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  1. well, all my questions are mentioned above. :D
  2. nicely done
  3. Anyone into Urbex or just exploration in general?
  4. I thought this was a good movie to post on the DayZ forums. I stumbled upon the trailer in 2016. I felt like it was off everyone's radar so gave it a watch. No worries im not gonna post spoilers. Btw this is all my personal opinion. Train to Busan (aka Busanhaeng) is a decent movie. Maybe i should use a better word than decent. I feel it deserves a bit better. But i think there aren't many good movies in this genre. It takes some time at the beginning to introduce you to the characters and the story, which is quite simple but really likeable imo. The zombies in this movies have their own traits and move and act quite cool. The movie contains some moral lessons which is a good addition. I've been very positive about the movies but it has some flaws. But the movie is definitely good enough to look past these. Then the ending i'm a bit mixed about. They refer to the beginning which was nice but there are several things happening at the end that leave you a bit undecided. But it is good for discussing and reevaluating the movie in total. After some thought you will prolly end up liking it (if this is your genre of movie). The movie is not really in-depth, but the perfect time for when you want to chill at home and watch a bit of zombies. I would say I Am Legend is better but this comes close behind it with a better ending. Yup i hated I Am Legend's ending (all of them ;) ) Finally it is in Korean, so subtitles yup! i hate subtitles but i love asian films. For this movie it works well for me, also the amount of dialogue is pretty low. Just dont watch it if you dont like asian movies. I hope you give it try and enjoy as much as me or even more. And tell us your experience. 118min long imdb score 7.5
  5. The devs mentioned that stamina will be a larger factor in the future. I'm quite excited for this and gave it some thought. Running out of breath, causing weapon sway, is a big deal during gunfights. Now i had this idea (which is somewhat discussed previously) about heart rate making an introduction to the game. The longer you run, the higher your heart rate. There could be an option to check your own pulse. You could even have adrenaline as an effect, getting attacked can raise the adrenaline of a person which rapidly boosts the heart rate thus making a steady aim harder. There is much to dislike about this. But it would be interesting to test out. I would definitely enjoy a system where a long living character has an above average cardio (achieved by many hours of running/training) and can keep adrenaline levels low in high-stress situations(veteran in combat). Agreed, weight should be a factor that causes fatigue. Will be interesting to test out and find the right balance. I like a challenge, this is supposed to be a hard game but i dont want my bambi to be a wuss, i want him/her to be medium, maybe a bit lower, ready for survival and ofc improvement the longer you survive.