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  1. Make Mobility more REALISITIC to the map.

    It used to shit me to tears, people just running around with 3-4 GSW's like it's actually O.K.
  2. Make Mobility more REALISITIC to the map.

    Savage. On a more related note, I'd rather have to walk slow every time I get hit, Then have to deal with people just running and zig zaging to freedom after being shot 4 times in the stomach.
  3. Is this a Bug? Play offline?

    You mean the premise of an open world multiplayer survival game?
  4. Ban

    wat.jpg You knew you shouldn't have, but you did. You got caught. I'm not a Dev or BE, But even I can tell you.. It's not habbening.
  5. Body Armour

    Just like the real thing? As Mull pointed out, You should have to make a sacrifice for it.. SAPI plates are like 2kg each, 1 front and back is 4kg, Call the carrier 2 kg, that makes 6. Personally, If I'm getting shot in the chest I'd rather have a SAPI between me and the bullet as opposed to some extra items in my bag.
  6. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    There's an offline community build that has " Dev " or " Admin " tools, it allows spawning of zombies, any item etc.. Google it or youtube it, it's not hard to find. Comes with a full set of controls and how to use it.
  7. Soft Skills

    It's the first iteration? I'd probably give it till v2 or even v3 before asking that question.. This is what soft skills were always meant to be, as far as I can remember it was always things that would help a little but nothing drastic? Guessing you'd rather Tarkov style? Be able to throw a grenade 2 football fields? Jump 10 feet? Run 35 mph for 10 minutes? For something you're going to lose every time you die ( I hope ) Doesn't seem much point to add anything too drastic. It'd be cool to see say slightly fast reloading of mags or SLIGHTLY quicker melee swings.. But to be honest, I feel no soft skills would be the best option, I mean people are only going to complain about them, Amirite?
  8. The Ability to IV yourself

    Seems now you have 100 health, limping start below 75 and progressivly gets worse, until 0 in which case you are dead. You have 5000 blood, greyscale sets in at 4500, gets worse until 0 at which case you are dead. A zombie hit does exactly 10 health per hit, and you'll die on the 10th consecutive hit. You gain about 0.4 health back every 3 seconds, meaning from 1 to 100 health would take about 12 and a half minutes. A zombie hit does exactly 100 blood per hit. You seem to gain 3 blood back every 3 seconds ( 1bp/s ) with saline adding an additional 5 extra blood per 3 seconds, totaling it out to 8 per 3 seconds. Th above test was performed at fully energized and hydrated. At white food and yellow drink ( Spawn state ) The health regen seems to be the same. however the blood regen is halved at 1.5 per 3 seconds. I left blood bags separate because they have a strange way of presenting themselves. To draw one costs exactly 500 blood, which using it returns exactly 500 blood. but you get a debuff next to the health symbol, which looks like a picture of a pill, you also start to lose 2 blood per second, or 6 per 3 seconds ( I'm using 3 seconds because the game seems to tick every 3 seconds for you health state ) I tried taking tetracycline to counter act this but it had no effect, it seems to last 2 minutes and 10 seconds and then vanish. seems you lose about 258 blood over the time span Taking a saline at the same time seems to negate it, and if you're healthy enough to regen you'll come out with more blood then you started with ( Will continue to edit this post as I get more info - all test's i'm trying are in that community build thing with the debug monitor so they may not be relevant )
  9. The Ability to IV yourself

    Makes a lot of sense, I'd be happy with something like this. As Gews points out you shouldn't really be able to heal yourself mid firefight - at least not with saline/blood bags Self IV'ing aside, Healing seems to be pretty quick all together now. Went from pretty well dead to running like normal with full colour in about 15-20 minutes.. This probably would have been cut down to about 5 minutes if I'd saline'd myself.
  10. The Ability to IV yourself

    After having played a little bit on the 0.63 offline branch, I picked up a blood draw hit, which gave me the option to draw from myself, I thought it a little odd but I did. Then I had the thought to try saline, which I was able to administer to myself.. In about 7 seconds.. Seems a little silly to me that you're able to. I mean I understand realistically you can, and people do. But from a game play point it's going to turn into pubg imo, Get hit, bandage, blood bag yourself, keep fighting rinse repeat. To me it always made sense having to have someone else do it, or at least it justified the speed at which it was done, But being able to do it yourself in the same amount of time doesn't make sense to me. I understand that a bloogbag or saline doesn't fully " heal " you, however it will bring you in much better standing than you were. Especially if you're bleeding out and run out of bandages, you could indefinitely keep yourself going off saline/blood bags. Thoughts?
  11. Meta Deterrent

    There's plenty of other ways to do it on your behalf other than just lock mics open all the time... You could have agreed to have had him log out in the building then move to another building where you could see in to cover him.. Or just used steam chat. As stated above, there will always be work arounds. Even if it forces hot mic, you could just change the input, or use the muted button or mixer mute.
  12. 0.63 Stresstest is shame

  13. Dayz need a buddy system

    Has your buddy tried not dying?
  14. DayZ Metro

    metro mɛtrəʊ/ noun 1.an underground railway system in a city, especially Paris. adjective NORTH AMERICAN 1.metropolitan. "the Detroit metro area" --------------------------- Realistically you wouldn't connect essentially a whole country via underground train lines. From a game play perspective you're basically making 5-10km meat grinder tunnels or direct paths to cities/towns that you could auto run to off the side of the walls.. Doesn't really suit imo.
  15. Check you profile txt file in you C:\Users\yournamehere\Documents\DayZ, Make sure it's not set read only.