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  1. Zech McManis

    27th of March

    Leaning, Hold breath and some others (hopefully they changed the freelook control)
  2. Zech McManis

    Dayz 1.0 patch notes

    1.0 no, 1.01 yes.
  3. Zech McManis

    Dayz 1.0 patch notes

    Im hyped for leaning lol.
  4. Zech McManis

    ETA for private Servers?

    So modded servers are 100% not happening? Two more weeks and i will just build a pc, screw that limited ass crackbox 😢
  5. Zech McManis

    Non toxic thread (i hope)

    I hopped on dayz one day, looking for a group to run with. I eventually found one and ran with them for about a week. I got to be good friends with the leader, so he found me trustworthy. Anyway, the group was 6 strong and we went around raiding military camps for a few days and all was good. Eventually we got a kid in our group, i found him less than trustworthy, naturally. We all ended up in a field at one point and the leader and a few others went afk for a few, leaving just the kid and I playing. So I lay down in the grass minding my own business and I get domed by the kid. Fast forward a few days and tons of betrayels aswell, it ended up being just the leader and I. We managed to get two cars running, lots of fuel and oil and spare parts if we needed another car. So we both head back to camp in our vehicals, and make a stop just outside elektro at a gas station to eat and drink food. We both search the adjacent garages for more loot and head back to the car. Out of nowhere two guys come out from the back of the gas station and both open fire on me. These guys were damn well near point blank range and just missing shot after shot, i pull out my KA and kill the first guy while my friend was nearby loading shots in these guys with the Mosin. We eventually killed them, and I felt both happy that they couldnt aim, but I also felt like a swiss cheese target (by the grace of god they landed a few shots on me). Luckily, these two had a extreme stock of food on them, which we needed bad. Ten minutes later of sorting through our inventory and dealing with elektros stupid ass frames, we get back to base and eventually got raided. TL:DR, im typing this on my Xbox and I cant space things into paragraphs, sorry.
  6. Zech McManis

    Dayz 1.0 patch notes

    After looking at the 1.0 patch notes for pc, it seems lackluster, besides all the quality of life improvements. So how far is xbox behind pc in terms of pre 1.0? Are we missing alot? Are we getting the two guns?
  7. Zech McManis

    27th of March

    Im assuming we can look at the pc 1.0 patch notes? Regardless i bet it'll be fixed
  8. Zech McManis

    New Info - Xbox Update

    Theres suppose to be an Inside Xbox episode on the 12th(tomorrow) and dayz info will be on there, no clue if its update related but id bet it is. No clue what time the episode is streamed on the 12th, but definitely check youtube throughout tuesday
  9. Zech McManis

    No Status Reports, No Updates, Hello...???

    Hes clearly disrespectful. I can already tell whenever an opinion or statement is made by him, and is challenged by someone else, he puts said person on the ignore list. Not to mention putting me, a new user on this forum, on his ignore list, just because I created my account days ago and challenged his close minded theories on development and somewhat aggravating remarks to console users. That leads me to believe that indeed, he/she/it is most definitely disrespectful, naive, and childish for not being capable of holding rational conversations and opinions. Tl:dr if I knew how to put he/she/it on ignore, id strongly advise others to do so aswell.
  10. Zech McManis

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    I have been following this game since its conception as a Arma 2 mod, I realize that pc players have got the shit end of the stick for eons. But don't fail to realize please, that even though the pc community has been neglected, does NOT give them the right to put their high horse supremacy bullshit on console players. We all deserve to play Dayz. Life isnt fair, get over it. On a side note, BI makes horrendously buggy games, look at Op. Flashpoint (Arma) but yet they are one of a kind, fun, deep and the devs are always improving them. Dayz on xbox is $10 worth of bugs and another $20 worth of adrenaline pumping fun. I have faith in the devs. Finally, I know not everyone is like this, but take it easy on the new players, they don't deserve to get thrown under the bus just because they are aggravated at the games clear flaws and steep learning curve. Id hate to see this community exceed R6 or For Honor tier toxicity - exactly why I stay off any forum. Still its disheartening.
  11. Zech McManis

    No Status Reports, No Updates, Hello...???

    Xbox is a dull area? Its a shit show on consoles. Just because you're suffering doesn't mean Xbox and PS4 aren't either. We all deserve to have fun, no matter how much it seems devs are neglecting consoles (doubt thats the case)
  12. Zech McManis

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Add a way to quickly transfer items from inventory to tents, barrels, chests etc. Its extremely annoying to hold A and switch to the tents inventory (which is damn near pointless with the inventory lag. Next, add a toggleable cursor while in the inventory, would make things far less painless. Also, encountered a bug where a friend handcuffed me while I had my SVD out and it bugged out. Still had my rifle in hands, couldnt access inventory, I relogged and spawned as a new character, lost all my shit. Fix Voip toggle, fix horrendous lag in elektro and cherno. Let me map my own controls or just ripoff PUBGs controls. Fix the scopes, I hate seeing a square when I quickly ADS in a firefight.