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  1. 1.9 IS LOVELY

    > Standalone players should really give it a go I always played alone. I stopped playing in June 2017 (v1.8.6 I think). In what ways does v1.9 benefit standalone players? Thanks.
  2. > Also there won't be a real need for external launchers to play vanilla DayZ Mod Personally I find the in-game browser woefully inadequate, and much prefer to use a launcher. Even a bat file is better than using the in-game browser. > We are talking to the devs of DayZ Launcher to fix the session lost error. Just like we did, he probably needs to switch app id's. Not 'switch'; but 'add'. The devs will need to try to query which app the server wants the player to initiate, assuming that most other servers are going to continue to use the Arma2OA app id. So, was there a thread where all the vanilla server admins got together and decided to break Dayz Launcher and confuse everyone? :P It's my impression that a lot of people think that their installation is broken or that it's DayZ Launcher's fault.
  3. Thanks. I don't know what the problem is, but Vanilla servers seem to need to be started in a different way from modified servers. DayZ Launcher can still start servers that are running a modified v187, but fails to connect when you try to play on a Vanilla v187 server. Until this is fixed, I am using the bat file below to join my favourite servers. @echo off title DayZ Launcher mode con: cols=55 lines=20 :: Steam set _STEAMPATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam :: Arma 2 set _ARMA2PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 :: Operation Arrowhead set _ARMA2OAPATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead :: Add additional Mods on each server line EG. _MODS=@Overwatch;@epoch; :: Start Steam if not already running tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq steam.exe" | find /i "steam.exe" > NUL if %ERRORLEVEL% ==0 goto Menu echo. echo LOADING AND CONNECTING TO STEAM echo. start "" "%_STEAMPATH%\steam.exe" -silent Timeout 20 /nobreak :Menu cls echo. echo Select a Server: echo ================ echo. echo 1) ReunionZ Modified echo 2) Europa Vanilla echo 3) Terminus Vanilla echo 4) Noobs Playground Modified echo 5) Dystopia Modified echo. echo. set /p web=Type Option 1-5: if "%web%"=="1" set IP= & set PORT=2302 & set _MODS= if "%web%"=="2" set IP= & set PORT=2302 & set _MODS= & goto AppLaunch if "%web%"=="3" set IP= & set PORT=5302 & set _MODS= & goto AppLaunch if "%web%"=="4" set IP= & set PORT=2402 & set _MODS= if "%web%"=="5" set IP= & set PORT=2337 & set _MODS= :LoadOA start "" "%_ARMA2OAPATH%\ArmA2OA_BE.exe" 0 0 "-mod=%_ARMA2PATH%;expansion;ca;%_ARMA2OAPATH%;@Dayz;%_MODS%" -noSplash -nopause -skipintro -noFilePatching -world=empty -connect=%IP% -port=%PORT% echo. echo Loading MODIFIED SERVER... Timeout 3 > nul exit :AppLaunch start "" "%_STEAMPATH%\steam.exe" -silent -applaunch 224580 "-mod=%_ARMA2PATH%;expansion;ca;%_ARMA20APATH%;@Dayz;%_MODS%" -nosplash -nopause -skipintro -noFilePatching -world=empty -connect=%IP% -port=%PORT% echo Loading VANILLA SERVER... Timeout 3 > nul exit Just to clarify for anyone else trying to troubleshoot their own 'session lost' problems, once I understood what was going on, and got the two different startup methods correct, I did not need to copy/merge the 'Addons' from Arma2 to OA. In fact, doing so just confounded the difficulties I was having. Also, I wasted a lot of time and had a lot of frustration because I thought it was my installation (Eg. Steam does not verify my Arma game cache properly) even though there is nothing wrong with it. Thirdly, there is no difference between the Steam version of DayZ v187 and the DayZ Launcher version of v187 - they are both identical, so you can use either program to download/verify your DayZ files. Fourthly, if you add parameters to DayZ Launcher, you need to restart it for them to take effect. Be careful of spending time trying to make DayZ Launcher work with Vanilla servers just by adding parameters - I tried for a long time, but I think the real problem is that it does not use the steam 'applaunch' method that the Vanilla v187 requires.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS FOR ARMA 2 DAYZ MOD, NOT ARMA3 OR STANDALONE EDIT : The text in red below was a functioning workaround to a problem I was having when trying to join Vanilla servers, but it caused problems when trying to join Modified, Non-Vanilla servers as outlined in orange. It is incorrect information - I did not need to copy files from Arma2 to OA, despite this being all over the internet as a solution to the connection problems I was having. My own solution, until the problem is fixed in DayZ Launcher, is to use a BAT file which I've posted below. ORIGINAL POST : Can anyone shed some light on the current situation regarding connecting to Vanilla v187 servers versus the servers running v187 which have modified buildings/vehicles/loot. In my experience Vanilla servers (Eg. Europa & Terminus) require that the Arma2 'Addons' folder is copied to OA, whilst the modified servers (Eg. Dystopia, Noobs Playground, ReunionZ) will not load the game with the Addons folder copied to OA. I could rename the Addons folder depending on what server I want to play, but each time I do that, the modified servers transport me to a spawn point (with all my gear). Is this true for everyone? What is the reason this is happening (ie. whose fault is it)? Is someone fixing it?
  5. Playing with a mate on TeamSpeak, who you know in real life or who is in a clan you joined, requires no trust whatsoever. Asking on sidechat if anyone (a complete stranger) is near Cherno and wouldn't mind coming to help you, requires an enormous amount of trust, and which four times out of five will end your life. Even if the person who says they'll help you really does do it, you need to give your position away in sidechat when you meet your medic, and will probably be killed by a 3rd party. You're talking about teaming up with other players in an adhoc manner as though it's as easy and desirable as playing with your mate. It's not. It never is. I have no motivation or desire whatsoever to put trust in another player, and I wouldn't advise anyone else to do the same; it nearly always ends in death, which defeats the purpose of trying to get blood bagged in the first place.
  6. I don't mind a challenge, as long as it is the same for all players. The issue is that teams have a resource (pre-filled bags) that is not available to single players. Single players have to first find and empty bag and fill it, whereas teams can use the multitude of pre-filled bags lying around to bloodbag each other. Single players require two transfusion kits, compared to one for teams. Single players have a hard time finding empty bags, whereas pre-filled bags are more abundant. Filling an empty bag loses a few thousand blood, whereas there is no such penalty for using pre-filled bags. Further, without being able to eat now, how are you supposed to make that health back up again after filling a bag? It simply isn't worth filling the bag now, because it takes such a long time resting in a tent to get your health back up again. All these issues would be fixed if either: · We were allowed to self-bloodbag with pre-filled bags OR · Pre-filled bags were deleted from the game, leaving only empty bags. I'd be happy with either, but deleting the pre-filled bags should be carefully tested to see how much more difficult it makes the game.
  7. > dayz_nutritionValuesSystem = false; //Enables nutrition system I was eating for the first time in v1.8.7 just now, to try to get my blood level up. Nothing happened to my blood level though - the chevrons indicating the blood rising never appeared and my blood did not rise. Does the above setting have something to do with that? Like disabling nutrition, so that the only way to increase blood is by transfusion or resting in a tent? EDIT: I managed to confirm with another player that this is the case. What I don't know yet is: a) how much blood level does it take to fill an empty bag? Do you get a warning if your blood is too low, or does it just kill you? b) how much blood level do you get back when you self-blood? I remember trying it once in v186 and getting back LESS blood level than it took to fill the bag. c) why can we only self-blood empty bags that we have filled ourselves? It is a huge disadvantage to single players that teams can bloodbag each other with the pre-filled bags. Thanks.
  8. DayZ Mod

