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  1. I was right months ago when I created this thread. Dead on. Don't want to be. This could of been the best survival experience on PC. But I am dead on. 1.0 and Dayz overall is a pretty huge disappointment for all. Broken and klunky. Go watch all the you tube videos of broken zombies and mechanics in 1.0. Heck, load in yourself and see the mess. Zombies stuck in the world, beyond poor melee and hit detection, and persistence isn't working. Still. If you can even get past the broken joke of a server browser. Dead God - that's a browser!? Hardly any survival mechanics. Barely any. There was more to do here years ago. After 5-6 years there is hardly any progress, hardly any of the unique features, and a broken klunky "1.0" game. Try almost anything else on steam that has been announced, put through alpha, beta, and fully released in a far better condition while Dayz still is a mess. Games announced and put in alpha this year have better melee combat that doesn't feel like a broken 1988 pc game, better UI menus, server browsers that aren't a joke, and actual hit detection with npcs. Dayz's melee with zombies is embarrasing. The zombies themselves, with their absurd klunky movement and pathetic bugs, are out right embarrassing. Sad to see the poor progress and development. Cheers boyz. As I said above, put this ol' horse out to pasture. It be antiquated. It be broken. It be dead ;(
  2. To Guy Above - You've always seemed like a big defender of DayZ. While we've disagreed in prior threads, unfortunately it seems we're now more aligned with our take on 1.0. It's disappointing that they released it like this. The fact that even you (no sarcasm here) are disappointed that the release has almost zero survival aspects actually bums me out. For both of us. It bums me out because the release has disappointed even the most long term & loyal DayZ veterans. Persistence is trash still after years (and sorely needed with base building as a major attractive feature). 1.0. Base building advertised as a great feature to lure people to DayZ. As countless players are reporting here (and on Steam Forums) persistence is hardly working consistently. It's a gamble to dedicate the time needed to build a base. Furthermore, there are almost no major survivability features such as diseases, broken legs etc. DayZ has taken far too long to deliver far too little. I'm half ass enjoying 1.0... But in the same way I've enjoyed the last 5 years. For a few hours and then go run something else that's not a klunky mess. Actually, I think I enjoyed it even more some time ago when far more survivability and other features were in . . .
  3. redmantab

    I got the popcorn, but missing something.

    I thought persistence was in the 1.0 release. That isn't in either? Please elaborate.
  4. Hopeful for 1.0. Log in, server browser is a glitchy, constant loading, and juddering mess. After a few years how on earth could the browser, one of the first experiences players will see, be this poorly made. Lags while constantly loading servers and feels like one from 5 years go. Then, I get into game and run along the coast. Trash FPS (1080ti + new comp) that supposedly the devs posted on twitter they are aware of and will fix. Ok, fine. FPS will get fixed. Run right over to a building and, bam, two zombies with their knees sitting on the ground as they stuck half way into the world. Almost all zombies encountered were completely broken. So far, this is exactly what we feared. Praying for a nice day 1 patch. Fearful that, since zombies have been jacked up for years, any day 1 patch will only fix the FPS issues. Not looking good. Pending miracle needed.
  5. Thanks for the info. Can we get into some overall detail here? I've got info found on .63, then .62, then what is supposed to be in by the end of the year. Essentially, whats in now (brief list), what's out until when (brief list), and is more dropping by the end of the year? Ty in advance. Google searches are bringing up far too varied an answer.
  6. Thank you for the replies. I honestly just can't figure out whether .62 or .63 or what I should be looking at now anyway? There's so many threads about what's in the game and out of the game I can't tell what's in now or what may be in or out by the end of the year when it gets fully released? Any polite direction welcomed.
  7. Title says it all - trying to discover what is in and out currently. I'm hearing many items were pulled back for .63 and beta...but read status reports which state base building is in etc. Head Torches are or are not broken? What is best to see at night currently in game? I always try and give Dayz another glance every few months and am considering another peak. Overall, can someone share what major new features are in or are pulled? Links are welcome (can't find any).
