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    Unable to Force Mods

    @Easy Signs @Easy Signs [by Cl0ud] <----------- do not worry about the holes between the words. The client loads the mod with that name Is another option
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    Unable to Force Mods

    A friend had a similar problem, I delete the files that dayz generates in appdata/Local/DayZ
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    Unable to Force Mods

    Must have some mod not updated on your server or some corrupt mod, or a missing key in key folder
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    Unable to Force Mods

    Well, I hope you no longer have problems when you can put "forceSameBuild = 1;"
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    the real hardcore survival server

    If that's okay, everything has to be zero
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    the real hardcore survival server

    For that you must put the wolves with the chickens <event name="AmbientHen"> <waves>0</waves> <nominal>2</nominal> <min>0</min> <max>15</max> <lifetime>33</lifetime> <restock>15</restock> <saferadius>40</saferadius> <distanceradius>0</distanceradius> <cleanupradius>0</cleanupradius> <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="0" sec_spawner="0"/> <position>fixed</position> <limit>mixed</limit> <active>1</active> <children> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="1" min="0" type="Animal_GallusGallusDomesticus"/> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="1" min="0" type="Animal_GallusGallusDomesticusF_Brown"/> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="1" min="0" type="Animal_CanisLupus_Grey"/> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="1" min="0" type="Animal_GallusGallusDomesticusF_Spotted"/> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="1" min="0" type="Animal_GallusGallusDomesticusF_White"/> </children> <event name="AnimalWolf"> <waves>0</waves> <nominal>20</nominal> <min>1</min> <max>2</max> <lifetime>180</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <saferadius>200</saferadius> <distanceradius>0</distanceradius> <cleanupradius>0</cleanupradius> <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="1" sec_spawner="0"/> <position>fixed</position> <limit>child</limit> <active>1</active> <children> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="1" min="1" type="Animal_CanisLupus_Grey"/> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="1" min="1" type="Animal_CanisLupus_White"/> </children> </event> You can play with the Min and Max but be careful you can leave too many wolves, these values do not leave more than 1 or 2 wolves, but can leave more often in those areas.
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    Unable to Force Mods

    verifySignatures = 2; forceSameBuild = 1; equalModRequired = 1; Make sure you have not touched anything inside the "dta" folder of your server.
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    the real hardcore survival server

    You can also make it more difficult by implementing wolves in the spawn of chickens, that's why you have wolves in any city and town or place where there are chickens.
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    the real hardcore survival server

    You can also modify the size of the object so that it can not be placed in the inventory of pants or jackets. Also in this way you can also only put in certain backpacks. These objects occupy 2 more holes than the original. Original Cooking Pot 12 holes in the image 14 but it keeps its inner inventory intact, what is done is to change the distribution of the holes in vertical
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    Wooden Case disappear after server restart?

    If you mean Sea chest you can look in your Types.xml <type name="SeaChest"> <nominal>10</nominal> <lifetime>3888000</lifetime> <---------- It should have this value <restock>0</restock> <min>5</min> <quantmin>-1</quantmin> <quantmax>-1</quantmax> <cost>20</cost> <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="1" crafted="0" deloot="0"/> <category name="tools"/> <usage name="Industrial"/> <usage name="Farm"/> <usage name="Coast"/> <usage name="Hunting"/> </type>
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    Playing offline

    https://github.com/Arkensor/DayZCommunityOfflineMode If you have Windows 7 it will not work, you must have Windows 10.
  12. If you edit any file in the folder "dta" nobody can join the server even if they have the same mods and activated equalModRequired = 1;
  13. NTX_Nitrix

    Modding a server

    Place this equalModRequired = 1; Under verifySignatures = 2; forceSameBuild = 1; equalModRequired = 1; This means that the Client must have the same Mods as the Server.
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    Editing loot spawns

    This tool is very good as it shows Types.xml in a compact and intuitive way, you can modify the values independently or use the tools above to modify a whole column with all the available items in your Types.xml, it only works for Types.xml . There are more files that are used to modify the loot according to your preferences. cfgspawnabletypes.xml to modify the loot of the objects that can contain loot, for example Sweater_Blue. If you want the Zombies to wear loot or not or modify what loot you want them to have. The web tool https://dayz.skyn1.se/ goes well as I said this is more compact and intuitive, if you want to modify the loot more intensively you have to modify other files too.
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    Editing loot spawns

