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  1. Experimental Update 1.0.150104

    Keeping in mind, Everyone here has paid for a product. I'm not saying bash the devs, But people are aloud to have expectations.
  2. Tent damage

    Disable base destruction mod now does this.
  3. Concept suggestion: Heat-seeking missiles

    Story of my life.
  4. Is It Possible?

    A walkie turned on and left on the ground? I know that used to work. Not sure if it still does.
  5. Curing the cold

    Cured a cold. Was white food and hunger the whole time. Changed clothes ( stripped naked, got new clothes then picked up my items out of my clothes Had no fireplace and was outside the entire time Did 2 animation cycles of the eating pills for both codeine and tetracyline Ate a can of food every 10 minutes and drank soda every 10 minutes coughing/sneezing went from 20 seconds to 3 and a half minutes per interval Then after another 10 or so minutes it went away and so did the sick symbol.
  6. Curing the cold

    I had the cold for over 2 hours, The 30 minutes I'm referring to was spent in a house, by a fire basically non stop eating and drinking. At this point I'm under the impression it's a bug. Old mate in the above post state he fixed it in half an hour. The only thing he did that I didn't was change clothes, so unless that's the secret. People I play with have had the cold for days at this point. They've taken every drug they could find, stayed energized and hydrated..
  7. Curing the cold

    That's the only thing I've not tried. That and a full change of clothes, but I don't see that helping tbh. Sat away from my group for 30 minutes last night, by a fire, eating, drinking and smashing tetracyline and codeine pills. ( Codeine pills description says it cures the cold ) After 30 minutes I got bored of it and smashed my off switch. On the coast again.
  8. Curing the cold

    Anyone figured this out yet? Spreads like wild fire.
  9. Melee Animation Need Redone

    But.... This is the new melee animation...
  10. Is armor worth it nowadays?

    Helmet, Probably.. I often wear anti-stab.. They seem to act the same as press or ballistic.. I could be wrong but it's less than 4kg..
  11. dayz out of memory any fixes?

    Download more ram.
  12. names of friends overhead

    No, this isn't COD.
  13. Kill Feed

    Someones already posted a working one, Dig through the forums a bit and find it..
  14. Game crashing before main menu

    Update: He's reinstalled twice, reverted to 0.62, which works fine however upon reinstalling .63 the issue persists. Still chasing help if anyone has any suggestions.
  15. Game crashing before main menu

    Posting for a friend. He closed his game like normal last night, Went to play today and it closes before it makes it to the menu screen, He sees the DayZ splash screen, then just crashes, no error message nothing, Game just closes. He's deleted and reinstalled, we've tried every method we can find on line.. Looking for suggestions, Anyone has any ideas that may help, Throw it in the thread. Seems a few people are having this issue, but I haven't found a fix. Send help.