  8. redmantab

    It's Been 6 Years

    Couldn't agree more. 6 years. Yes more features were added. Yes, there was a need to upgrade the engine. Fact is, many other experiences have been released that are far more developed and DayZ FEELS almost the exact same as 6 years ago. Clunky zombies. No base building or real vehicle use. Awkward melee combat. Awkward everything. Disappointing to see such potential turn into... Not much. Give it a few minutes. A few of the lurkers around here will come by, scold us on how we don't understand the need for the new engine, tell us to shut it, and to play something else. We are. Point is, we wanted THIS to be great. It's not. Sadly.
  9. Thank you for the thoughtful reply emuthreat. Fun read, even if I disagree some. Yes you are right, that is just my opinion ...just as your reply was yours. You are trying to use the principal of social proof by stating that the reason (multiple) people are replying is problematic reasoning. If were using that tactic i would reply that many replied and completely agreed with me also. Basically, there are many of us who think DayZ is coming along fine and, seemingly, many more who think as I do ...it has just taken too long and is no longer as compelling or relevant (opinion). Yes, in fact I would like DayZ to be more like other betas or games. Possessing features that work and feel polished. There are countless videos and articles summarizing these long delayed broken yet basic features that other betas / games implanted far sooner. Your reply was well thought out but you are missing the point i made in some areas. I hear you on hanging the doors and see where you are going with the example. That makes a good point for your new point except it somewhat misses what I'm saying. If I came to your house now and saw the door project in its early stage it would potentially and presumably feel new, exciting, and perhaps modern or trendy. 7 years later if my wife and I stop by and the door is 20% better but now your door feels clunky, dated, and old ....it would not be very impressive. You'd tell my wife and I all about the new system you are using to make it open, why it was required, and how by the time its done even complaining won't change how decked out it is. Meanwhile, she is whispering in my ear while I nod that she doesn't want to hurt your feelings but that your approach is lacking and that the doors are somewhat out of taste (opinion again, but that's life and half the benefit of corresponding with humans. ) Real nice doors if they were installed more promptly while the style was fresh. Doors aren't the best analogy here because gaming evolves faster than doors. Maybe kitchens would be better but we both get the point. DayZ will be one heck of a mid 2010's / 2013 style game once fully completed around, what, 2020 ish? It feels just a bit old and aged now. Most of us don't care about a needed new engine, the what's or why's, its just far delayed compared to almost the entire gaming scene. 5 years ago if it moved along promptly it may if seen the popularity of Fortnite. Nastalgia factored in, I think that would of been neat! I think this conversation is just running in circles now and while I enjoy corresponding with someone like you I think we are tiring out the rest of the folks here so I'll probably just let this good old horse die out in the pasture
  10. Well articulated with good points. Thank you. I'd prod GUY to reply more in this fashion as we'd have a conversation rather than name calling. His last post was more civil and thought out. TY. You make a good point about DayZ's scope and I can see how comparing it to modern games graphically isn't quite a fair comparison. I hear you. Hunt is a pretty large map though... So I dunno... Then again, you are correct dayz is trying for alot more. I'll accept that. I'd say. 63 feels klunky and undeveloped for a few reasons. After I ran around the map and "fought" zombies... hit detection is still way off years later, clipping, contact during melee feels way off / poor, and many years later you'll still walk up to an item and spend minutes trying to grab the item and place it into your inventory. Some items will not transfer to your inventory no matter how hard you try. Fight a zombie and its still an odd circular dance that really doesn't present itself well aesthetically. Also the disconnecting and rewinding a few minutes prior still exists. Hoping it can turn around. :))
