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  1. ShaneRetter

    No servers in list

    I've done the full dns flush / netsh winsock reset, uninstall / reinstall game, messed with server check boxes (ping etc), checked firewall exceptions (for Dayz, couldn't find a battle eye app in the list), even tried a Steam cache wipe, and made sure Steam is in 'full' online mode (had issues with my friends being 'unreachable. so removed the Steam file in My Documents, and launched Steam again to fix it) .... but still not getting any servers in the .63 experimental server lists. I can play 'offline' fine, but no servers appear when I launch 'online'. Is there a fix I've missed?
  2. ShaneRetter

    "World" script module

    Ok, found the problem. Just in case anyone else has this happen, I wanted to share the solution ... and maybe let the Devs know what happened at the same time. Delete the "scripts" file from your Dayz root directory, then launch the game without that file. I never thought to remove it before, because each time I reinstalled the game, that file would be there, so thought it must be required, and / or intact. Seems odd that an unrequited file is still in the directory, and also causing issues for only a few players ... but my game launches, and plays as intended now.
  3. ShaneRetter

    persistant legendary items

    What if .... there were legendary (named) items that never de-spawned. Like MrBlackout's Mosin 'Mossalina'. It would just pass from hand to hand over time ... become lost in a forest, until some lucky fresh spawn happened to find it again one day, traded, treasured, and lost again in a camp raid or firefight. Not a lot of things, but things like a legendary combat knife, sawed off shotgun, jacket ... even a teddy bear, etc .... all named by veteran players, and related to things they ether valued in-game as they played, or provided an epic moment. Just a thought I wanted to share ... even though it's probably not a sensible one
  4. ShaneRetter

    "World" script module

    Having issues with this launch error: Can't compile "World" script module! scripts/4_World/Entities/Core/Inherited/DayZInfected.c(29): Multiple declaration of class 'DayZInfectedCommandAttack' Runtime mode CLI params: mission .\Missions\dayzOffline.ChernarusPlus I've uninstalled / reinstalled, but it's still appearing when I try to load "play offline" in experimental from my steam library. After this happens, I cannot shut down the Dayz program (says 'still running' in steam library) and have to reboot my PC. Anyone else experienced this, and managed to resolve it?
  5. ShaneRetter

    If the 'healthy' status returns. Stews / casseroles

    I play a lot of The long dark, so I'd have to disagree with it being a sandbox thing ... that game is all PvE, and it is brutal. I'd say it's more that 1/3 the DayZ community think hardship sucks, 1/3 think it needs greater hardship, and 1/3 are in the middle somewhere. This is why I think modded servers will fill those wants for everyone. I just wondered if it could be a feature that may add a little more to the base game ... without being too punishing on people who just want to spawn, loot, shoot, die, spawn. More of a perk for those who play the long-game ... like soft skills will be.
  6. ShaneRetter

    If the 'healthy' status returns. Stews / casseroles

    @Parazight I don't see those benefits ... as I said above, I've survived months running alone, and find it very little challenge after the first 30 - 60 minutes, because I've found that basic civilian gear is really all you need to stay alive. I know once modded servers become a thing, there will be some pretty brutal ones around that offer more of challenge, but I just wanted to the idea out there in the wider community to see what others thought of having some harder to obtain perks.
  7. ShaneRetter

    If the 'healthy' status returns. Stews / casseroles

    No, as I stated, I'm a solo style player myself. I personally don't find much challenge in being solo vs being in a group .... actually, I find I'm at more risk currently in a group, because there's more chance people will get bored and look for a fight to give them something to do. I'd just love to have some kind of real achievement for being a 'long lived' solo player, as once I have a courier bag, boots, and a fishhook, I'm at peak chance of survival. If I can survive 30 - 60 minutes, I can go for months with just the basics. I want 'solo survival' to be something to be proud of.
  8. If the 'healthy' status returns, I'd personally like to see it become something that is quite difficult to reach if you're a lone wolf type, etc. I like the idea of there being a noticeable benefit to forming a stable group .. but also, as a more solo player myself, I'd like to see some real accomplishment in surviving alone, or even in a duo for a long period of time. I wonder if having the 'healthy' status effected greatly by how well you eat, etc, might be a good way to do something like that. My idea is adding 'substantial meals' to the crafting list. Potato + steak / fish + tomato / pumpkin = one serving of stew / casserole, then four servings could be placed in a cooking pot at once. If each serving gave a large health boost of some kind, then those in larger, more established groups would have a very good reason to farm / hunt, as the whole group could be able to maintain a good healthy status, and maybe even be less susceptible to infections, diseases, and illness, as well be fitter to defend their base / camp. This would also make being a healthy lone survivor something to be pretty proud of ... as it would mean you've not only managed to survive alone, but have survived well. Just wondered what others think of this idea of making good health a real achievement, and the mark of a player with a more broad skill set. Any thoughts?
  9. ShaneRetter

    Gamepad question

    I currently play with an Xbox one gamepad, and use Xpaader so I can map everything I need to. I was just wondering, with a console version coming, will there be full gamepad support on PC? I don't mind continuing with third party software, as it lets me add every key on different mapping sets, and even multiple key combinations to a single button .... but I do get some input lag (being third party). I was just curious about gamepads in 1.0 etc.
  10. ShaneRetter

    Setting Spawn

    I always wondered about carrying a friends spawn point with you. Not for a fresh spawn (after death) ... but a login thing. So, say your friend logs out for the night, but you keep playing ... when they log back in, they log with you again. I wondered if it could be something you actually had to carry, and had weight maybe .... so it became a slight inconvenience if you were not really committed to playing with that particular person. I think the randomness of fresh spawning, after death etc, adds value to life .... in that, you die, you may be a long way from your group of friends. Log in point on the other hand, could that be portable?
  11. ShaneRetter

    Freelook toggle

    @nuggit, You're a star .... unbinding 'freelook' altogether did the job. I knew I did something like that last time, just couldn't remember exactly which keys bindings I altered. Thanks man!
  12. ShaneRetter

    Freelook toggle

    Hey guys. I play with a gamepad, and Xpadder .... I used to have 'freelook' set so it would automatically disengage when I released the bumper button [hated forgetting it was on, and not being able to turn]. I haven't been playing in a while, and lost my saved Xpadder profile from my PC, now I can't for the life of me figure out how I made it so 'freelook' was no longer toggled on and off ... just on as long as the bumper was held. Anyone able to help?
  13. ShaneRetter

    View backpack contents

    'Mod' kind of says it all. I'd say Dayz SA vanilla will be something that has to appeal to an average player base ....additions like this one would probably be implemented via mods later. I could be wrong though.
  14. ShaneRetter

    View backpack contents

    Too much realism for many players I think. I love the idea personally, but it's more of a hardcore realism addition I'd say.
  15. ShaneRetter

    What Makes PVP Fun?

    For me, pvp is a massive part of the survival aspect itself. I'm not at all a 'shootie, stabby' kind of person ....but I look forward to the day that this game becomes so difficult, that I consider in-game murder a personally justifiable survival tactic. I will say though, I think once the difficulty level increases, or more rpg aspects are included, you may see a more 'realistic' kind of PVP develop, as even hostile players will be more invested in their characters life. This is a post apocalypse simulator after all ...and when you play it as one, the pvp threat becomes a lot more fun, even if it's not your individual play style.