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  1. CharlieLaRoux1

    Non toxic thread (i hope)

    So I had just spawned east of elektro, headed to the city barely got to the core of it when I am witness a massive firefight nearby the military tent by the crane. Having nothing to lose i attempt to find any unlucky SOBs who wont be needing their gear anymore, creeping up to the military tent just as night begins to fall. I take a round to the chest and ass I think cause everything I'm wearing is ruined. I desperately limp through the tent, bleeding like a stuck pig as more rounds whiz through the tent. I bandaged as fast as I could, then lay down, hoping night would fall faster and I could limp off to safety. .but footsteps approached and around the corner a man in full fatigues with a silenced submachine gun aims at me. "Why God. Why?" I ask to no one in particular, especially the deity that left this place long ago. But apparently someone heard my plea for mercy and the man took pity on me, he laughed his ass off, and brought me back to his friends (one of which was the person who shot me) and actually protected me for the night, sending me on the way when dawn broke with a ghillie suit and a pistol with an extra magazine. Best encounter ive had in DayZ to date. 10/10 would be shot again by those guys. I have dvr of it but haven't figured out how to link it.
  2. CharlieLaRoux1

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Thank you for LB zoom, no more air punching while I sprint.
  3. CharlieLaRoux1


    Agreed, I like the stamina suggestion, right now the soft skills are a wee bit pointless right now, unless someone outthere has grinded to max skill and can repair clothes in a second flat.
  4. CharlieLaRoux1

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Both base building and stashes are pretty stable imho. Been using the same base and stashes for over two updates now. Cars...not so much yeah lmao
  5. CharlieLaRoux1

    Safe Island

    Yeah it's not so safe anymore. Someone just about ruined my day (and all my bloody clothes) with an amazing mosin shot. Maybe it was the cannibal...I'll keep my ears open for laughing (p.s kuru is in the game right?)
  6. CharlieLaRoux1

    Safe Island

    There are a few warehouses and toolsheds among the island and plenty of trees but no finished planks.
  7. CharlieLaRoux1

    Safe Island

    You and me both, I have no faith that this little safe zone will work well without actual code making it safe :(
  8. CharlieLaRoux1

    Safe Island

    It was an exaggeration bent toe, sorry if that was misunderstood. On xbox it doesn't seem to be quite the pvp hotspot, so I'm just testing the waters.
  9. CharlieLaRoux1

    Safe Island

    So, I've been reading a few posts about how people want a safe space to trade or just meet new people, and I think I have found the place. Storzoh or Prison island south of Kamenka, on US 4200-4300 servers. if you can survive the swim you deserve a safe place. There are a few people all across those servers who are already making the island home and are quite friendly. Perhaps I'll see you there, I have a great trade if someone brings me a hacksaw.
  10. CharlieLaRoux1

    Single use combination lock?

    So I had Just finished a gate and used a combo lock to lock it. Worked great, except the first time I unlocked it, the lock would no longer attach to the fence. Anyone else have this problem? Also can locks only attach from the outside of a gate or is it possible to lock up while on the inside of a gate?
  11. CharlieLaRoux1

    Space in Bag for Magazine reloads

    To clarify extra space as in 3 spaces extra minimum it seems. Also I found manually reloading once by pressing b seems to jolt my Y back to proper working order. +1 for mag drops but perhaps with a different button, I'd hate to be 'reloading' and realize I dropped a mag in the Bush somewhere.
  12. CharlieLaRoux1

    Space in Bag for Magazine reloads

    Has anyone else noticed if you leave space in a vest or bag/clothing, ideally three or more slots, reloading your weapon works normally? I.e if you have your mags in a fully stacked bag they won't reload and pressing y will only swap guns?
  13. CharlieLaRoux1

    My first base raid

    What's the bloody point of despawning his stuff? Just to be an asshole? Trashing any supplies in an apocalypse seems like shooting yourself in the foot.
  14. CharlieLaRoux1

    What period of restart of the server?

    Approx 5 to 7 hours. dev's said day was 4 and night was 3 hours long before it got changed.
  15. CharlieLaRoux1

    A problem with the night devs?

    America 4263, night must have been no more than 15 min in duration with a lot of 'static' on the screen, like I was getting a bad signal. I joined during the morning prior and built a base till night fell. Never used a flashlight and my ears more.