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  1. Ability to kick

    They could add the ability to kick something (or someone) maybe kick down doors or kick players personally i think it would be a good idea. Anyone else?
  2. Refund

    Wow, you really have no fucking idea what your talking about do you? Before you make assumptions, at least research first... xD Good job bro...
  3. Moving Unconscious Players

    Yeah I think that's the video I saw, thanks man for posting this :)
  4. ONE Thing You Want Most!

    OMG I WANT TO CARRY UNCONSCIOUS PEOPLE SO BADLY!!! i also want molotov cocktails to be a thing as well!!!
  5. Moving Unconscious Players

    While a player is unconscious, they can be moved or carried around, mabye put in cars. This would be great for taking hostages or trying to get a unconscious teammate out of a firefight and into safety so they can be healed. EDIT - i think ARMA has a system like this im not fully sure but i know i've seen a game that has this feature.
  6. Ability to forcefully move a tied up player

    bro this is an amazing idea. I WANT THE DEVS TO LISTEN TO YOU ABOUT THIS IDEA
  7. hangmans noose

    mabye not cement blocks on feet or rat in bag trick, but 100% agree with you on the fact that in a zombie apocalypse there would be people hanging everywhere and that DayZ is set in a state of lawlessness. As you said, DayZ is a doomsday simulator, there is suicide , hostage taking , even execution, but the executions and suicides can only be done with bullets or melee, so why not add different ways? ( i.e. Noose )
  8. hangmans noose

    They could add the ability to either craft ( 2 rope combined together ) or find a hangmans noose personally i think it would make the game much more interesting and a great way to rp as well also it would be a very intriguing way to execute or punish people and since this is a zombie apocalypse there will always be insane people who are out to kill anyone and everyone on the sickest way possible and i think this would definetly be one of them. Please add this devs...
  9. Hey guys new masks for game would be cool.

    aree them masks from a game called army of two?
  10. Shoot out windows in passenger seats of cars?

    *evil chuckle* hahaha goood
  11. Mabye like in the sedan where there are 3 passenger seats, the two people in the back and 1 in the front can shoot out of the windows? The bus - everyone apart from driver can shoot out of windows lol
  12. VOIP and Enviroment while unconscious

    good point, after reading what you have written i actually agree with you lol
  13. VOIP and Enviroment while unconscious

    I understand that, but i just thought hearing everything happen around you while unconscious was more fun and mabye if you were about to respawn while you were being given water or something your teammate could shout dont respawn or something like that. Plus adding this small feature, your not veering too far away from realism are you?
  14. Around a year or 2 ago, the devs removed the feature of being able to hear VOIP while dead or unconscious. Now i can understand it being removed if your dead, but why unconscious? Having the ability to hear VOIP (or anything for that matter!) while unconscious was fun and gave tension to what was happening while you lay there, unable to do anything, only listen to the gunshots and shouting of your teammates. There is a YT video by TheSyndicateProject which shows the fun and exciting advantages of being unconscious and hearing VOIP and the enviroment around you. - (9:47) It would also make sense to remove the ability to talk while unconscious as well. I really hope they add this feature back..