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    Some feedback and questions

    Fair point. I'd still like to see the additional end game content getting electricity (on a small scale) going would provide. Since there isn't much left to do once you are geared and have build a base.
  2. Tim Keyes

    Some feedback and questions

    The game assumes every survivor is a superhuman that can rebuild and then drive/fly cars and helicopters, administer an IV, is Gordon Freeman when it comes to guns, and is amazingly resilient to damage. I'm willing to suspend a little disbelief for some electricity with work.
  3. Tim Keyes

    Some feedback and questions

    I second what Carey has said. DayZ devs have clearly already done hard work making a generator item and implementing it into the game, but it has very low value. Running some Christmas lights, or a nearby construction lamp, is a terrible ROI for both the work done to create the generator on BI's part, and for the work done by players to get and set up and fuel and connect a generator. Being able to, say, connect that generator to a power grid (even if it's just a few street lights on an intact line) or the light posts commonly found on farms and industrial sites, is a much larger return. This would be very popular with players like myself, as long term game content, once there is no more gear to find and collect for yourself. Getting power generation systems working would also be fun, and would give some actual use for things like the Electrical Repair Kit. Although things like downed or damaged power lines or other issues might prevent large scale repair, players would *love* to have more ways to affect and change the game world. PS, I don't play at night unless I have no choice for some reason. I can't see what I'm doing and that's not fun for a game.
  4. Tim Keyes

    Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    Backing up what Weyland and the others are saying. On our (Community) server, base building was like a light switch coming on. Players came out of the woodwork, literally. We selected a spot in Gorka, and began building Fort Gorka, complete with trading post, space for cars, barrels, places for people to safely meet and trade and interact. At one point, 8 to 10 players were present at one time, all bringing supplies, helping build, and literally crafting a survivor community, the end game for DayZ. And then this persistence bug happened, and absolutely torched it. The hard work disappeared. Then the players disappeared. Some people stayed and rebuilt, some not knowing about the bug, only to see their hard work deleted a second time. The number of players tanked downwards. Frustration and anger over the issue spilled over into the players' interactions with each other. People accused each other of wrecking their bases, stealing their barrels, some again not knowing about the bug. It's the #1 thing currently inhibiting our DayZ playerbase. It is the one thing I check Reddit DayZ about every day. Is the base building/barrel/tent persistence bug fixed? Until it is, no other thing or fix really matters as much. It doesn't matter how many guns or pieces of gear are fixed or added, or how many cool player interactions are created. Until people have somewhere to store and trade those cool guns and gear, and places to gather and interact, they don't matter. Please, fix this, and let us help you fix it, as much as possible.