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  1. Status Report - 18 April 2017

    Why bother with 0.61? Put the whole team on Beta!? I feel no need waiting 6months for a new update and then realize no cars.. DayZ needs this: Modern feel - Playercontroller etc New vegetation - visual upgrade etc New models and textures New netcode New physics Im sorry but - "New everything" sorta suits my claim Skip DayZ development other than beta build!!
  2. Best news since release on steam! Well done! What I would do now is: no more updates on stable/experimental until launch of internal build to experimental. From there on: no more stable. After that beta ?
  3. Stable Update 0.61.137720

    If I just started playing DayZ your argument would be good/right. However I bought it way back 2013.. played, reported bugs, tried to get friends to play, bought game for friends, played experimental, reported etc etc. But ye, primary i sill bougt the game for fun. You "alpha testers" arnt developers you know :p
  4. Stable Update 0.61.137720

    And you must love it.. To be honest I didn't buy DayZ to help out, I bought it for the gameplay which, all polished and done, would rock. And I have had my dollars worth while many times over.. But, call me a whiner, I feel that this dosn't feel serious anymore, takes too long, too few developers and to be honest, they should have bought and engine and then start development of the game. I should shut up and go to sleep. I hope DayZ becomes what it deserves one day, I would like to fast forward to that day.
  5. Stable Update 0.61.137720

    Hmm looks like nothing new since last update? " Hello guys, we’ll be pushing Experimental update 0.61.137680 to Stable branch. What is new: fix for client FPS drops when shooting/near other players shooting We're still working on improving server performance, which when poor can cause the following issues: Infected reaction speed may be reduced Infected can push characters through/into model geometry causing movement issues (unable to move in a given direction) Collision/Navigation in some complex structures can push your character around Issues with door states can occur Damage being delayed No vehicles in this update. We are still testing them on Experimental branch. No character wipe. If you find some bugs let me know on our Feedback Tracker. Thank you!" copy paste takes just a few seconds baty :p "trolls/flamers not welcome"? What about giving feedback? This is my feedback whether you like it or not. If you dont listen to criticism then you are just like modern day politicans.. You only hear what you want to hear. Also, some ppl talked about other ppl not understanding the Alpha concept.. Well, after 4-5 years I sure does not understand the alpha concept, its unike in the gaming world and anyone who is defending that must be blind.. who develops a new engine and at the same time develops a game for it?! Hmm, permaban? Bye
  6. How's this game doing?

    Yeah its totaly wack
  7. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    @Hicks_206 I like thease frequent updates hicks! This is how Early access should be, why haven't this been the case since 2013? I mean, almost 1 year for two stable updates and now suddenly several EXP versions i matter of a few months? Nvm, merry christmas
  8. Can't find food?

    gjeeez.. Have you guys not read Brians post about the controlled the food supply in real time. They have deliberetly changed the supply to make the game harder. And I love it! (Build a camp ;) )
  9. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Do you guys know if the fog-system has been changed in a hotfix? I'm getting this fog up North of the NWAF? It's getting hard to navigate :) (See picture and think that its the same 360degrees.. hard ey)
  10. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Man, in post threads after threads you wright the truth in which i agree 100%. Once again you are solid S3V3N Impatient... Please look at the dates man.. when did dayz go into early access? What year is it now? What is the progress during that time? And how long time do you think the "planned" iterations will take? Finally is this dev-time ok? - No No
  11. @SMoss In terms of advanced melee, gunfight, base building, wild life, horticulture, graphics, animations, net code, loading times etc etc: Is this game engine even suitable for the goal with DayZ at all? I'm starting to wonder. Looking where we are, what's done, what's planned and the fact that it's 2016. Sadly, my answer is no.
  12. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    I've found two, no rounds however :/ No calm bear :/
  13. Great post Brian! You are not rambeling about! This is the kind of post/info me and a lot of ppl in the community hungers for!! I feel dayz development lack information about the development and the ideas/thoughts/goals of the developers! Great informative post Brian, also lucky for me, I agree with you a 100%! Keep up the good work! (I've been negative or critical in a lot of my posts, i won't change my mind, the development takes way too long and is a joke in a way with way too few developers on this game.. News are also too seldom. still good post)
  14. Where can i find balacava?

    Red and green school houses all the time on the bed. Usually spawn 3 at a time :/
  15. TAW | www.taw.net | Recruiting | (15+ NA/EU)

    Hey! Are your server down? Cant find it anywere? :/ I mean your 1p/3p public one´:)