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  1. Mysterious server crash

    A few hours ago, the server I was on just crashed. According to DayZspy, I'm still on it, still playing, but the "time connected" is not ticking any longer. Several months before another server crashed beneath my feet already - just exactly like the one just now. That server -never recovered- from the crash, as far as I could see. It disappeared completely, along with my old stashes. Which I then rebuilt. On the current one. Only to have it crashing, too, in seemingly the exact same way. And now I really want to know what's actually happening here. The server I'm talking about is called "DayZ Server Daennys Vikings", and I have no idea who it belongs to. Me and friends have several stashes on it, and at the time of the crash, I was sorting through the inventory of a barrel and a tent. Just as several months before, when this happened on a different server. Nothing out of the ordinary or unusual. Move a cooking pot here, change of clothes, get a different gun for the next day, and what have you. As I was the only person connected at both times, the only clue I have is that I might have triggered it, but no idea what made it happen. I'd prefer that server to actually come back, when the Wednesmay maintenance time is up, but I fear it's not going to return, if things do go exactly like last time. Anyone have any idea what this is? PS: This time the server actually recovered and went back up. But I'm leaving this here because I'm still concerned.
  2. Stable Update 0.61.136770

    Oh, it would have really been fine to just let people enjoy 0.60 over christmas. I feel this puts an ever greater burden on you, because of these many problems the current 0.61 has. Anyway, have a wonderful christmas time, everyone, and I hope you experience few bugs, if any at all, on stable!
  3. Okay, I've been playing this game for some weeks now. With "game" however, I don't just mean DayZ. No, I've been playing this constant guessing game of "Let's see, is this server going to let me play or not?" After the recent debacle about wrong versions, I stopped using the Six Launcher, and installed all these update patches by hand. Now after coming back from a week of work, I thought, "Oh, look, DayZ had a new version coming out, now everything will be right back on track and it'll let me play, meaning, I can get PAST the Male/Female selection screen if it ever shows up". Which it doesn't. I'm back at this @#$%#$ wrong server crap message! For christ sakes, what's so goddamn wrong with using ARMA, the most recent patch for it, and running the beta of this mod? something-something, 1.60-somethingsomething4444 is what I currently have. I launched it with the beta icon, it tells me it supposedly loaded in that beta and DayZ whatever-4444 ... I try a bunch of servers that have the words beta and 4444 in their version string, and then just any server, purely random, and AGAIN this won't even LAUNCH properly anymore! I'm SO fed up with the way versions are handled here. I mean how fucking hard can it be to just bring out sequential updates that at least spew out an error message that says more than "BAwwww you wrong version you made bunny cry!". So if my version is somehow wrong, WHERE and WHAT is WRONG with it?! Jesus! I'm doing everything by the book and I still get this! Again! Aaaah crap! Sorry, had to vent a bit..