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  1. equalModRequired=1; dose not work no more it was fased out for the new code of verifySignatures = 2; and when you edit the zombie_territories.xml just repack the pbo up and all is good if your still getting low zombies just edit th amount of zombie spawns in mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\db\globals.xml line <var name="ZombieMaxCount" type="0" value="1000"/> and change to something like <var name="ZombieMaxCount" type="0" value="4000"/> if you use https://dayzsalauncher.com/#/home it will kick the user 90% of the time if they dont have mods but zombies are handled server side and mods
  2. do you have a discord if so give me a message with your link ile come help you i got a free hour oh i added you to steam
  3. yeah make sure you have added the same password in your serverDZ.cfg for the rcon password and set it in the BEServer_x64.cfg and it will connect on server boot
  4. mrwolv

    Backing Up Server

    i reinstalled the new latest version and it just gives me memory errors and crashes it there is not settings or tasks there and i cannot even load the program http://prntscr.com/mt8kbm http://prntscr.com/mt8lgk
  5. mrwolv

    Increased infected spawn

    can you confirm if you can do this when running other mods on the server ? as there is zombie mods that do this but they dont work for me lol
  6. mrwolv

    Backing Up Server

    new versions dont work for me just crashed the program or it wont load 😞
  7. mrwolv

    Using a DNS address / Hiding IP

    your only other way would be to host from a service provider my reccomendation would be gaming deluxe there the best around and i could sort you out with a 10% dicount every month
  8. try that command line as you has spaces between them also make sure you have added the new key to the keys folder from the @Community-Online-Tools "-mod=@RPCFramework;@Permissions-Framework;@Community-Online-Tools" Also for anyone having issues with the Install Battleye + Server Start.bat +Server Restarts +Server Crash Restarter make sure you have set all ports required and ips also make sure all your folder paths are correct as this still works and has no problems if you still require help and have teamveiwer i will help you out just pm me and ile get right to it
  9. mrwolv

    Community Online Tools

    try that command line as you has spaces between them also make sure you have added the new key to the keys folder from the @Community-Online-Tools "-mod=@RPCFramework;@Permissions-Framework;@Community-Online-Tools"
  10. mrwolv

    Increased infected counts and spawn locations

    yes its possible if you running a modded server there is mods out there on the workshop to do that https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1654666197&amp;searchtext=
  11. mrwolv

    Log Crash Server

    did you all update the new key for the latest update of PermissionsFramework
  12. mrwolv

    help doors

    have you tryed a persitance wipe
  13. same as before but if you run a modded server there is a mod out there that will do this think it was called @GDZSScripts this will also take away any vechile damage and more
  14. mrwolv

    error script

    if you changed anything in your server files like dta/scripts or init.c to call any other plugins or script mods that could be the cause i had this myself a while back while tryign to get traders to work i had a simple playercount script in my init.c to call the amount of players on the server and this would break the trader mod from running so its something simple check all your files that you have changed
  15. mrwolv

    How to Run or Walk with the Opening Inventory?

    the use a mod called inventory plus you can get this from the steam workshop