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  1. Stress Test vol.47

    Had a good solid session playing with someone I met at Svetlo. Together we killed 3 hostile guys at the military checkpoint. Everything was going smoothly. My travelling buddy complained about lag sometimes but for me everything was fine. It's great playing now since i have a new graphics card. A bit later we arrived in Novodmitrovsk, which had lots of infected. My buddy still didn't lag for me but we took down a lot of infected which teleported sometimes. Not every time but too often imo. Comparing to the recent past, DayZ is really stable atm. But when there is alot going on then it still screws up a little. And that's the moment you want the game to run optimal. That's the only negative thing I encountered. The devs did a great job stabilizing! Oh one more thing, I noticed looking for inventory of infected corpses is a bit off but it can just be me. Do you guys feel the same?
  2. Stress Test vol.41

    you might find some little treats in the forest again
  3. Magazine stuck in weapon - FIX

    Thanks, Mugost. It works.
  4. Stress Test vol.40

    All the sips! Let water tummy be felt across Chernarus
  5. Stress Test vol.39

    Enjoy your time at Gamescom!
  6. Stress Test vol.38

    @SgtDonut123 this was posted 10min ago better hurry Xbox players
  7. Stress Test vol.38

    :o UK servers
  8. Stress Test vol.37

    new small update incoming
  9. Stress Test vol.36

    Also, where do you get bones from now? I tried goat, boar, wolf and cow and chicken. Is it human?
  10. Stress Test vol.36

    Yes, you can. I think it saved my life and caught a bullet. I had to switch it out tho. Do you guys know if there is a keybinding to change fire mode of your rifle? (single, burst,..)
  11. Stress Test vol.35

    I hope the devs are going to tweak the health system. Atm almost every player gets one-shotted including myself, wearing vest and helmet. It's a bit extreme imo. Realism is ok but there is no fun when everything dies too quick in this game. During this last stress test the fps is very inconsistent for me. Going up and down constantly. I noticed standing in a group of cows peaked my fps above 100 and staying there. Quite weird. Maybe the cows are onto something.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone!

    I wish you all Happy Holidays! However and whoever you celebrate it. Cya in Chernarus in 2018!
  13. I had fun in this DayZ event where there were four teams trying to compete and gather as many pumpkins. Maybe even use their fists in the process. Good times and things went smooth. I always looked for a reason to turn gamma low and have immersive nights. I turned up the gamma for OBS so you can enjoy watching but it was pretty dark for me playing. Here is my perspective how i experienced things: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/186584993 Thanks everyone participating and setting up this event, i hope there is more to come!
  14. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    Hello everyone. I was wondering what kind of server The Village is, like (casual) roleplay. And what kind of rules the server has, if any? I hope someone can help me answer this or provide a link to the info. Thanks!
  15. Mostly started playing with the same settings, only a little bit higher video settings and ambient occlusion on for a change because it looks so damn good. Usually played with sound settings almost maxed to hear everything and have good direction of sounds but with the ambient sounds i'm going crazy; They're nice but a little bit too loud. compared to other ingame sounds imo. I will be using flash lights a lot more! I hope I'm not the only one. The nights feel amazing. I wish only I could bind a hotkey to switch on/off of the flashlights and weaponflashlights. I'll be changing where I make camps like barrels and tents. I'll prolly use the ghillie suit a little bit more. I always like to play it ranged in pvp, which seems also logical for this update with the dense forests. And only a part of nature renders in at long distance. But holding up people seems nice too, because maybe I can now creep on players a bit better (in forests, I said maybe, probably gonna fail). Who runs or draws weapon when asked to put hands up, that death is on you. Sorry, not sorry. Are you changing where to play on the map? I never hanged around much at the coast, but I'll go where players will be, wherever that is inland. This is the first I thought of, what are you changing in DayZ?