Anyone know what the update consisted of? anything new? some tweaks and fixes im sure.
  3. Death

    Nice, thx for the link and info
  4. Death

    how about when you die, your screen goes to first person perspective, and your screen fades out to black, maybe you hear your heartbeat and it slows down to nothing as your screen fades out. like the blood in your brain allows for a few seconds of sight and hearing just after being killed. maybe this only happens if you bleed out or die by something that didnt blow your head/heart/central nervous system apart, like a gun shot. gun shots to vital organs should just drop you instantly. but being stabbed to death? hacked to death? beat to death? etc. something cool could happen in those moments. any other thoughts on what we could see/hear during our final moments? how this could be handled?
  5. Stress test vol.18

    Im really looking forward to .63 being on experimental. Loving the new version, so much better. Ive never had any doubts about DayZ, ever, but it is really feeling (to me) like its starting to just get going. Like the beginning of a roller coaster ride. I cant wait to see the Zeds come together. Sounds, animation, etc. was it ever confirmed that they will be able to break down doors in future? maybe crawl through windows? I hope they put a lot of effort into making them intimidating. like REAL intimidating :-) Id love to see dead players become NPC's and still be carrying all their gear. just wandering around aimlessly in a field or a town.
  6. I figure its a bit more authentic if you have to learn how to do some things in the game. I know if i had a character who gained some more advanced abilities, I personally would be more cautious with that character, especially if these books and manuals were not all that common. maybe not rare, but players will need to search for them. it would also be a reason for players to visit locations like schools, and other areas where these books could spawn. maybe without the proper medical knowledge, one player could risk contaminating a blood transfer to another player, actually giving him an infection that took a while to kick in. but reading the book, made it 100% safe. simple electrical stuff might be doable without knowledge, but if a player were trying to restore electricity to a town, or working on a huge generator for bigger buildings, that could require the know-how to do those more advanced tasks, or if the jobs are more dangerous (high voltage electricity) manuals could guarantee it was done safely. maybe without a manual it didn't kill the player, but it destroyed whatever it was they were working with, forcing the player to find new components and try again.
  7. to add value to peoples characters, why not add books and manuals to the game for certain things, like fixing a car, or giving another player a bloodbag. but instead of a book that covers a broad base of things, like repairs to vehicles, you can have players find specific repair manuals for each vehicle in the game. maybe you can fix a car, but not a bus unless you interact with that specific manual. players can find them at garages, maybe schools, etc. And for the military vehicles (if there are any) they can be found only at military bases. Books on giving blood, determining which sickness you might have, if sick, and more complex healing can be found in hospitals, maybe schools as well. Books of fixing guns or attachments for weapons could be found in shops, homes, etc. books on building bases, various levels of building could require books to interact with. using electricity could require books or risk getting electrocuted. books for fishing and hunting, could yield better quality food. im sure its been mentioned before, but adding more value to players characters should help with the KOS mentality. players who are long time survivors and have read through (clicking on book once its found) a lot of information, could be a great benefit to a growing group of new survivors, helping them attain certain things they couldnt get normally as fresh spawns. if developed that way. thoughts?
  8. Tarps and Poncho liners

    :-) now if only they could also be used without pitching them.
  9. Tarps and Poncho liners

    Tarps like the USMC tarps, to just drape over yourself to protect from rain, maybe it limits you from using any weapons or your hands while using, or set it up at a shelter if used with 550 cord And their blankets for warmth. lightweight, but take up a lot of room in your pack. will provide warmth even when wet due to synthetic insulation. or some wool prison blankets Adding blankets of varying types might be cool. synthetic - light weight, still warm when wet down - light weight, but not warm when wet wool - heavy, still warm when wet etc, etc just a thought, there are beds and military bases all over. id think finding and using blankets would be an option. if i cant find warm clothes, id be looking or alternate sources for warmth if fire wasnt an option. clearly there could be some downsides to carrying these.
  10. preview program

    Im looking forward to this, and checking out all the progress they have made on the game. 2018 I think will be a good year for DayZ, where players will start seeing the fruits of all the Devs labor.
  11. PSVR - Is there even a sliver of a chance?

    Would be totally awesome. I think once the game is completed, with all the content and sounds, VR would add an awesome level of immersion that would provide some serious experiences to remember. Hell, I've still got memories from encounters back from the early MOD days, but with VR on this newer updated version? Holy hell, it would be intense. PC, PS4 and Xbox, lets get this VR thing added to the "To Do" list. Plus, using the night vision goggles in game with VR? Or thermals? I can only imagine :-)
  12. PSVR - Is there even a sliver of a chance?

    IMHO, dayZ would be a seriously great experience in VR. Using the NVG's once back in game, the visual effects from being sick, tired, low health would all be really cool and add level of depth that would really make for some fun memories. I hope some day it becomes a reality with DayZ.
  13. Been on DayZ since the mod days, and looking forward to a PS4 release (hopefully) and was just curious of any of the Devs have ever mentioned anything about VR. I just think running around in DayZ with VR would be incredible.
  14. DayZ on consoles

    Well said. I have read from developers that they can in fact optimize games better when the hardware is all the same. So just cause you spent the same price as a concole, for your new PC, its likely to run smoother on the console since they didnt have to worry about all the various brands and models of gfx cards, sound cards etc. just one set of hardware to max out its potential. Ive got a nice PC myself i have been playing DayZ on since the mod started way back. I also have a PS4. To be honest, im very much looking forward to the PS4 version since thats what is connected to my home theater and big screen. DayZ is awesome and unique. Id love it if everyone got the chance to play it no matter if it was on PC, PS4 or Xbox. I still use "Lol" yea. The newer misspelled terms (misspelled on purpose) just seem stupid. When did being uneducated and retarded become cool?
  15. DayZ PS4 Discussion

    Is there going to be a way to alpha/beta test the PS4 version? Id like to get in on that if possible. Will the PS4 version offer a way to get in early like the PC did? (Im already on PC, but want the PS4 version)