    I do not touch this. <event name="Loot"> <waves>0</waves> <nominal>0</nominal> <min>0</min> <max>0</max> <lifetime>0</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <saferadius>0</saferadius> <distanceradius>0</distanceradius> <cleanupradius>50</cleanupradius> <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="0" sec_spawner="0"/> <position>fixed</position> <limit>custom</limit> <active>1</active> <children/> </event> I modify the file "Types.xml" <type name="NBCPantsGray"> <nominal>4</nominal> <----------------------- This should be the maximum amount that will appear on the map <lifetime>2700</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <min>2</min> <------------------------ Minimum amount that should appear <quantmin>-1</quantmin> <quantmax>-1</quantmax> <cost>100</cost> <---------------------- This should be how much priority the object has to appear or disappear <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0"/> <category name="clothes"/> <usage name="Military"/> <------------------------ Where can you find <usage name="Medic"/> </type> You also have to consider modifying the file "cfgSpawnableTypes". If you want to modify which objects have loot inside and what possibility they have to appear. <type name="NBCPantsGray"> <cargo preset="foodVillage" /> <--------------------- Class of loot If you are not interested in having objects of this type, comment it <!-- <preset charge = "foodVillage" /> --> <cargo preset="toolsMedic" /> <cargo chance="0.20"> <-------------------- Possibility for the following lines <item name="Mag_FNX45_15Rnd" chance="0.14" /> <item name="Ammo_762x54" chance="0.14" /> <---------- Possibility of the object <item name="Ammo_762x39" chance="0.14" /> </cargo> </type> Also here you can decide if you want the Zombies to have loot or not, what kind of loot or what possibility they contain certain objects. Example: <type name="ZmbM_PatrolNormal_Autumn"> <cargo preset="foodArmy" /> <cargo preset="ammoArmy" /> </type> Example <type name="ZmbM_PrisonerSkinny"> <cargo chance="0.10"> <item name="Rope" chance="0.14" /> </cargo> </type> Combined example: <type name="ZmbM_PatrolNormal_Autumn"> <cargo preset="foodArmy" /> <cargo preset="ammoArmy" /> <cargo chance="0.10"> <item name="Rope" chance="0.14" /> </cargo> </type> I guess someone else can shed light on this.
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    Adding different coordinate spawns

    If you have Player Debug activated, you only have to teleport to the point where the zombies appear and take the X and Z coordinates, the first and last number of the three that appear in the Player Debug. How will do? Editing the " addons / worlds_chernarusplus_ai " file or you already have a mod that modifies " zombies_territories.xml " In either of the two options you should simply place your locations within the last one, <territory color = "XXXXXXXXXX"> </ territory> Example: <territory color="XXXXXXXXXX"> <zone name="InfectedSolitude" smin="0" smax="0" dmin="4" dmax="8" x="4492.5" z="15227.5" r="90"/> <zone name="InfectedSolitude" smin="0" smax="0" dmin="4" dmax="8" x="4352.5" z="13720" r="90"/> <zone name="InfectedSolitude" smin="0" smax="0" dmin="4" dmax="8" x="5185" z="14940" r="60"/> <!-- Bridge Prison Infected --> <zone name="InfectedSolitude" smin="0" smax="0" dmin="4" dmax="8" x="2851.58" z="1992.88" r="20"/> <zone name="InfectedPrisoner" smin="0" smax="0" dmin="4" dmax="8" x="2658.7" z="1381.35" r="4"/> <zone name="InfectedArmy" smin="0" smax="0" dmin="1" dmax="2" x="2729.32" z="1464.5" r="2"/> </territory>
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    Playing offline

    You can try this, but since the last update of DayZ 1.01 it crashed. https://github.com/Arkensor/DayZCommunityOfflineMode Or maybe you can create a Server on your own computer
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    Community Spotlight - 22 February 2019

    I recognize the place but I do not have Twitter. 😆
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    Dedicated: some problems with Mods

