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  1. NTX_Nitrix

    CraftableCrate Mod

    Someone already updated it https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1754899900
  2. NTX_Nitrix

    zombies no longer spawn

    You can look at this file economy.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <economy> <dynamic init="1" load="0" respawn="1" save="0"/> <animals init="1" load="0" respawn="1" save="0"/> <zombies init="1" load="0" respawn="1" save="0"/> <----------- <vehicles init="1" load="0" respawn="1" save="0"/> <randoms init="0" load="0" respawn="1" save="0"/> <custom init="0" load="0" respawn="0" save="0"/> <building init="0" load="0" respawn="0" save="0"/> <player init="1" load="0" respawn="0" save="0"/> </economy>
  3. NTX_Nitrix

    Adjust Thirst and Hunger Values of Foods

    I have this mod published in Steam Workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1700581293 This Mod completely eliminates hydration by eating cereals and milk powder and reduces the amount of hydration of certain canned foods. It also changes the hydration received by the food if they are raw, boiled, baked or burnt. Raw, rotten, burned meat will make you vomit. Some raw mushrooms will make you vomit. ======================================= 03/04/2019 Updated to 1.02 The negative value has no effect, not for the moment.
  4. NTX_Nitrix

    Not a happy Ending

    You can also try to stay lying on the floor, in a long time they usually calm down and leave.
  5. NTX_Nitrix

    Server not showing in server browser

    Verify that these ports are open. TCP: 2302,27015-27030,27036-27037 UDP: 2302,4380,27000-27031,27036
  6. NTX_Nitrix

    Server not showing in server browser

    I had to add this port too 27016 At the beginning of Server.cfg I added these lines steamPort = 2304; steamQueryPort = 2303;
  7. NTX_Nitrix

    Time acceleration

    It depends on the month you have in serverTime = "YYYY / MM / DD / HH / MM"; A small reference in the 11 month the sunrise is 3:30 AM
  8. NTX_Nitrix

    WeaponRedux & MeleeWeapons Packs

    <type name="gp_M249"> <nominal>0</nominal> <--------------------------- Enter quantity Example: 5 <lifetime>7200</lifetime> <restock>14400</restock> <min>0</min> <-------------------------- Enter quantity Example: 2 <quantmin>-1</quantmin> <quantmax>-1</quantmax> <cost>100</cost> <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="1"/> <category name="weapons"/> <usage name="Military"/> <value name="Tier3"/> <value name="Tier4"/> </type>
  9. NTX_Nitrix

    Any guides on how to add more infected?

    At first you do not have to touch those files, it is best to create your own spawns or use a mod, if you really do not know what you are doing better do not touch those files at the moment. Scroll with your administration tool and place yourself at the point where you want to put a spawn, copy the data that appears in your debug monitor first and third number and write a new line in the file Addons / worlds_chernarusplus_ai / zombie_territories.xml At the end before </ territory-type> put your spawn <!-- Bridge Prision Infected --> <----------- Place / City <territory color="1910952871"> <zone name="InfectedSolitude" smin="0" smax="0" dmin="4" dmax="8" x="2851.58" z="1992.88" r="20"/> <--------- This is your new line </territory> x = first number z = third number r = radius in which your zombies will spawn
  10. NTX_Nitrix

    WeaponRedux & MeleeWeapons Packs

    if I talk about Dayz standalone but I put it in Arma 2
  11. NTX_Nitrix

    WeaponRedux & MeleeWeapons Packs

    You have to put the weapons and ammunition and other objects of the mods indicated in the file YourMissionName/db/Types.xml. Maybe you have some Types.xml file inside the mods to be able to copy them to your server. If they still do not spawn, they should consider that they have not yet had time to leave, nor do we know how long they have been playing to see that these weapons do not come out.
  12. You have to play with these values to find what you are looking for. serverTimeAcceleration=12; // Accelerated Time (value 0-24) This is a time multiplier for in-game time. In this case time would move 24 times faster than normal, an entire day would pass in one hour. serverNightTimeAcceleration=2; // Accelerated Night
  13. NTX_Nitrix

    custom start gear for multiple members

    Maybe. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1636599192&amp;searchtext=gear
  14. NTX_Nitrix


    The problem in the init is that they have to give the two values to the maximum and that usually happens little, could force the minimum values of overcast and rain from 0.50 to 1.0 preo probably almost all the time it would rain
  15. NTX_Nitrix


    It is not very frequent to be a storm, it seems that Overcast and Rain should be at maximum. In your Admin tools put values to 100 in Overcast and Rain then you will have a storm, but it is possible that the other players have to relog