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  1. Stagman70

    Still no ARs after update.

    I have found ARs in the military tent in the middle of Elektro before.
  2. Stagman70

    DayZ Xbox Server Rental - Nitrado

    I was thinking about renting a 10 slot for a month or so to test it out first, and if everything works as it should, THEN I'd upgrade. I don't want to fork out a shit ton of money only to find out that there are tons of problems.
  3. Stagman70

    1.04 desyncing issues

    I have experienced desyncing problems more in 1.04 than any other version. Several times in one session, I would attack a zed, couldn't hit HIM, but he would sure as shit hit ME, resulting in destroying my clothes and gear. There was one time I was running around a barn, but couldn't open any doors, and the guys I was with was telling me I was still in the wood line. I was telling them "I'm at the barn, where are you at?", and they would laugh at me and say that THEY were in the barn and I was still in the woods. I don't know what is causing the sync problems, but if there was anything, as far as I'm concerned, that I have an issue with, it's this.
  4. Stagman70

    The elephant in the room.

    If you don't like them, you could give them to me then.
  5. Stagman70

    MAKE INVENTORY GREAT...again? and...

    The main issue I have, and KINDA off topic, is that you can't talk in game chat AND go through your inventory at the same time. I miss the "double tap" game chat feature.
  6. Stagman70

    Xbox. Wolf packs

    If you kill the Alpha, they will run away, too.
  7. Stagman70

    Are there plans to expand admin controls?

    Impulz has stated that they are currently working on expanding controls.
  8. Stagman70

    Xbox. Wolf packs

    What else works, if there aren't any other options, is to stand with your back against a tree, then they will only attack from the front, which makes it easier to defend.
  9. Stagman70

    Xbox. Wolf packs

    I'm not gonna complain. I hate them fucking things. Nothing makes my blood curdle like the sound of wolves howling in the right side of my headset.
  10. Stagman70

    Enjoyable and fun!

    I right there with ya brother. (I'm 48, full time job, but both kids are grown, but have no PATIENCE for the Mickey Mouse)
  11. Stagman70

    Water food, etc.

    I was traveling at dusk, listening to a hunting rifle go off out in the distance for about 20 minutes. I showed up at a hunting camp when the sun was starting to set, and in the main lodge, there were people and the the doors were locked. I put away my shotty, yelled out that I wasn't an ass-hat, and walked out so they could see me through a window. More rifle shots go off. I convinced them that I wasn't a threat (which I'm not) and to let me in (which I could have done anyway because I have a lockpick). We did some "horse trading" and decided to hang out because IT.......GOT.......DARK, which I like BTW, and here's why. One of the dudes wanted to go out and check the cabins again, so he headed out, about 5 seconds later he turned to come back because it was TOO dark, and next thing we knew, gunshots rang out, bullets came zipping through the door, and SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF US. We were all like WTF, and to top THAT off, a zed spawned in upstairs and ran downstairs to the sounds of gunfire. Long story short, we killed the zed, and one of my new-found friends killed the guy that shot at him outside the door. He had a Tundra with about 140 rounds, NVG's, an AK-74, several grenades, and your general mix of food and drink. We think that this guy was probably the one that was doing all the shooting earlier. I told them that the gun I heard earlier wasn't an SVD or an AK variant, so he wasn't using a night scope, so he had to have NVG's......and this guy did (even though they apparently don't work yet? I don't know). Anyway, it's the build-up of anticipation, good OR bad, and the brief adrenaline rush that is so intriguing with this game. The update, even with it's minor flaws, is still the best so far, and is definitely a move in the right direction. If 1.04 is the new metric, then 1.05 should be even better.
  12. Stagman70

    Character persistence

    That's something else that I had read, too (the servers resetting alot), and that is another issue that I would like to have a little more info on before I commit any time/money to a private server. I have a hard enough time keeping all my crap as it is without a server wiping me out.
  13. Stagman70

    Character persistence

    One thing I noticed on the private hub was most have like 10 or 20 slots, I'm guessing due to the cost, but what kind of experience can you have with only 10 players on a 225 sq km map? I would like to try out a private server, and maybe even donate to help keep it open if it's a good server. I would like to find one that has mild RP, with your occasional douche-bags sprinkled in to "keep it real". I would like to think that humanity wouldn't de-evolve into what you find on most public servers, with the CoD, BF, and PUBG burnouts running around being complete ass-hats.
  14. Stagman70

    Character persistence

    Any issues with the private servers, or do they perform well?
  15. Stagman70

    Character persistence

    I know that if I'm playing on a public server and switch to a private one, I start out as a freshie. Does my PUBLIC SERVER character still exist, so I can play IT at a later date?