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  1. We are being pimped out.

    Don't forget the game has been out for the PC much longer. The developers have even said that the things being implemented on the PC version will come to the Xbox one but they need to make sure the first one is stable. Stop getting your knickers in a twist!!
  2. Most number of Zombies seen

    I think having hoards like this will add more to the game, especially if you can track them and relay information to other players on the map with the handheld radio.
  3. Most number of Zombies seen

    Playing this over the weekend and spotted nine zombies in a field moving at their normal pace moving in what looked like a mini hoard. Needless to say I didn't go any closer than I was as I would have been overrun but it was a little unnerving seeing so many of them at once like that. Has anyone else seen anything like this in the game before?
  4. and the vehicles?

    They've not even arrived yet pal....
  5. Heard gunshots in Electro, couldn't find them so found a container and committed suicide lol
  6. Xbox Update 24/10/2018

    Imagine moaning about a video game though. There are much more important things in life.
  7. Xbox Update 24/10/2018

    Looks like I get to loot again :) This time I'm going for the M4 and the Mosin if I can find one with the scope so I can go bandit hunting!
  8. Character Wipe Tomorrow

    I was online about 12hrs ago, in Electro stalking a group and I was looking from the top of the fire station tower when I heard what I now assume to be what you guys heard. Then the game crashed lol. It was pretty freaky as I had no idea where it was coming from.
  9. Compliments

    I like that fear of the unknown with this game. For example, wandering through a town and hearing a gunshot with no idea where it came from but that little voice in your head says "Well, take a look then!" and so begins a tense hunt for the shooter whilst fending off zombies and noisy chickens.
  10. Animals

    Having bears in this would be interesting.
  11. Scopes in hand

    Hi all, not sure if this has been covered elsewhere but I have just seen on Twitter that you can use a scope as a telescope, @dayz_base posted it.
  12. UK player looking for older people to group up with

    I'm online later, maybe get a party going?
  13. Dont buy this game.

    Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.
  14. UK player looking for older people to group up with

    I'm 37 pal and in the UK as well, my GT is SquareMint50750
  15. DayZ Videos

    I'm in the UK as well, I'm on most evenings for an hour or two. My GT is SquareMint50750