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  1. ThompHead569

    Server Reset Timing is Changing

    Night time is already on the PC and has been for ages. the PC servers have 'Accelerated' time servers and 'standard' time servers. accelerated are the best as you get quick a few cycles before the server resets.
  2. ThompHead569

    Xbox Update 25/09/2018

    I found with the new update, if you hold LT + Y to reload, you will get ghost bullets. if you simply just press Y with the gun in your hand, you will reload and it works. here is a video proving it. (again, they still need to urgently fix it whilst holding LT)
  3. ThompHead569

    Day & Night [DayZ]

    Eventually when servers last longer, we shall see the night. On PC you get standard time and accelerated time servers. I believe standard time matches the time of the country of the server? (Not sure on that, I remember before accelerated servers existed, if I would play UK servers at night time, they would always be night and I’d never see day.) but accelerated servers are the best as you’ll get to play through day and night within a reasonable playthrough.
  4. ThompHead569

    13/09/2018 update motion blur?

    Is it me or does anyone else see that they have added motion blur after doing the 13/09/2018 update?. I’m playing on a Xbox One X and I noticed it instantly and nothing has changed on my tv nor on other games. Im not complaining, it looks kinda nice but I can’t tell if I’m tripping.
  5. ThompHead569

    How to get my gun to semi auto fire

    as Dan has just mentioned, if you HOLD LT & button bash right on the D-Pad, it will eventually change the fire rate. sometimes it will do it quick, sometimes you can be there for 30 seconds doing it. (it is normal for the quick slot menu to keep flashing on the screen whilst doing this)
  6. ThompHead569

    Radio Beeping

    I have also noticed this, at first I wasn't sure if it was someone pressing the chat button and it causes a beep after they let go off down on the D-Pad and that they were in party chat so I couldn't hear their voice? I had put a new battery in as well and still beeped now & then.
  7. ThompHead569

    Dayz zombies out in open areas

    zombies only currently spawn in village/city areas. mainly areas you find loot. I would prefer it if they spawned in open fields etc. as you travel. the only enemies you'll find in the wild/open areas are wolves. (and of course other players)
  8. ThompHead569

    Hold breath

    they really need to add this feature. on PC, to hold your breath you have to press the key assigned to 'Walking'. as walking isn't on the xbox version, hopefully once it is added, holding breath will be also.
  9. ThompHead569

    Multiple characters?

    I think this will come in time. The PC version already has this option so hopefully it will come to xbox
  10. ThompHead569

    Aiming to the sky

    when this happened to me. I have fixed this numerous times by laying down and aimed straight in front in 3rd person (the characters model aiming wont be straight, just get the crosshair straight) then pressed RB to ADS (which your aiming will go wherever your characters wonky aiming is) straightened the aim in ADS and pressed RB to exit ADS and it was straightened.