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  1. Tino81

    Stone Fireplace

    Had to give beans for this one 😂
  2. Tino81

    Funny and Weird things seen on Dayz Adventures

    I had a horde of about 11/12 zombies trying to attack one wolf that had been cornered. Must of glitched out but I did record it via the capture method. I've seen three separate Zombie on wolf battles at once near the army barracks at Zelenogorsk. Used them all for target practise haha.
  3. Tino81

    Zombie nostalgia

    Have the door breaking possible with the sledgehammer and fire axe. That'd be cool.
  4. Tino81

    Zombie nostalgia

    The current zombies agro very quickly and usually in large numbers. I wish my hearing was as good as theirs when the wife is talking to me lol
  5. Tino81

    Where are the DayZ veterans at ?

  6. Tino81

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    Nowt wrong with it. Let's move on and never mention it again yeah....................
  7. Tino81

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    Thanks guys *Thumbs up* Tracer ammo will make for some interesting battles :)
  8. Tino81

    Noice (bug)

    Is this a Harry Potter mod haha
  9. Tino81

    Oh sh*t... It's happend

    Not all of us are picky and demanding.
  10. Tino81

    Play dead

    Yeah it would with me haha
  11. Tino81

    Play dead

    Can see it now, you see a player coming so you play dead. It's all quiet. Then you sneeze!
  12. Tino81

    Base Damage?

    Me and a friend are going to have a look at base building but more so to get used to it so at least we have an idea of what we're doing when the game actually keeps them.
  13. The wolves tend to just jump around, but the crawling zombies move stupidly quick
  14. Not me mate, seemed to be on my own in the town. Fired off my first shot then hit the deck waiting for the bullets to start flying lol
  15. I was in Zelenogorsk last night doing my best to avoid zombies and was watching two different "brawls" between zombies and wolves. There were two of each on the train tracks battling it out just below where the army base is and then a pack of 5 wolves and 2 zombies up on a hill. So I used all of them for target practise with my AK-M =)