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  1. cuz that doesn't take 3 minutes to spoof
  2. New backpack?

  3. Why all the judgement?

    i have found communities of games that are still in development typically are very, very entitled. it's not hard to understand why the players are a bit more selfish or entitled than, say, a finished game that has no development or new features scheduled. everyone and their dog has an opinion of where they'd like to see the game direction go, and we see so much conflict due to people getting vehemently defensive at the notion that something in game may potentially be built in a way they don't agree with. I guess it seems like some kind of betrayal or proverbial robbery of their dream, like the whole game is being built for them and them alone. so in a word, i would say, entitlement at an absurd level.
  4. Newspawns asking to get killed

    he should've just acted like a murderous nutjob and not said anything, i'm sure you wouldn't have thought twice about killing him.
  5. Players start with a map

    everyone i know that plays dayz keeps the map open on their 2nd monitor not a fan of it but it be like it do
  6. Very Clever

    i've def killed myself on purpose after spawn - getting gibbed by a staircase, or a hacker, to end up spawning on the other side of the map from my friends? yea no thanks
  7. he said "MilSim" because you are suggesting the game limit your options based on how you should play or otherwise act in a military simulator. but it's not a MilSim so why should you only find spraypaint that you would use to camouflage your gun colours specific to something you'd see in MilSim. i think he's also saying "more realistic = doing whatever you want"...if people want to use bright colours why shouldn't they be allowed to? isn't it more realistic to have more choices than green or black? were you mad when you saw purple bandanas and clown masks, or bright orange clothing? that stuff doesn't belong in the super srs environment you seem to be crying for but lo and behold, it's there because what you want is a different game than what's being built
  8. loot low on ammo and weapons?

    shouldn't 762x39 be the most abundant ammunition? i don't think it should be everywhere, but what I mean is, relative to other ammunition shouldn't it be much more common?
  9. Vest bugs?

    i've never heard of roofs damaging only clothes, but not the player. from what i can tell, when the roof "hits" you, it not only destroys clothing but it severely injures or kills you..
  10. SO F***ing tired of Weapon cleaning kits!

    speaking on weapon cleaning kits, why do all guns spawn as pristine anyway? my only guess is that the condition of firearms isn't yet properly affecting their performance (accuracy, damage, falloff, whatever) and so until that's in, they always spawn as pristine. that's just a guess though, can anyone else comment on this?
  11. there should be an array of spray colours for a variety of reasons.. having paints at all puts forth the reasonable logic that there should be a variety of different colours. Why would the only be colours that exist be ones that help with camouflaging? Finding a can of spray paint should in no way instantly guarantee that it's of the particular subset of colours that you need to camouflage it better. To anyone that argues that 'it's silly' should then also be arguing that we remove everything else in the game that doesn't directly benefit your camouflage or anything that isn't completely srs business: Payday Masks, spotted purple bandanas, brightly coloured tracksuits...god forbid there are things in the game that don't completely fit your idea of super srs survival. blue and gray are nice urban camouflages, and there is a variety of combinations that could help with fall colours. Using unusual spraypants on your equipment would also be a great way to visually identify people in your group. as a random example, everyone in my clan or survival group paints their rifles and/or helmets red, i would think we can all agree that being able to quickly identify your group members as friendly when you're all spread out in a town looting things, would be incredibly useful. that's just one example I thought of in all of three minutes. when people feel the need to shoot down these ideas without any real reasoning other than 'itd ruin it/thats stupid and doesnt fit' looks plain as day to me as incredibly entitled players having knee-jerk reactions to anything that doesn't fit their perfect vision of what the game should be, without any critical thought applied to their response. sorry for the rant, just seeing people be so shitty to a reasonable post because of their entitlement makes me a bit crazy
  12. I wanna eat u

    starve to death, or eat the guy you just met? thumbs up
  13. why yes, catching someone with their proverbial pants down would cause them to be less hostile. is that surprising?
  14. Common items you've never seen.

    SuperDuty, you wouldn't happen to be slowly cooling off would you?
  15. Do you want pooping in this game?

    this is my favourite thread ever on the internet, for real