  11. Someone can understand something while also pointing out that an opportunity was missed. This isn't about either playing it or uninstalling. From the beginning, it was about sharing with the community a nostalgic but exhausting sentiment. That I tried once again to see if I could love Dayz and if it had turned into something worthy of the original concept. I wanted to politely share that with my fellow survivors man. Not rain on everyone. To share that we can't believe years later after logging in, even with a new engine, how little it has changed. We have access to features lists too and it is pretty easy to watch publicly shared videos which recap all that has been added to DayZ. On paper, it seems like a respectable amount has been added. Load up a 2013 Standalone vs Beta .63 and it really just doesn't feel that different. Same klunky issues, same old fashioned graphical look, etc. I understand why the changes happened you point out. It is abundantly clear (as I've acknowledged). I also can see your side and your points about the need for the new engine etc. Many of us honestly still can't believe after all this time how little it really feels different. 5 years later and it hardly feels different man. Even the new engine doesn't come close to high fidelity experiences that are out (Hunt Showdown, Ark which is aging, and many other new games). I wish that it would. I loved this concept but DayZ and even the "new engine" graphics/features feels like carrying around a Sony Discman to many of us. It was so fun to run around with klunky ex miitary sim controls, weak graphics, and zombie wall passers because the concept and feel was revolutionary. New and fun! I loved it. Logging in now, I respectfully point out that it is sad the vibe has kind of sailed. I can see how this seems like a complaint. It is to a degree. It also really is just sharing that it was a disappointment to try and get my old best friend into a concept we loved years ago and that we were let down. And to hear that many others, many others, felt kind of the same. I dunno, similar to how excitement to see the Rolling Stones could be diminished by an aging voice and the performance being a let down. Not too abnormal to come share with some other early fans the fun of the ride but the sad viewpoint that it felt....flat. Remember the old but share the surprise about the ... current state. You are also beating the new engine drum. We. All. Get. It. That makes total sense. It was needed to turn the game into what they/us all wanted. However, if that engine really made it look closer to newer high fidelity graphics, controls that worked well instead of combat worse than Skyrim (known for not "feeling" like you land a hit), and it felt fleshed out worthy to stick around for some time....maybe it would work. I want it to! Truly. My family's old 1990 Mustang was beautiful and felt fast as hell with an awesome cassette player in the dash. When pops drove it up the street...wow...we couldn't believe it. 5 Speed. 225 Horses. Almost any 4 door sedan packs more than that now. The Stang' needed a new engine back in 2005. We stopped caring and, despite nostalgia, put it out to pasture. Hoping I'll be wrong and DayZ comes roaring back.
  12. Guy Smiley, in just this one thread you have responded to a well articulated insightful discussion by calling me stupid twice along with other insulting language. I'm obviously hear to discuss this in a fair, thought provoking, and balanced format. I've pointed out positives about DayZ and the devs in my OP - while you just want to insult to feel good and hear yourself make points. Why aren't any responsible mods banning this guy!? Simply click on your name and see what your history shows. In almost every other thread you simply show up, spew your non constructive hate babble, and then wait for another chance to drop more of your misery on others by name calling. I just saw the same behavior in about half of your correspondence here. The obvious troll in this community is you. With that in mind and to reply specifically, You stated "The engine change came into play because the old one could not do the things they wanted the game to do. Do you understand?" --As I pointed out countless times, regardless for the REASONS of the engine change it has become an old car that has lost much public interest. Many folks are interested in flying cars now and even a new engine on this road type may not help. I clearly am of the opinion, as are many others, that putting a new engine on what is a 5 year old beta and 8/10 year old concept along with other delays has worn out what was a great starting idea.
  13. I know Guy. We've all seen your posts around here. Come in, throw your insults and tantrum, and then move on. You've sure got a great deal to offer bud. Dayz, when loading in today and seeing what it "does", feels hardly advanced compared to 5 years ago. Get over it. It's what most folks feel when they boot it up and look for the massive changes you seem to love and defend. Enjoy it hoss.
