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  1. Hey there, as the title says it all, I play Arma 3 mod and Dayz SA and i'm looking for a small-medium sized group to join. I work night shift during weekdays so i usually play mid-late evening and then Ill pull all nighters on weekends, so people on the west coast or Europeans may match my hours better. I only have about 60 hours into SA but I know all of the basics, I have probably well over 1000 hours in different arma 2 and arma 3 dayz type mods. I'm looking for a pretty casual group but I also want a group that has somewhat of an idea of what they're doing. Im not looking for anything super hardcore.
  2. Immortal Technique

    EU Lone wolf player looking for a friend or friend

    Do you play the mod? if you do im interested, im from the US, I work second shift so my hours are late nights for me, not sure what time it is for you now.
  3. Immortal Technique

    LoC | PvP based clan recruiting experienced players!

    age? 20 Timezone? eastern, I play late nights, i work second shift Playstyle? (Assault,Looter,Sniper) I'd like to say just about everything, im not used to large clans, im used to lone wolfing or small teams, so you need to be more versatile. Hours played? (Applicants must have 100+ hours to be considered to be a trial for LoC) Honestly dont know id like to say around 1000 maybe less Navigation skills? (?/10) 8/10, just started playing after about a year break, im a little rust on shooting and the map. Do you play Arma 3, Overwatch, Hurtworld, H1Z1 or Insurgency? ARMA 3 Id play if i had people to play with, Have H1Z1 but dont like it and insurgency is good. Prior clan experience? Used to run Recruitment for a small elite team a couple years ago, (check post history on profile) This is for Dayz mod right? not standalone?
  4. Immortal Technique

    Looking for somebody to play with! I'm a lone wolf...

    do you play standalone or the mod?
  5. Hey guys, so I took about a year break from the mod, between standalone ruining the taste of the game for me and just life ive ben busy but ive ben really wanting to come back to the mod, im glad to see its still somewhat popular! So im a pretty experienced player looking for 1-5 people to play with, heres a little about me so we can see if were a good fit. -20 yo with headset -I got a full time job second shift so i play late nights mostly, eastern time zone -ben playing this since early alpha, have ALOT of hours logged, probably more than id like to admit lol WHAT IM LOOKING FOR: -Im just looking for a small group to play with when I get on, i just reinstalled the launcher so i dont have every mod, just like overwatch and epoch, I cant guarantee im going to be on every night because I wont be. -Preferably a teamspeak or skype to use something like that. -I really wouldnt mind finding just one experienced player to tag alot with, the less the better in my opinion. -Not looking for someone whos going to bitch and moan, if you got anger problems im probably not the right teammate for you :P let me know if anyone wants to play i should be on all night!
  6. Bump we finished building our base on overpoch tavi, looking for more members to play with!
  7. i pmed both of you and or added you on skype
  8. Still looking for new members! we started building a base on taviana overpoch
  9. Immortal Technique

    Looking for people/group.

    Check out my new clan 570 it should be right below your post, Id give you a link but I'm on my phone at work it won't let me
  10. great group of players, i recommend them to any experienced player looking for a group!
  11. Yo tristian, it's immortal, hunter from old 905, mind if I try out ;)? Pm me on Skype or on here or something idk what you have me Added on, my Skype is frognogx443