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  1. ZXDMCFCWoody007


    Some are quieter, bare foot the best for silent but you will start to bleed. Boots with the knife slot are my footwear of choice.....
  2. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    I'm Beyond Heated

    To be honest and I don't want to seem argumentative but you can hardly rant about how you have weathered the hardships when you didn't play it for over 2 years. Had you not put that I would have probably read the post - because of that I stopped.....
  3. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Choppy crashes

    Friend of mine found an AK at a crash site last week.
  4. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Cross Platform Xbox & PS4 not PC

    Xbox to PlayStation would be good (don't think will happen though) but I wouldn't want PC to console. PC players would have too much of an advantage in a fire fight etc.
  5. ZXDMCFCWoody007


    On trains especially around Svetloyarsk is where I normally see them.
  6. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    What is this little microbial?

    100% dirty water will have done it - always carry chlorine tabs and purify your bottles or containers that you drink from. As someone has said take a tetracycline tab and it will sort you out before you start to vomit.....
  7. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    The ps4 pro is struggling

    Sent ya DM
  8. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Heli Crash Sites

    My mate just found an AK at a crash site..... quite the surprise
  9. Haven’t seen an SVD for a long time.
  10. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    A little rant

    let me know if you need any specific building stuff - we are not building at the moment but come across items I can store for you....
  11. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    PS4 has double tap for open mic

    Wasn't that the update where they removed it from Xbox?????
  12. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Please Bohemia can we get character locked servers?

  13. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Please Bohemia can we get character locked servers?

    You learn how to play the game BY getting killed. It takes no time at all to get back to your friends no matter where they are on the map. Players hopping servers is absolutely destroying the game play for lots. I have been on full servers for hours without seeing a soul so the amount on a server is no reason to hop - if you are getting killed a lot you might want to slow your gameplay down a bit and spend more time conducting a recce of areas before moving in. For me this is a key skill for any new DAYZ player to learn - don't rush.....
  14. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Night and day has to change.

    Yeah me too I have all but given up on trying to talk in game now - I was going to message but couldn't remember what your style was so didn't lol. There was 4 of us too and lones tend to get a bit nervous....
  15. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Stop crying about Duping.

    Having never seen you play I couldn't point it out though I would if it was true.... Having played this for 5 years I can't remember when I stopped being scared of dying but I am pleased for you that it has happened.....