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  1. Status Report - 6 November 2018

    Biggest question is why they made gamma and brightness into one slider, even when the core game has them separate. It's impossible to tune the darkness, especially for me with migraines that have to have my screen on an already low brightness setting. To top it off, the dayz devs annoyingly enough have made the GeForce Experience crash if you try to open up the color correction tool which can add additional post-processing to tweak these things. I was fine with this when this game was still considered Alpha, but come on, this is Beta...
  2. Status Report - 6 November 2018

    1) Standard reply from a defensive person right there lol. 2) No, as you can see with the screenshot it's impossible, even for hardcore DayZ gamers to see anything at all in that lighting. Especially if you're a new player having their first ever experience with the game. The darkness in that image is so overwhelming that it's impossible to know if this is a rendering bug (aka. bug is only rendering rain and hud, or if it's just so dark that you can't even see the sky or the ground. 3) Yeah it's going to be a real problem for new players to find their way. If this was my first time playing, I would have quit and refunded the game. However, I've been playing DayZ since the first mod released, and I've been playing Arma2 since it was released, so I'd like to think I know my way around cherno (even with the new chreno, as I've been playing every version obsessively). The image I attached is taken from a very obvious place, and I dare you to tell me where it is from. I only know where it is because I logged in yesterday again. Did you actually take a look at that screenshot?
  3. Stable Update 0.63.149386

    That polerstar in the middle is the aim dot lol. I used my road flair as long as I could, only got me so far, the screenshot is from after it was spent.
  4. Stable Update 0.63.149386

    Will night time darkness be fixed before release?
  5. Status Report - 6 November 2018

    Yeah I tried spawning in on the beach too, once my road flair went out i exited the game. It's impossible to see anything at night time.... "Beta" my ass. And all the day time servers were full. I grabbed a screenshot too. It's a little hard to tell, but i'm standing with the ocean behind me looking up towards a road and then some woods, which i was able to tell because i tried running straight for a while and the sound from my steps changed.
  6. Status Report - 6 November 2018

    It's still "tomorrow", they may not have pushed the beta to stable yet. And obviously all servers need to update too I guess.
  7. Status Report - 6 November 2018

    Good status report. Thank you for the transparency and I feel more comfortable now with owning a copy of the game. I'm looking forward for .63 to hit main!
  8. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    A few posts back I talked about how early access is shit and how companies only exploit the players, and that DayZ was the only early access I got value out of and how I still had hopes for this title. I purchased DayZ Alpha on day one, and I was happy with it. Sure I had my opinions but DayZ is legitimately the only early access title I didn't refund and that I was glad to invest in. That being said, I now want my money back. This is a calling quits SR for an incomplete game with promises that yet have to be fulfilled, as such I don't want to be an investor anymore.
  9. Status Report - 11 September 2018

    Thank you, this was a very interesting and good status report. I know I had my opinion about the previous status report but I feel that status reports should be about the development, planning, features and game mechanics of the game rather than company as a whole and what the plans are for which platform or whatnot. Those things are more fitting in news feeds and social media. I'm super exited for the next couple of weeks!
  10. Status Report - 28 August 2018

    xbox gamescom xbox gamescom xbox gamescom xbox gamescom xbox gamescom xbox gamescom xbox gamescom I get it, it's cool that you guys are adding xbox platform to the sales plan but please skip and keep these stuff away from status reports and give game details (interesting stuff) instead such as progression, bugfixes, additions etc. There was almost no information about anything interesting in this status report.
  11. Dayz standalone Full release Refund question.

    No that's not how it works. The pressure should be on the developers. They should be required to set a release date, and they should be required to specify the features that consider the game to be complete. If they cannot live up to either the deadline or the features specified, all consumers who request a refund on the set release date should get one - if the title does not live up to the specification on that date. That's how alpha should work. The consumer should not have to invest in developers, and not be guaranteed a final game. I want to support development of good titles, but no developer is delivering today - so, instead I refund most alpha games I buy, if they don't provide a good player experience already during alpha. It's not my fault developers today are exploiting the market.
  12. Dayz standalone Full release Refund question.

    I refund most of the alpha games I buy on steam. Valve knows a lot of alpha releases are just milking cows for people/companies that love to exploit teenagers and their parents wallets, so most of the refunds are approved. They changed the 2 hour grace period of refunds to something similar to "no excessive game time or usage", so unless you played like 10 hours straight or kept the copy for a few days, it generally is approved. I hate today's culture of alpha titles, it's disgusting how people let companies exploit them. Buying an alpha title and not refunding is basically telling them "hey, please let me buy your unfinished product without you having to guarantee anything". Look at PUBG, Raft, No Mans Sky, HZ, and all other alpha games. It's impressive how Valve, even though they make a lot of money out of it, allows their Steam platform take a big hit in both quality control and reputation. I've got no hard feelings towards DayZ, it was the first alpha game I ever bought back on the very release day on Steam. This game has still given me value and I wouldn't refund it for anything. I however regret spending money on all other alpha titles. They are disgusting, and they only offered early alpha access because DayZ did, they saw how exploitable the market was. BI and DayZ though, they have earned their share of the money. None of the others did. Everyone should refund alpha games. Play it a few hours and then refund, let the producers know that it's unacceptable to milk the market only to never live up to any expectations. A big practical example of this is PUBG, it's a complete mess and they never fixed anything important, because they couldn't - netcode being one of the biggest issues to date and it never got any love. OP: I don't think you'll get a refund, factors like time owned and played are considered and you most likely owned it way past the refund window.