    Can anyone remind me what tents and stashes do by default after death? They disappear after X amount of hours, don't they? Or is it X amount of server restarts? In the server config, can that time be extended? If a server keeps the default behaviour, can anyone explain a way to keep some persistent gear, so you don't have to start completely from scratch every time you die? Otherwise, what's the point in collecting any more gear than what you can carry? Thanks.
  9. DayZ Mod

    Not that anyone cares... I am trying my hardest to play Vanilla, but I can only start playing at 10pm, just as it is getting dark on my chosen server. I'm finding it impossible to survive if I spawn and then subsequently play only at night due to the 'infection by temperature' feature. The day setting is fine, but at night all it takes is for the temperature to reach the top of the bulb for a couple of minutes, and you're infected. Even if I do survive for a few days, having to light a fire every fifteen minutes is highly annoying. Yep, I know... no-one cares, and it won't be changed. Just thought I'd mention it anyway.
  10. DayZ Mod 1.8.3

    Glad you found another matches bug, but that isn't the one I reported. Mine was about not being able to pick them up at all. I guess it must be to do with the server I play on. Thanks anyway.
  11. DayZ Mod 1.8.3

    Posted this on Github too, but I'll ask here for confirmation... Has anyone tried to pick up matches and had them disappear, without going into your inventory? This could be peculiar to the server I play on.
  12. I can't respawn... my character hasn't died. Also I can't type in chat for assistance, for someone to come and finish me off. So I'm not going to wake up after 15 minutes or something? EDIT: Hmmm... they've got some admin thing called infiSTAR.de running; that seems to be the reason I'm falling unconscious when logging in. I seem to be caught in a looping bug.
  13. What gives? I haven't died, but I'm just lying there unconscious. Logging in and out returns me to the unconscious body. What do I do to continue?
  14. v1.8.2 has self-bloodbag?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have a go at it today then. I assume I'll need on transfusion kit to get the blood into the bag, and then another to get the blood back into me later on? Just to clarify, the full bags lying around are useless to single players? They are only for blood-bagging other players?
  15. I thought with the introduction of transfusion kits that players could self-bloodbag? So I have a kit and a full bloodbag in my inventory, but the only option is 'fill bag'. Don't tell me you still can't self-blood? With the amount of eating you need to do in v1.8.2, it's ridiculous to penalise single players in this way.