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  1. Exp Update 0.63.148815

    I've just read the latest status report, mainly looking for something specific on player footsteps, but did not find anything. Can somebody confirm or deny that player footsteps will become detectable audibly in a stereo/surround environment? The current implementation is monoaural, and the footsteps become louder, the closer they are, but you will not be able to discern the direction they're coming from. Which is something that I've been hoping to see working, for a long time.
  2. Newsletter Registration for Server Owners

    What if I am not a server owner, but still interested? I don't have an IP to supply, but I am interested in the newsletter regardless!
  3. Better HUDless mode

    For what they're worth, I miss the old text messages in the lower left a lot. They made a mostly HUDless DayZ experience possible in the first place. That, combined with only seeing all your stats when you open the inventory. Now this could be instead bound to show up with the hotkey bar instead, because that can be enabled or disabled while running, so you can check your health while on the go. It's not that I don't like these status icons, but they're either always there, or always hidden. And just having text in the bottom corner of the screen makes it so much more natural. When I feel sick, "a rumble in my bowels" just sounds a lot more convincing than, say, a blinking tummy.
  4. Only unconscious players? I think you should be able to drag anyone who is either dead, uncon, or tied up.
  5. PLEASE -don't- change the new reloading mechanics!

    You know what, I'm good with the system too, but it would be a nice idea to now have 2 hands, not just one rectangle for hand/s. This way it'll feel more natural to have a mag in one and bullets in the other. I'll all for having these mechanics, but improving them would be nice. For example, please don't force players to keep holding down keys, but give them a start click and abort click. Or come up with another way. Started a thread about that, too. It's a lot of extra strain for some players, and with age, you'll find this kind of thing increasingly more and more uncomfortable.
  6. Holding mouse buttons and carpal tunnels ...

    Then this option wouldn't be your pick, I suppose. However, this is something that's probably different for most people. To varying degrees. It puts strain on my wrist, tendons, and I've been "playing healthy" for a good while now, as I'm 42 years old, now. Also, I've had a number of conversations about this with streamers and audiences, and am not the only one to see this is a long term problem, if no other options are present. Trust me please, I know the basics of how to treat my body, how to sit, what chair, keyboard and mouse are the most ergonomic and align with my personal preference. Having this option would really help. I hope a lot of people, even when they're not personally affected in the least, would be supportive. Thanks so much, but I understand your reservations, too! Also, hope your carpal is kept in check, and that you can play as you please! <3
  7. Holding mouse buttons and carpal tunnels ...

    The "click again to cancel" sort of thing that I am suggesting, is because I believe a lot of playyers need an alternative to put less burden on muscle and tendons in the wrist. Anything to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome, or even the chances of getting there. Continually rolling the wheel sounds like an alternative to holding - nice on paper - but I'm not sure it really is better. You might even be able to speed things up, but it would seem to still require constant motion with a finger and the "wiring" in your wrist.
  8. Friends and I would like to strongly suggest an alternative to having to hold mouse buttons in coming versions, to accomplish actions in the game. Let's call it click-again-to-cancel. We're already considering rebinding Q and E to mouse 1 and 2 respectively in addition to the mouse keys itself, to not have to always use the right hand. To many this will seem silly, but please believe me, this is an issue that you too might encounter when you get older, or when you simply play a whole lot. I was even considering getting foot pedals. It is that important to me. Clicking never is a problem. Holding buttons for a very short time (as in dragging and dropping), also is fine. But the prolonged presses I've experienced in the stress test and offline, are too much. Please consider it! It would vastly improve the controls for a number of people, no doubt.
  9. General Discussion

    I changed things like weapon raise toggle, zooming, that sort of thing, and all these changes worked. I added two extra mouse buttons on the keyboard because god knows what made them think it is comfortable to hold mouse keys all the time. I am used to holding WASD, but I don't want to ever risk having TWO wrists with carpal tunnel. It's extremely uncomfortable.
  10. General Discussion

    Can you get stuffed in this version? I tried. No barf animation. The arrows seem to indicate how much I gain and lose, but how much I HAVE, I don't know how to read. Help? Has anyone of you figured out how to read the HUD in DayZ 0.63? Meaning how much food/water or health you GOT, not how much the arrows indicate you are losing or gaining?
  11. General Discussion

    You have to confirm/apply all changes AND leave the menu with the confirm/apply button. Otherwise they don't work.
  12. General Discussion

    I do not know where else to leave this feedback, honestly. It's about holding mouse buttons to accomplish various tasks such as eating and filling magazines with bullets. That is very uncomfortable to me, and my muscles and tendons just don't agree with having to do that all the time. I already rebound keys on the keyboard (Q and E respectively) to be alternative mouse buttons, but that doesn't change the fact that you still have to hold them down. Please consider giving players the option to click, to cancel the action instead of having to hold buttons or keys! If this stays in, I probably need to get foot pedals.
  13. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    I have to agree. The first thing I'm doing is rebinding the keys to the old defaults. After spending gazillion hours playing it like that, I have to. Also, I am absolutely not a fan of having to hold mouse buttons for long stretches of time. Ironsights should have a toggle, everything should have a toggle. So I'm going to bind things to keyboard keys to make it more palatable, and so that I don't have to put my right arm in a sling two weeks later. Since I never lean using the keyobard anyway, Q and E are free to be bound to extra mouse keys as I've used them before for that. So, chances are, that spacebar is going to be my alternative right mouse button, and Control my left. Jumping and vaulting goes straight back to V, where it was fine. I never actually pressed V anyway, because I use a mouse-o-many-buttons.
  14. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    If some kind of persistance in in, I'd like to experiment with building bases. I've noticed that bushes are now ... errrm ... less than fine for barrel stashes. Maybe I'll find some that're still good.
  15. Mysterious server crash

    A few hours ago, the server I was on just crashed. According to DayZspy, I'm still on it, still playing, but the "time connected" is not ticking any longer. Several months before another server crashed beneath my feet already - just exactly like the one just now. That server -never recovered- from the crash, as far as I could see. It disappeared completely, along with my old stashes. Which I then rebuilt. On the current one. Only to have it crashing, too, in seemingly the exact same way. And now I really want to know what's actually happening here. The server I'm talking about is called "DayZ Server Daennys Vikings", and I have no idea who it belongs to. Me and friends have several stashes on it, and at the time of the crash, I was sorting through the inventory of a barrel and a tent. Just as several months before, when this happened on a different server. Nothing out of the ordinary or unusual. Move a cooking pot here, change of clothes, get a different gun for the next day, and what have you. As I was the only person connected at both times, the only clue I have is that I might have triggered it, but no idea what made it happen. I'd prefer that server to actually come back, when the Wednesmay maintenance time is up, but I fear it's not going to return, if things do go exactly like last time. Anyone have any idea what this is? PS: This time the server actually recovered and went back up. But I'm leaving this here because I'm still concerned.