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  1. Tino81

    Cool vehicle to add

    Or sit on the plate armour
  2. Tino81

    Quick test on 1.02

    Sounds like I need a torch and/or a head lamp now. Passed loads of them on my travels and didn't pick one up so I bet I can't find one now 😂
  3. Tino81

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Dude, it's a game for crying out loud!
  4. Tino81

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Exactly, I always stay inland now and very rarely go to the coast.
  5. Tino81

    Cool vehicle to add

    Makes my eyes water just thinking about that 😨
  6. Tino81

    Xbox Update 1.02

    I hope it has worked, there's going to be some bitter cheaters about 😂
  7. Tino81

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    The only thing to do is accept it. It happens on the Xbox and on the PC so it's a case of dealing with it I'm afraid. Don't forget that KOS benefits other players who happen to stumble across a body after the deed has been done.
  8. Tino81

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Going to try and get online this evening, nice little update there 👍
  9. Tino81

    Cool vehicle to add

    It'd have to be a mountain bike but that would be awesome!
  10. Tino81

    Cool vehicle to add

    I agree but as it says, it's just a thought 👍
  11. Tino81

    Cool vehicle to add

    Thinking about it earlier and thought how cool would it be to have off road bikes in the game. They produce more noise than a car but I can picture being in a group heading up the hiking trails on them or blasting up the runways at NWAF. It would be done on the same premise as the cars at the moment so you'd have to find the parts and fuel to build it but another feature would be to hide it and use the camo netting to hide it.
  12. Tino81

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    No it doesn't. I've played the game since the week after it was released as a preview game and I've been KOS maybe two or three times and I've found that communication is key to the game. If you remove KOS from the game and the absurd notion that your gear disappears when you die the game is going to fail very quickly and it will lose it's number one premise which believe it or not is to survive. I suggest if you're that butt hurt by this don't play it, install Fortshite and play that instead.
  13. Tino81

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    KoS sucks but it's part of the game, we have to deal with it. But this suggestion is rather far fetched and would not work.
  14. I don't think I'm far away from some cabins, once I can get out of the woods I'm holed up in I'll head towards them 👍
  15. Yeah I need to get back on and find some ammo. I think I have a CZ as well but no mag for it. I'd be useless in a gunfight right now 😂