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  1. AXEL777

    Mod equal checking server-client and enabling

    Yes, but I don't want to distribute my self-written code to just anyone. I'm over this code worked one day, and any other means to download it and 2 clicks will give yourself? Isn't that too good? How to develop server-side modding in this case? I do not understand the way out of this situation!
  2. AXEL777

    Mod equal checking server-client and enabling

    You're not reading carefully. I have not edited any scripts or dta. Exclusively 2 fashion workshop for the client and the server, and one mod without signatures and keys only on the server. The server and the game work fine, but the question of Cho players come with an incomplete list of modifications I am extremely concerned about to preserve the atmosphere of fashion. And I also do not want to distribute my personal code from only the server mod to every second on the Internet. What exactly is the question, how not breaking the structure of the server to achieve the desired result? I understand you, but should we expect such functionality, for example, in the next update of the game? This setting is quite important, because the presence or absence of certain mods on the game client and the presence of those on the game server can be a big problem, both in communication between players and in fair play. for example, a player who does not have any object or building, can stand and shoot, and the other, who will have a house in the place of the offender, he did not even notice. This is a pretty serious point of the ballance game, and I very much hope that this question will not remain unanswered.
  3. In Russian(на русском): In English:(на английском):
  4. AXEL777

    Rewritng classes other mods

    Worked, fix: class CfgPatches { class DayZExpansionChat_SelverLogs { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "DayZExpansionChat" }; }; }; Thanks other community forums
  5. AXEL777

    Out of Memory crash

    fixed with community https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1663588331 Nice supporting game
  6. AXEL777

    Crash game with parameters starting

    thsnks for help developvers game, i am fix this with using community https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1663588331
  7. AXEL777

    Rewritng classes other mods

    I am install a modification Expansion Game chat. I am try create a my submod with this as sample: modded class ExpansionGlobalChat { override void GlobalChat(CallType type, ref ParamsReadContext ctx, ref PlayerIdentity sender, ref Object target) { GetExpansionChatBase().GlobalChat(type, ctx, sender, target); Param2< string, string > data; if ( !ctx.Read( data ) ) return; if( type == CallType.Server ) { string name = sender.GetName(); string steamid = sender.GetPlainId(); string bisid = sender.GetId(); string idtable = sender.GetPlayerId().ToString(); string log_date_time = ExpansionGetDateTime(); string format = "[" + log_date_time + "] " + "[Chat]" + " " + name + "(steamid=" + steamid + ", bisid=" + bisid + ") " + data.param2; Print(format); } } }; but i am get error: How correct rewriting and customise functios in class other mod?
  8. AXEL777

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    can't search my local server : https://i109.fastpic.ru/big/2019/0221/56/_a441196351dab4cfca67289395ec6c56.png https://i110.fastpic.ru/big/2019/0221/92/_95281c9cb4c8237ecdb8b7694edc2192.png
  9. AXEL777

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    https://i109.fastpic.ru/big/2019/0221/1b/_8db432bd9c933b6379725c2db0f1b81b.png game will be reinstalled
  10. yes, this don't help me
  11. can't be: https://i110.fastpic.ru/big/2019/0219/a1/_7c42daf93d8357ac5a952d91c6eda7a1.png fresh installing game with clearning all configs game files in logs: https://i110.fastpic.ru/big/2019/0219/53/8fc4be7684c33f423b75e9f4145fb853.png This file don't exist in game folder: This reported again in ticket T137105, existed in stable version game, but worked normal in 1.0.150192 version.
  12. game crashes in windows 7 x64 don't fixed
  13. AXEL777

    Stable Update 1.01

    why it is not fixed more 5 days after update? I am can't connect to my local server. No response from anyone either on the forum or on the bugtracker
  14. AXEL777

    Crash game with parameters starting

    that's right, it's easier to keep silent than to do something and fix it. Great support, even community manager has not given a standard response in all this time. Feel that in a year this game will be bent due to lack of proper support for modding and servermania
  15. AXEL777

    Problem with ChatPlayer()

    void SendMessageToAllPlayers(string message) { private array<Man> players = new array<Man>; GetGame().GetPlayers( players ); private int numbOfplayers = players.Count(); if(( numbOfplayers > 0 ) && (message != "")) { foreach(Man player: players) { if(( player ) && (message != "")) { Param1<string> m_GlobalMessage = new Param1<string>(message); GetGame().RPCSingleParam(player, ERPCs.RPC_USER_ACTION_MESSAGE, m_GlobalMessage, true, player.GetIdentity()); } } } } void SendPersonalMessage(string message, Man player) { if(( player ) && (message != "")) { Param1<string> m_GlobalMessage = new Param1<string>(message); GetGame().RPCSingleParam(player, ERPCs.RPC_USER_ACTION_MESSAGE, m_GlobalMessage, true, player.GetIdentity()); } } Add this functions in your mission server or you mod and call him with: For all players global message: SendMessageToAllPlayers("My global test message"); For one player only: SendPersonalMessage("My test private message", player); where player is notNULL Man base object! Any functiuons, as this: proto native void Chat(string text, string colorClass); proto native void ChatMP(Man recipient, string text, string colorClass); proto native void ChatPlayer(string text); is not worked in server, tested with my friends, because i am can't connect to my test server (local server don't searched in game browser, in community server him don't founded (my provider block my ports server) and from commandline start game this game client will be crashed, developvers game don't ask anything, very bad support for release game)