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  1. Layers

    Hahaha, well that is what basically would happen!
  2. Layers

    Well, there should of course be a limit of how many clothing items you can have. Not being able to have like 5 t-shirts, 3 shirts and a couple of jackets. Just simply: T-shirt, shirt and a jacket. Simple enough! Just so you can be able to store more stuff, without needing to look like the super hero military guy.
  3. Layers

    I think a nice addition to clothing and gear would be layers! Having a t-shirt under your shirt and/or shirt under your jacket. Giving those more civilian players more storage and the benefit of keeping you warm. It seem like a pretty easy thing to implement.
  4. Doors. Sorry, but wtf is this?

    I just logged-in to write about this. I think it's fine with a couple of doors being barricaded like that, but it would be nice to see a bit of variation, like chairs in a pile in front of the door or some of the doors being boarded up with planks. That goes for the furniture as well, some variation that is... I heard something about the buildings coming in different colors and that would be great!