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  1. Hilarious video, Irish. Props to the guy for killing a wolf with a spear. That should be an achievement. I think they are perfectly balanced on strength, except for maybe the headshots. Wild hogs can definitely survive multiple headshots in real life, but wolves cannot. Other than the headshot issue, I have no issue with their overall strength. I just wish they were more prevalent or that there were certain areas of the map where they constantly spawn or spawn often. It is great to see things like wolves implemented for PVE. Hopefully bears will follow, but they have not been added to the development board unfortunately. The infected are not much of a challenge right now, and as long as you have a machine gun with 30+ rounds, you're good for one man against a pack, even if you're caught out in the open. Wolves are even more disappointing when you are in a group of three or more. You hunt forever for a pack, then the pack is exterminated in a matter of seconds with very little risk. Nothing against you, Cactus--just my personal opinion on the current state of wolves.
  2. Made me chuckle. Happy Friday and thanks for the update.
  3. In the words of Lord Vader, "We would be honored if you would join us."
  4. I love all of the items we are able to craft now, which gives the game a great sandbox feel out the gate. As Green Grand Bob mentioned, crafting a leather quiver to house arrows would be wonderful. I would love to be able to craft a leather rain pancho, which could be awesome looking.
  5. Remnants DayZ RP is a private whitelisted community dedicated to providing dynamic content and gamemastered events where there is far more to do than merely "kill other players". This is the official launch of our private server, allowing you a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor and become a fundamental member of our community’s foundation. Our primary objective is to facilitate roleplay, story arcs, character development, and player-driven content in an apocalyptic Chenarus. Join friends old and new to make powerful alliances, as you raise camps that will shape the future of Chernarus for good or ill. Hero, Bandit, or Survivor--how will you take part in an unfurling saga of loyalty, survival, and betrayal? Register on http://remnantsdayzrp.com to begin your journey today! 3rd Person Perspective - 30 Slots - Discord Server - Pizza Rolls
  6. Awesome. Thank you for the info and suggested usage.
  7. I have found my first ammo box. Does this item have permanence like the protector case?
  8. Having difficulty driving V3S through the second stone archway of Devil's Castle. Cannot get the V3S through it and cannot reverse back down, leaving the V3S essentially stuck. The path prior to the second stone archway seems strangely too steep for an Offroad Hatchback as well. With persistence in vehicles enabled, what should we do with vehicles that are stuck?
  9. I cannot get the V3S truck to drive in any gear but first. Found an offroader and attempted to take it to our camp at Devil's Castle, but it appears to have very difficult trouble driving up the road where Devil's Castle is. Finally made into the castle, and it cannot make it up the inner road into the castle proper. Nothing but a struggle.
  10. Themesong of vehicles returning to Stable Branch:
  11. Thanks for the update!
  12. The new forests look absolutely amazing