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  1. The more important thing is the end of 2018. For most of us here, 1.0 doesn't mean that much. 13 Dec it is! They're going to use end of Dec or even January to plan what's ahead. That plan/roadmap is more meaningful. Calm yourselves.
  2. I've got a jerrycan that's half full of water. How do I drain it? So I can fill it with gasoline. No option to drain. I thought it used to be RMB and then left click, but then it uses the canister as melee.
  3. _GoUp_

    Stable Update 0.63.149415

    Is the radial menu for gestures in right now?
  4. _GoUp_

    Stable Update 0.63.149386

    @w0nd4bra for that first step you need the shovel because you dig those 2 logs in the ground took me a while too to figure that one out i'm not sure the sledge works for the steps after that but good luck!
  5. _GoUp_

    Exp Update 0.63149365

    I like the new nighttime very much. You definitely need a light source! But I can't seem to light torches at these dark times. You just need a torch and matches, right?
  6. _GoUp_

    Stress Test vol.51

    Today I noticed you can gun melee. (hold RMB and press F to swing your rifle) It doesn't hit infected tho and not tried it on players yet. Maybe a bug or WIP. Also have they disabled to use indoor fireplaces? I can place them but no option to ignite. I miss seeing the smoke coming out the chimneys.
  7. _GoUp_

    Stress Test vol.51

    Tried to build some stuff but like ☣BioHaze☣ I couldn't find any nails. I checked every building and shed in Novaya Petrovka. I thought i would find it in the industrial part but nothing. Not sure if nails are even in the game atm. If anyone finds nails, can you please mention what type of building you found them. Would very much appreciate.
  8. _GoUp_

    Stress Test vol.47

    Had a good solid session playing with someone I met at Svetlo. Together we killed 3 hostile guys at the military checkpoint. Everything was going smoothly. My travelling buddy complained about lag sometimes but for me everything was fine. It's great playing now since i have a new graphics card. A bit later we arrived in Novodmitrovsk, which had lots of infected. My buddy still didn't lag for me but we took down a lot of infected which teleported sometimes. Not every time but too often imo. Comparing to the recent past, DayZ is really stable atm. But when there is alot going on then it still screws up a little. And that's the moment you want the game to run optimal. That's the only negative thing I encountered. The devs did a great job stabilizing! Oh one more thing, I noticed looking for inventory of infected corpses is a bit off but it can just be me. Do you guys feel the same?
  9. _GoUp_

    Stress Test vol.41

    you might find some little treats in the forest again
  10. _GoUp_

    Magazine stuck in weapon - FIX

    Thanks, Mugost. It works.
  11. _GoUp_

    Stress Test vol.40

    All the sips! Let water tummy be felt across Chernarus
  12. _GoUp_

    Stress Test vol.39

    Enjoy your time at Gamescom!
  13. _GoUp_

    Stress Test vol.38

    @SgtDonut123 this was posted 10min ago better hurry Xbox players
  14. _GoUp_

    Stress Test vol.38

    :o UK servers
  15. _GoUp_

    Stress Test vol.37

    new small update incoming