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  1. Exp Update 0.62.143751

    Merry Christmas
  2. Christmas Trees

    Thank you very much for the clarification, Baty!
  3. Christmas Trees

    Appreciate the clarification, Odin!
  4. Christmas Trees

    I encountered my first Christmas Tree. Is there supposed to be presents or loot under/around the tree--because there is nothing. Is this normal?
  5. .62 Helicopter Crashes

    Cool -- great to hear this confirmed, and I totally agree. All hands on deck for 0.63 is what we need!
  6. .62 Helicopter Crashes

    Prior to .62, helicopter crashes were a viable source of rare and interesting loot. Now it is not uncommon to encounter downed copters with no loot, only clothes, a few piece of damaged ammo. Time was, the sight of a plume of smoke on the horizon or over a copse of trees would cause a rush of excitement and adrenaline. But now... nothing more than the cortisol release of disappointment. Is anyone else experiencing this? What has happened to our beloved crash sites?
  7. The selection of your client version is now automatic

    Outstanding!! So happy this has happened.

    You corrupted Twig!

    I really wish that apple trees only existed along the coast and that there was more emphasis on hunting, tending gardens, and scavenging to survive. I find it very enjoyable to search for food, keep a ready stock at my camp, use gasoline cans to hold water at camp--make sure it's full, etc--all things to really emphasize the survivor element. Loads of fun. Apples are really too much of a super-food, both being readily available in most areas, and also being a soul source for energy and hydration. It's perfect for the coast (freshspawning, learning the game) but beyond that, they take away from a core aspect of survival. I personally do not use apples beyond freshspawn, but that's my personal enjoyment.
  10. Hey, gang. I've been out of Chernarus for 5 months, right after .62 dropped, and after two days. I've noticed a few things different than before: CON • damaged mil tents cannot be repaired by leather kit or sewing kit to have worn quality cosmetics • can no longer stow a quick-barred melee weapon from back slot while moving • vehicles appear to have a "bad alignment" issue, and pull to one-side when driving, even when tires are pristine • vehicles drive more roughly/hazardous handling when not on a road ie. driving through grass • toggling VOIP channel text can no longer be read so you have to guess at which channel you have toggled • due to .62's revamped and very loud ambient soundtrack, the more intimate sounds can scarcely be heard, such as eating an apple PRO • infected will pursue a vehicle a much longer distance, and then start roaming once they give up the chase at their new displaced location The one about the zombies not withstanding (as that's pretty cool and dynamic), are any of these other items known issues longstanding or recent developments? What else might I encounter that was different than before, I wonder.
  11. Doctor's Orders

  12. Doctor's Orders

  13. Doctor's Orders

    "Slick James judges you."