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  1. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    I for one believe that BI will deliver, and make an astounding game. I'm patient, and not imprudent like most of the peeps we get here. 5 months is nothing, now if it was a couple years then yes let's be worried.
  2. Just be patient, wait for 0.63 to come out, and then if it still doesn't feel good to ya should you post about it's horrible-ness.
  3. Well, they just don't like fixing things in the current stage of development. However, I can assure you it will be fixed way later. Just gotta be extremely patient. :P
  4. THIS I want THIS

    Haha, I've seen that thing and it would indeed be fun to have it in DayZ. However, I feel like we've had a thread about this exact motorcycle ages ago. xD
  5. Trading Post

    Maybe because I'm cool? /s
  6. It's gonna be much better than just having FairFight alone which is utter dogshit. I for one am very happy but disappointed that the date for when it gets implemented is different than the release of the new update.

    Brian Hicks cannot unban you. You would have to talk to BattlEye customer support. Although they're is like a 99.99% chance of them not unbanning you. :)
  8. Hello DJ,

     I have a khaki M65, an olive M65 and a Gorka helmet with visor and green cargo pants all in pristine condition. I'm looking for a pristine holster for a plate carrier.  I'm hoping you have one to trade. What area did you last log out from. I'm in Servograd. 

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    2. DJ SGTHornet

      DJ SGTHornet

      And I put it back with a scoped CR527 with a magazine. 

    3. Judged_Guitly


      Thanks buddy, but you didnt have to. I assumed it was going to be taken anyways. I just asked because another trade came up and he was in Cherno but not in-game so I thought about the barrel. If you need barrels, let me know. I have several but you'd have to travel to Servograd for them. Thanx.


    4. DJ SGTHornet

      DJ SGTHornet

      Nah, thanks. I'm good on barrels. ;)

  9. Trading Post

    Looking for Khaki & Olive M65 Jacket (W / P), Green Cargo Pants (W / P), and Gorka Helmet with Visor (W / P). Have: Just about anything your heart desires except for SVD stuff. :P
  10. Base Raiding Etiquette

    I like to pick up the most common items they have and then replacing the stolen items with extra crap that I don't need. That crap is usually ammo, and guns. xD
  11. Clothing - BDU?

    The BDU clothing is not ingame.
  12. About the Pkm or Pk

    No one knows anything about them AFAIK.
  13. Attatchable Pouches

    The Plate Carrier Pouches do spawn. I have found them at NATO heli crashes.
  14. So whats the deal with the Zombies?

    The zombies will be worked on more when other things are finished such as the new Eden Sound system, and the Player Controller. Also, damn it people, the Z in DayZ means zero not zombies.
  15. Dayz Won't start after latest update

    You would need to upgrade that GPU in order to play. However, I suggest buying both a new CPU and GPU. Maybe an i3 and a GTX 960? That shouldn't be too expensive.