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  1. Stagman70

    XBOX or XBOX1X for better performance DAYZ.

    I had a One X to start with when I started playing DayZ, so I couldn't tell you. What I CAN tell you is that the issues you stated I have experienced with the One X, so I would say as far as that goes, there is no difference. The One X does have faster processing speed AND 4K, so the One X is better in that respect. The scope issues, game freezes, getting dashboarded, and the like is an issue with the servers.
  2. Stagman70

    27th of March

    The issue is that it's cheating. The issue is that most people would like to go on high pop servers for more actual INTERACTION with other players. The issue is is that even on low pop servers, duping is running rampant and messing up the CLE. The issue is that DayZ is a survival simulator and not meant to be a "run-and-gun" game like CoD, but idiots like you want to make it EXACTLY like that, duping guns and ghilles and hanging out on the coast, getting your jollies sniping bambis. I hope the devs DO implement private servers so you and all your buddies can go on THOSE if you want to run around and jerk each other off.
  3. Well, yeah, I missed that little tidbit. No gun, you're screwed.
  4. Not exactly. I got attacked once by a pack of what I can only assume was around 6 or 7, and survived by backing up against a tree. Granted, after it was all over, I spent 2 M4 mags and my screen was black and white for about a half hour or so, but I lived.
  5. If you have a gun and don't think you can get out of the area or to a shelter, your best bet is to put your back against a large tree. They won't be able to attack you from the rear. Just my $.02.
  6. Stagman70

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    There was one day I was playing with my mates, and my screen froze up solid while I was in my quick menu. No matter what I did, nothing happened. I was left with no other recourse but to do a "hard shutdown" of the game. Well, I was informed by my friends that my character just fell over dead when I did that. They had to pull all the gear off me that they could and I had to spend the next hour running across the map to meet them. So, perhaps pulling the ethernet cord should result in the same thing if someone wants to try to "escape" danger.
  7. Stagman70

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    That's why I mentioned that I prefer a couple well placed tents with some camo netting
  8. Stagman70

    Wipe is coming, Freshies to all

    I haven't come across anyone "meatballing" yet.
  9. Stagman70

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    That might help with the duping, but that won't fix combat logging or ghosting into someone's base (that's why I never bothered with building walls and just stuck with strategically placed tents) I noticed, however, that the 1.01 update for the PC, presumably similar to what we are to expect for console, does NOT address the duping exploit.
  10. Stagman70

    Wipe is coming, Freshies to all

    If the duping hasn't been fixed, then you shouldn't hold your breath on anything being "fair", and the same exact people that were ruining it before will be ruining it again.
  11. Stagman70

    BE servers?

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is a BE server?
  12. Stagman70

    Full release March 27th

    If they fixed the duping exploit, I wonder how are all the cheaters going to be able to play?
  13. Stagman70

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    In all honesty, if they would just do something about duping/ghosting/combat logging, fix the lagging issues in the cities, and add some other guns, then I'd be fine with it.
  14. Stagman70

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    You asked for others' thoughts, and you're going to be a dick about it?
  15. Stagman70

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    1, yes. 2, don't be stupid. 3, zombies in various states of decay....sure, but weapons and such....no. 4 and 5, sure. 6 and 7, no. 8, sure. 9 - 12, ridiculous. 13, already does. 14, yes. 15, I don't think it's a good idea. 16 and 17, yes. 18, already have bear traps. 19 and 20, meh. 21, better yet, have an option to sling TWO weapons rather than one weapon and an axe, shovel, or pick. About your bugs.....1, YES. DEFINITELY. 2, that's just the way it is. YOU try carrying a wheel and inflated tire. 3 - 8, agree whole-heartedly. 9, them's the berries as they say. 10 - 15, ABSOLUTELY. Your wishlist of features.....1 - 4, NO WAY. But I WOULD say that spawning should be completely and totally random, ANYWHERE on the map. 5 and 6, sounds good to me. 7, I can take it or leave it. 8, sounds cool. 9, only if you find a saddle first, THEN run the risk of dying trying to break the damn beast. 10, this is DayZ, not The Division. 11, I am kinduf curious about that myself to tell the truth. 12, the extra "eye candy" would be cool, but let's focus on the game WORKING before we put icing on the the details. How's that?