  14. You keep mentioning your points enlightening all of us about the new engine. We've read posts, articles, and details too. We get it. You say - "They recreated all the animations, sounds, rework the infected, vehicles, and server and client side technology." I have stated clearly in multiple different places in this thread that I understand the new engine argument (to a degree). Would appreciate it if you would reply to my points, not just restate over again about the engine. My entire point was that, even acknowledging the engine and all of your specific details you like to use showing everyone what new engine means, it is perceived as taking too long. The need for a new engine in the first place on an old busted up car people aren't as focused on, doesn't warrant a new engine after it takes so long and interest has waned. That's all I'm saying. Sure, you'll tell me how it is a necessity. I'll tell you, great, don't try to fix up a car you took too long to release in the first place. Your go to here is the engine. We get it you are big on that. I've also pointed out I understand that would take quite some time. Do you ever just consider that the fact it even required an entire new engine is the problem in the first place? We're not here to knock your game man. I wanted it to be great to. Even if DayZ get's rehyped with full release and your engine, it will serve as an example of how NOT to develop a game. Definitely not an example of how to garner support and, more importantly, capture and HOLD the masses attention. Years have gone by and it is hardly improved. People are paying attention to everything ELSE that blows by with the wind. PUBG made a strong splash in the pond. Fortnite was genius by tapping into it while the iron was hot but also making unique changes. I'm simply stating (without trying to offend) that DayZ missed out on what could have been truly groundbreaking. I can't help but find it thoroughly enjoyable that you stated .63 is almost like Dayz 2. Wow. This alone deserves its own thread. Obviously we are getting too far into opinion here so we may as well admit this is going to go in circles now. But Dayz TWO? LOL, Dayz "ONE" is a broken mess. .63, as almost anyone will tell you who has played both, does not feel that much different than the game was 5 years ago. It just doesn't. Time to put this little back and forth to bed. You are going to, understandably, come back here and try your best to shred us DayZ realists and discredit. Fine. Tiring for the both of us, no? If you and .63 and engines need to feel superior, more researched, and the epitome of full enlightenment...have it. Take it. Dear God. I just kind of enjoy the gaming culture at large and am blown away that this awesome concept has taken eons and am fascinated by the process. Time for a drink and to let this thread fade away. I played since standalone released as I presume you have. In my opinion and, ohh I dunno. about seemingly almost all others in the gaming community (including Jack Frags video from page 1 that I pasted) this "game" has just taken too long. It also will leave a bad taste in the mouth of many with the same company "releasing" Vigor. It's not an attack on you or Bohemian. I mean dude, this is kind of a funny comparison but...didn't James Caremon say he's releasing like 3 or 4 more Avatars? Even if you didn't like the first one it's the highest grossing movie of all time. Sure, sequels make sense. But um, the hype and interest is dwindled man. Maybe James Cameron is like, putting in a new engine to make Pandora look great. Oh well, you would tell me the new engine is GREAT! Let it take 7 years. It's a new engine people, what do you expect!? We're idiots for this or not understanding that. Most the rest of us would say, hey man cool first idea and concept....that's just way too long! Blockbuster made this mistake years ago. Not adapting and just becoming irrelevant.
  15. You obviously have seriously not read my posts and replies here. Like at all. If you are going to put out there a position of "research and basic thinking" please look around before you post. I have acknowledged, right in this thread, that I understand that they are putting in a new engine in the first paragraph of my op and then again further down in the thread. Then I continue with a thoughtful thread showing understanding that these things take time and how I truly wish they would reach a point of success...but that the ship is sailing. Entire genres are evolving and passing by. Did you not read the entire section I shared about perception being everything? Plenty of research and contemplation was shared here bud. Try and absorb what I'm sharing and focus on your intent - which seems to be simply to tear down other's opinions without reading what they state and then claiming you're the expert on research. Please enlighten those of us who are already acknowledging the new engine, .63, etc, on where to start with your almighty research? Or perhaps comment more to my point about "perception being everything" and that "despite valid reasons for the delay" (my words exactly supporting your "research" on the new engine and showing I know they have valid reasons for delays) and create a dialogue here instead of coming here simply to feel good about your points?