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  1. Graff85

    update this morning?

    Yep just got the prompt to update as well
  2. Graff85

    Global Defense Contracting Join Today Secure Tomorrow

    I messaged you
  3. Graff85

    Dog tag concept

    The pocket book with like a diary entry sounds awesome!!! can maybe have a brief description of every time he's signed on with that character to see how long he has been alive and what not. ID card doesn't sound bad either as I am sure if this was to really happen in real life we or most of us would have our ID/Drivers license on us during the event right?
  4. Graff85


    Lol kind of a noob on here. Just looking for good group to hang with and gather loot and stuff to make a nice base and have good times with on here. Gamertag is MaliciousDjinn send me invites or message on xbox or here and lets have some fun.
  5. Graff85

    Looking for a group

    when are you gonna be on? I have played a few times so kinda new and still trying to learn the map lol.
  6. Graff85


    Yea mine weren't showing up but decided to hard reset and they show now but like other guy said there not working as of right now for me.
  7. Graff85


    Did they not add achievements to the game?
  8. Graff85

    Scavenger Hunt

    Lol I hope we can make this scavenger hunt work because it sounds fun and changes up the repetitive of the game. Great idea guys!!!
  9. Graff85

    Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger Hunt would be pretty fun and I would definitely be down for that. Yea that "So Frustrated" post was mine lol feel like I shouldn't of made that post now I was just frustrated at the time haha.
  10. Graff85

    So Frustrating.

    Thanks guys I appreciate it. I don't get on too much bc working too much but if you guys ever want to send me friend request and I'd definitely be down to meet up with some friendly ppl. Gamertag is MaliciousDjinn.
  11. Graff85

    So Frustrating.

    So I know this is a survival game and there's gonna be ppl who kos but damn is there anyone who doesn't kos especially when your basically a fresh spawn lol. Love to eventually meet some ppl on here I can go exploring with and get some decent loot so least when I get shot at by a dbag with a ak I'll have more then just a pipe that I put away in front of you and made the heart sign showing I was friendly. Love this game it's like no other survival game I've played but damn give the fresh spawns a chance lol.