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  1. Ipecac (DayZ)

    Why is it ALWAYS NIGHT???

    Also, does anyone know why my server browser only shows official servers? For no apparent reason, at other times, it will only show non-official servers. I can't seem to effect this change on purpose.
  2. Ipecac (DayZ)

    Why is it ALWAYS NIGHT???

    Thanks for the replies folks. I mean, wow the steam community is so toxic I fully expected 1000 "You're stupid, get gud" type replies. I would love to play on a non-official HC (1st person) server, but I want to play with the threat of other players. The reason I've been playing official is that I jump to the highest pop server I can find, to keep the game fun. A non- offical would also kill the server-hopping issue, which I think is totally dumb. Can anyone recommend a good medium-high pop server that would play well from US West? Thanks xoxox P.S. Is there a functioning dayz trello or devtracker? Just curious what bugs are being addressed etc. I know the trello is up but it looks old.
  3. Ipecac (DayZ)

    Why is it ALWAYS NIGHT???

    Seriously! Please!! I play games at night and DAYZ IS ALWAYS DARK! Can you please, please, please, please set the servers to 24hr = 5hr? Two hours light, 30 min dusk, two hours dark, 30 min dawn? Have you noticed that as soon as it gets dark outside, everyone quits because they know it's going to be dark in the game for 10 hours?? GAH! edit: I actually really like playing at night, but it's 100% pitch black everywhere. What about some silvery moonlight? It's just too dark for too long and it drives people away. I play the dark game, but it kills it knowing I'm the only person on the server and I can just walk through any military base cause nobody cares. I love DayZ! Please fix the day night cycle! edit edit: Also, if you could just make it so my weapon light SORT OF points in the direction i'm going? You know, if I have a flashlight on the end of my gun, when I jog, I point it in front of me, not into the ditch next to the road. xoxo
  4. Ipecac (DayZ)

    Dayz: Normal servers vs Veteran vs Expert?

    This answer is why people are afraid to ask questions on message boards. WTF? I'm glad to find out that veteran difficulty doesn't make the zombies any more aggroey, but just increases the realism settings. Mainly, I hate that you can see yourself on the map in regular.. it's rediculous.
  5. Ipecac (DayZ)

    DayZ New Helicopter Spawn Points. Write yours here!

    Found one north of Novy Lug, NW center. Wait, I mean on the beach in front of Elektrodovsk... yeah.
  6. Ipecac (DayZ)

    Why this mod is failing

    This game is rad. You, sir, are not.
  7. Ipecac (DayZ)

    Saving Vehicles and Tents

    Sorry for being obtuse, but just to clarify... I found a van in the woods and took it. I drove around and filled it up with sweet loot, then stashed it on a remote ridge where I thought nobody would find it, and clicked "save." Then, I died by zombie. If I start a new character today, will that van still be stashed with my stuff? Is this why I never see repairable vehicles?
  8. I'm glad that this player thought to ask the "obvious" question. With the game being in beta condition still, I had tried painkillers, water, food, morphine injector, all without success. So, a bug where my state didn't improve led me to believe that I needed to find some other product. Logging out and back in fixed the problem. So, yeah, it helps to see, for sure, how to cure it.
  9. Ipecac (DayZ)

    You most exciting DayZ moment?

    I was crawling around near the southern fire station in Electrozavodsk, trying to get through a nest of barbed wire. I was pissed cause some douche had put the stuff everywhere. I was near the fence on my way out when a guy runs up to the barbed wire looking all geared up. I was on my belly in a perfect sniper position, so I took him out. It was my first survivor kill. I was about the move in and take his beans when another guy shows up and takes cover on the back side of the building. I looked around and, long story short, got the drop on him when he was reviving his buddy. He had just emptied out a medical box or something, cause he was loaded with good loot. It was expecially awesome because it was just dawn and I finally had my flashlight off. it was my first kill and a big jackpot. Later, I died. So, I guess that's karma.
  10. You know, in a zombie apocalypse, I think we all know that people are going to be out for what you've got. You meet up with someone, you don't take your eyes off them. If you do, you're not a survivor, you're a rube. Unless we're talking about starting a village and making babies for a new generation, it's a dog eat dog world. Yesterday, I ran into a guy. He didn't open fire and said "Friendly?" I couldn't figure out the chat yet, cause Arma II is like a greek flight simulator. I did some nodding and we looked at eachother for a few minutes before backing away in opposite directions. I thought "hey, not a bad guy, but still.." so I kept leaning around the corner to see if he was going to double back and come for me. A minute later, I hear some rustling around the other side of the house and here he comes on his belly. Did he just circle around the house cause he wanted to go my way or was he coming back to take my beans? I lit him up for being questionable and took his compass. Look, I don't consider myself a bandit, because I don't kill everyone for just walking through. Still, if I'm low on beans or my leg is broken and I need morphine, or if you step out of line like fishey yesterday... closing another survivor down is just that.. survival. If you shank everyone you meet just to see if they have a bandage, then yeah, you're a bandit. This is why I might open fire if you have your gun even aimed at me. On the inside, though, I'm going to be sorry.
  11. Ipecac (DayZ)

    The Bandit Code of Honor

    Well, D/C in the middle of a fight is rediculous. The thing that seems amazing about Day Z for me is the realism. I may choose to log out at the end of my session near a place I want to be next time, for good loot, but I don't log in and out of servers milking a loot area, or d/c when things get tough. The "hanging by a thread" feeling of the game is what I love about it. Unforgiving!