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  1. etaab

    Dayz | PS4 | 2019 |

    I don't believe it's that us PS4 gamers want a big advertisement, just some promising updates every week, fortnight or month. At the moment we feel totally in the dark without a chem light. From a PS4 gamer who has been watching Dayz videos online since 2012 with hope of a console release, it's disheartening to not offer any information at all on a semi regular basis. Even if you could confirm whether it will be released in Q2, Q3 or Q4 would at least allow some PS4 fans to prepare for a little longer wait. But to have so little information we feel like it might slip into 2020 or beyond, maybe even PS5 !!
  2. etaab

    DayZ PS4 Discussion

    Nope it hasn't. Any news yet when we can expect a PS4 release / beta ?