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  1. RIP David Bowie

    He's with Tom now. But seriously, Sucks.
  2. Cars. . and all that jazz.

    1. They do as far as I know. I purchased a server, First person on it after it provisioned, Spawned in elektro, Was a car with a spark plug and 2 wheels outside the fire station. 2. You can. Put the lug wrench in your hands, Look at the wheel and click remove. ( Assuming that you're not talking about the static cars that spawn loot. Only actual vehicles. ) I haven't really had any issues fixing up cars and such. We had a fuel issue after driving for hours, But it seems the servers auto-restart fixed that.
  3. The Club

    We don't talk about " The Club ".
  4. So, I look on twitter after seeing Hick's post, Remembering back to him saying he'd like public servers to be 1pp only, and private to be 1pp or 3rd pp depending on the " Admin ".. So, on Hick's twitter it's a dick beating contest atm how 1pp is king, and so on. But honestly, I can't comprehend why people feel that others shouldn't be aloud to enjoy the game they want to. I mean, Let's take a look at the server list, The majority of servers are 3rdpp, People love bashing 3pp, saying 1pp is better, so on, But I scroll through the list and see no one on 1pp only servers. Don't get me wrong, But this dick measuring contest seems to be getting out of hand, DayZ is in a rough patch at the moment, and what's the point in pushing your primary player base away? There's plenty of mid ground, 1pp only Public servers Is not the answer in my opinion. 50% 1pp, 50% 3rdpp. I enjoy both 1pp and 3rdpp so don't go banging on about how this post is just because I don't want it because I dislike it. I just don;t see the point in doing something that could damage the player base permanently, When it's at the lowest it's been. My 2 cents worth..
  5. The Red 9 - 46 Second Review

    Last 3 seconds, 10/10.
  6. Starting a new Clan Players Must Be 10+

  7. Sugestion: Tools Having a Use

    You can actually do this in-game. Hole it in your hands and look at a camp fire. But as other stated, It's planed, or at least it was.
  8. Battleye Failed to install....

    Tried downloading the manual files from BE's website? That's always fixed it for me.
  9. New weapon mechanics - 23rd of Sept Dev blog

    Don't you bring your logic and reliable sources in here... Oh wait, I'm doing good this time.. Thanks Bones.
  10. Did anyone else see this and get slightly excited? To get closer to authenticity of firearms some changes to their handling are being currently implemented. Chambering became a real part of the weapon instead of invisible magazine with 1 bullet count. This will allow players to attach a magazine to a chambered weapon effectively increasing the amount of available bullets which wasn't possible before. Reloading is also being revamped, as R-key will be dedicated to the manipulation with weapon like manually cycling the bolt, pull back charging handle in case of jam or even rolling the drum of revolver when you decide to play lethal games with some friends. Don't worry about losing R-key for reloading. As a replacement for R-key you will be able to reload your gun directly from the quickbar by choosing the corresponding slot with magazine in it. Magazines will be swapped during reloading action. Also loose ammunition will work in same way, choose right slot and gun will be chambered.
  11. pre .59 hype

    I'd like to see zombies aswell.. I love DayZ, Not really a fan of Day though...
  12. Military identification plate

    This defeats the purpose though, everyone would just drop it so no ones knows who they are... Go with the old suggestion, Wallet with ID, can't drop it, and it's not actually and Item.. Just have the status text read " Their drivers licence reads ...... "
  13. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    Welcome to experimental?
  14. switching from stable>exp>stable servers

    It's because it's Wednesday, Some evil voodoo magic causes them to be unavailable every Wednesday..
  15. So, I've had an issue since windows 10 of having washed out appearance in most games, As of today, I've started using RGB Toggler, Which is basically a colour correction program. Now, My question is Are these allowed? And if not, will BE block it when I launch DayZ? ( Because it doesn't ) I know things like SweetFX have allegedly gotten people banned and this is Kind of similar in a way.. Just curious is all.