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  1. Tino81

    Private server cost

    As and when prices come out I could chip in with other people for a rented server but it all comes down to the price at the end of the day. Hopefully we find out the costs soon.
  2. Tino81


    You forgot that place east of Cherno called Twat Town. It's the local hang out for all of those dupers who have mummy and daddy issues who in turn exploit the game to make themselves feel all high and mighty but cannot shoot for shit. Or they're virgins, one of the two 🤷‍♂️
  3. Tino81

    Don't call them Dupers. Call them what they are Vermin

    It doesn't matter if you dupe alot or just a bit, you and every other duper have ruined the game for everyone else because you're too lazy to play the game for what it is. Fucking tossers the lot of you!
  4. Tino81

    No military-grade weapons

    Heli crashes are like rocking horse shit 😂
  5. Tino81

    Seeing the chaos first hand.

    I need to head back there, love that place as there's a few rat runs and vantage points. It's like home away from home 😂
  6. Tino81

    No military-grade weapons

    There's no military weapons due to the dupers ruining the loot economy on every server so the only way to et them is find a dupers stash or kill someone who has one. You can still get the SG5, Tundra, Mosin, Shotgun and the pistols without looking to hard still.
  7. Tino81

    Seeing the chaos first hand.

    I steer clear of the coast now as it would really piss me off looking at the amount of lazy looters and dupers, I stay north and flit between NWAF and Dobroe. I may venture to Khelm now and again.
  8. Tino81

    Don't call them Dupers. Call them what they are Vermin

    Just call them c*nts, that's what I do 👍
  9. Tino81

    Someone please explain what duping is and why its bad?

    You must be seriously butthurt about being killed by someone playing the game in 3rd person 😂 So in response to your post, if you want to solely play first person games, bugger off to COD or Battlefield. The third person perspective has always been and will always be part of the game and that won't be changed so get used to it. "No joining friends no 3rd party chat" Nothing wrong in the slightest doing this, even if they stopped this players will use Skype or Discord. Or maybe BI could fix the open chat button to the way it used to be in the preview days. Your logic on people playing in third person is baffling and pretty laughable actually, especially the "Unnatural path bit". I've been playing this since the 2nd week of the preview launch last year so I know my shit with this game so don't tell me what to do or how to play the game. I don't glitch, don't dupe or anything else that compromises the integrity of the game. Why should I waste my hard earned money on a game to ruin it and suck all of the fun out of it? I bet you even sit down to piss as well!
  10. Tino81

    Someone please explain what duping is and why its bad?

    Comparing a games natural viewpoint to duping, really?
  11. Tino81

    Selected Servers going Offline on July 15th!

    Sounds promising 👍
  12. Tino81

    Someone please explain what duping is and why its bad?

    Basically dupers are lazy bastards whose argument for why they do it is "Why spend 2 hours looting and losing all my stuff when I can just dupe and get all my gear back?". BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THE GAME WORKS YOU BRAIN DEAD MUPPETS!!! You loot, you die, you respawn and you start looting again. I was recently part of a Facebook group for the xbox version of DayZ and the amount of players who openly boast about duping and justify it is unbelievable but my favourite members were the lazy ones asking dupers for gear! I think if 1.04 doesn't fix this I may be done with the game and will start saving for a gaming PC instead to play it.
  13. Tino81

    Are You Part Of The Problem?

    Tell you what then, go across the map and despawn all of the duped gear. Good luck with that because it'll be like trying to plait diarrhoea. I find it funny how you retort to labelling me as whiny kid for disagreeing with your bullsh*t logic but I stand by what I said about you talking bollocks.
  14. Tino81

    1.04 coming to consoles expected in July!

    I'm not familiar with how the duping process works other than you leave the server to go back in the server whilst holding an item (I think). I hope they have a separate fix for duping like you can't "leave" a server with anything in your hand.
  15. Tino81

    1.04 coming to consoles expected in July!

    I'm also assuming that the server hop function means that it's best to stay in your chosen server which is good. Apart from if you're meeting up with friends in another server but I can live with that on our version.