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  1. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    A little rant

    Especially if the server is restarting....if the server crashes/restarts while you are on a ladder you will spawn back in falling to your death.
  2. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    Finally found a Tundra!!

    I LOVE the Tundra, coupled with the hunting scope it is deadly for ranged attacks on zeds and deer. I use it to pick off the zombies from a long distance before raiding a military zone.
  3. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    Assault vest buttpack

    I've found them at heli crash sites
  4. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    The one thing I wish dayz would do

    i can't find any duct tape!!!!!
  5. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    Leaving Backpacks on ground

    I've noticed the infected despawning rather quickly also for example i agroed a couple of zeds in a small town by Sverograd so ran into a house and shot them through the windows with my pistol (which of course drew more!) and I dispatched them also. Went outside mere moments later to loot the bodies for food and drink only to find over half of the dozen or so i killed were gone.
  6. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    Stole a couple of Tents last night

    I stole a car last night, it was so thoughtful of them to leave it complete except a spark plug which I had in my inventory lol 🙂
  7. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    KoSers are alive and well

    I had an experience in Dichina also where i was looting around (thought i was alone) and suddenly heard a voice by the prison building, the guy said stop i have a weapon pointed at you, just leave now and carry on about your business looting elsewhere and there won't be trouble. I agreed and said ok but i'm friendly, I told him to put his weapon away and I would put mine away also so we could meet and talk, he agreed and came out and we traded goods and both went on our separate ways. we ended up meeting up at the nwaf and teamed up to loot together safely (safer lol).
  8. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx


    i found an M4 at a chopper crash site near Sinistok
  9. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx


    definetly lots of wolves in the west towards Myshkino and the dam area
  10. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    Chopper Crash Sites

    Thanks for the info, i was just curious!
  11. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    Chopper Crash Sites

    Just curious if anybody is having luck finding them and what loot they are giving up? I found one on Sunday and there were no weapons or ammo just some clothing etc.
  12. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    7.62 ?

    7.62 x 39 is quite plentiful, I found lots in about 3 hours of gameplay last night, 95% of it in military areas (4 different sites but mostly at the NWAF) the trick is to kill the zombies as some of them seem to be carrying full boxes...
  13. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    Back from the dead?!

    Happened to me also, got shot in the face by Elektro, decided to call it a night, logged back in the next day and I was alive and well with all of my gear (which wasn't much tbh) but happy i could continue my journey.
  14. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    Sks or cr?

    SKS is a better all around choice but definitely depends on play style, they both are a great choice, just seems to be hard to find a mag for CR or at least I'm having trouble finding one lol
  15. xxxD1RTD1VRxxx

    New night cycle time!

    The night time is challenging the way it should be! i guess it takes different perspectives on game play tho, if you want to wait around until dawn that is an option for you, but there are plenty of tools to help combat the darkness should you choose to use them.