    I'm not sure what your profile folder is I see two different folders -profiles = C : \ DayZServer \ PlayerLogs -profiles = 😄 \ Archivos de programa (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ DayZServer \ PlayerLogs "-profiles = ServerProfile" I have the profile folder in this way -profiles=C:\DayZ\Admin -name=Admin Server Installation Instructions: @Community Online Tools 1. In your DayZ client directory enter the folder “!Workshop” and then find the folder named “@Community Online Tools”, “@Permissions Framework” and “@RPCFramework”. Copy those folders and paste it into your server directory. 2. In your startup batch file for the server, add the following “-mod=@RPCFramework;@Permissions Framework;@Community Online Tools” and “-scrAllowFileWrite”. 3. Enter your profiles directory for the server and then create the folder "PermissionsFramework" and then within that create the folder "Permissions" folder. 4. Make a new text file (with .txt extension) with your steam 64 ID and place this text (inside the link) into it: https://pastebin.com/ktf1Z3Hq. 5. You may now start up the server. You have successfully started the server and have given yourself full permissions. You can use the Player Management tool found within COT to modify other player's permissions from now. I do not know if you have bad point 3, inform yourself in the mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1564026768&amp;searchtext=
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    error script

  21. NTX_Nitrix

    BEC for dedicated server

    Maybe you can start here
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    How To Enable Heli Crash Sites?

    from the file ( yourmissionname\db\events.xml ) <event name="StaticHeliCrash"> <waves>0</waves> <nominal>10</nominal> <min>5</min> <max>10</max> <lifetime>2500</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <saferadius>1000</saferadius> <distanceradius>1000</distanceradius> <cleanupradius>1000</cleanupradius> <flags deletable="1" init_random="0" remove_damaged="0" sec_spawner="1"/> <position>fixed</position> <limit>child</limit> <active>1</active> <------- 1 ON - 0 OFF <children> <child lootmax="20" lootmin="10" max="3" min="1" type="Wreck_Mi8"/> <------------ HeliCrash Model <child lootmax="20" lootmin="10" max="3" min="1" type="Wreck_UH1Y"/> <------------ HeliCrash Model ( with smoke ) </children> </event>
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    Fruit from trees

    I manage that from this file db \ events.xlm <event name="TrajectoryApple"> <waves>0</waves> <nominal>140</nominal> <min>2</min> <------------- quantity <max>4</max> <------------- quantity <lifetime>180</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <saferadius>25</saferadius> <distanceradius>100</distanceradius> <cleanupradius>25</cleanupradius> <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="0" sec_spawner="0"/> <position>player</position> <limit>parent</limit> <active>1</active> <------------- 1 ON - 0 OFF <children> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="0" min="0" type="Apple"/> </children> </event> ********* Always make a copy of your original files *********
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    Workaround for cars bugging in the ground

    If it is possible to move to the position of the vehicles in your spawn. Use Admin tool Positions: You can change the height a = "4.314205" to a = "0.0" But the vehicles will not be placed on the ground You have to destroy the vehicles to generate a new spawn. It is possible that some vehicle reappears under the ground. In my case of 40 vehicles only 2 appeared under the ground.
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    Server restart

    The Scheduler.xml that you send has to be inside your Battleye folder in the Config folder, Battleye / Config / Scheduler.xml along with more files. In Scheduler.xml you just have to change the restart messages. Example: <cmd> say -1 RESTART IN 15 MINUTES. </ cmd> <cmd> say -1 ATTENTION: Le serveur goes RESTART in 15 min. </ cmd> <cmd> say -1 REINICIO EN 15 MINUTOS. </ cmd> Simply change to your language. I do not know how you have configured your Battleye or how you have the routes to your battleye. Assuming you have your Battleye folder, I will set it as I have it configured. Battleye folder inside your profile folder. In my case it's C: \ DayZ \ Admin \ BattlEye In the folder Battleye there is a folder called Config. Inside Config is the file Scheduler.xml, this file is in charge of telling the Battleye when doing the restarts. In the Config folder there is a file called Config.cfg. Open that file with notepad ++ and you will see something like this at the beginning of the document. # Set the ip to your server. normally will be fine. Ip = # Set the port to the server. default port is 2302 Port = 2302 # Set the path to the BattlEye directory that is currently in use by the server. BePath = C: \ DayZ \ Admin \ BattlEye In BePach you have to put the path to your Battleye folder As I said before my Battleye is in C: \ DayZ \ Admin \ BattlEye Here is my StartServerDayZ.bat Inside Battleye has a file called BEServer_x64.cfg Open with notepad and you will see this RConPassword yourpassword RestrictRCon 1 Once your server is launched, 3 windows will open, one server, another will be the Bec, and another will be the server monitor, which in case of crash will restart your server. Verify that you have the necessary files and routes to make everything work. I hope you have explained me well and that it will help you.