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  1. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    For me this is going to be a major problem until there is some way to switch between Party and In-game chat. I want to be friendly most of the time but it can be sometimes too risky when I am chatting in party because we are so far from each other.
  2. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Character rolls back and inventory disappearing

    I could easily go on about how the DAYZ community is generally different from your CoD playing types (I won't though). Play style is each players choice and I choose different ways depending on situations. What I don't do is use any glitches because I either don't know how to get what I want or am more suited to a PC Modded version of the game..... To answer your question, no I don't think your comment should be awarded the dumbest of the year - hope this helps.....
  3. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Character rolls back and inventory disappearing

    Never see the point in Duping - I play DAYZ for the experience of finding and surviving. Duping defeats the object of the game and is probably mainly done by those that just don't get DAYZ and what it's about.... Clearly all the problems aren't caused by dupers but it most definitely doesn't help.....
  4. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Persistence is broken

    Never duped and never been pushed back nor have the group I play with. Not sure if there is a link or not - maybe we have just been fortunate.....
  5. ZXDMCFCWoody007


    Same here and an AK at another crash site - also where I found a VSD. Crash site south of Vybor (Watch the house when approaching, it's a good sniper spot.....) and the Site NW of Stary seem good spots.
  6. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    This GAME IS A JOKE!

    Sounds like someone got killed by a ghillie and isn’t happy about it......
  7. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    2 weeks

    unless your camp is on 3900 with 2 tents and a barrel - I regularly use that to trade gear, I don't steal I always leave an apple when I take a gun..... lol
  8. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Server Choices.....

    Not wanting to make it too competitive (honest.....) What's the popular server with most on here - I tend to go for the NL servers and more often than not it's 3969 or 3900 depending on who I am playing with - some of my mates don't like the busier servers as they get KoS'd a lot..... Also, why do you choose certain servers, met players you like etc.
  9. ZXDMCFCWoody007


    I have played on plenty of PC Mod servers so having a secure base or coming up with a way to make it pretty secure isn't new for me. There's too many playing Xbox DAYZ at the moment that don't understand the pain we PC players went through and the benefits and beauty of the simplicity of this game. Not that that should have any bearing on whether the game should be full release or not. I still think there is a lot of satisfaction to be had building a base that Is hard to get into by other players. Now that I am playing the Xbox version more I intend to give it full support and patience I did with early PC versions Once I have built the base I will let those who may be genuinely interested know and we can meet up to see if you can figure out how to get into the main area. I am hoping it's so simple that people won't even think about it lol lol lol lol lol....
  10. ZXDMCFCWoody007


    Can't stop it completely, where there's a will and all that but for them to ghost they would have to do quite a lot of building themselves.
  11. ZXDMCFCWoody007


    So I am hoping that there wont be another character wipe anytime soon..... 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 To that end me and a few mates are going to build a base - I have an idea to stop ghosting happening or at least make it really difficult. Anyone built yet????? If you have feel free to share pics, we might need some inspiration
  12. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    Things I'd like to see added/changed/removed.....

    You can use party chat and have in game chat - the problem is that you have to use the app on your phone/tablet and have in game chat through headphones as normal. Not ideal but is possible.....
  13. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    New night cycle time!

    It's making the game even more immersive than before - loving the twilight look
  14. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    New night cycle time!

    Spot on - Darker outside of towns with a bit more light in them just enough so you can get around. I have slowed my game right down since the Infected awareness increase so have no issues. I think a lot has to do with those that think they can run in, loot up and run off again. There's a lot more watching time required to survive in DAYZ than a lot of people realise and increased night and darkness can help.
  15. ZXDMCFCWoody007

    New night cycle time!

    Started so well and then..... a bit of server hopping promotion if anyone needs some.....🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Enjoy the game to its fullest no matter what the time of day or the weather and live the life with the character..... pick a server stick with it and change when your character dies..... Accept that that you will be killed at some point and live the whole experience.....🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️